Spade (disambiguation)

Spade (disambiguation)

Spade may refer to:
*spade, a digging and gardening tool

Card games

*Spades (card game), a trick-taking card game
*Spades (suit), one of the four French suits commonly used in playing cards


*David Spade, an American actor
*Kate Spade, namesake of the designer brand "Kate Spade New York"
*Dudley Spade, a politician from the state of Michigan
*Mixmaster Spade, deceased hip hop pioneer


*James McKenty and The Spades, a Canadian rock and roll music trio


*Spade, an otter who starred in Tarka the Otter

Fictional characters

*Sam Spade, a character in the book "The Maltese Falcon"
*Samantha Spade (Without a Trace), TV character

Other uses

*Spade, Texas
*"Spade", derogatory racial slang for a black person; see List of ethnic slurs#Spade
*"Spades", a category of player in the Bartle Test of gamer psychology

ee also

*to call a spade a spade, proverb
*James Spader

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