Fear No More

Fear No More

Infobox Television episode
Title = Fear No More
Series = Desperate Housewives

Caption = Rex pushes George at Carlos' party.
Season = 1
Episode = 20
Airdate = May 1, 2005
Production = 119
Writer = Adam Barr
Director = Jeff Melman
Guests =
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"Fear No More" is the 20th episode of the ABC television series, "Desperate Housewives". The episode was the 20th episode for the show's first season. The episode was written by Adam Barr and was directed by Jeff Melman. It originally aired on Sunday May 1, 2005.

Guest Starring

* Doug Savant as Tom Scavo
* Christine Estabrook as Martha Huber
* Harriet Sansom Harris as Felicia Tilman
* Roger Bart as George Williams
* Melinda McGraw as Annabel Foster
* Richard Roundtree as Jerry Shaw
* Jeff Doucette as Father Crowley
* Brent Kinsman as Preston Scavo
* Shane Kinsman as Porter Scavo

pecial Guest Star

* Lesley Ann Warren as Sophie Bremmer


* Zane Huett as Parker Scavo
* Lauren Cohn as Ginger
* Bill Ferrell as Fireman
* Nikki Snelson as Saleswoman
* Pat Towne as Phil


Gabrielle throws a farewell party for Carlos who is off to prison for eight months. At the party, she finds out she is pregnant and blames Carlos in front of all the party guests. Bree and Rex unexpectedly run into George at the park and Rex advises George to beat it. Bree tries to make amends by visiting George in the pharmacy. He lies and tells her that he has found a girlfriend, Ginger who stacks the shelves. Bree feels happy for George and invites him to come to Carlos's farewell party. When Rex sees George at the party, he asks him why he is there and proceeds to push both Bree and George into the pool. Zach continues to stalk Julie who is not interested in being his girlfriend anymore. Paul asks Edie why she broke into his house and Edie informs Paul it was Susan's idea. Paul meets Susan and manages to lie once more about the Mary Alice/Dana mystery. When Susan's kitchen goes on fire, she blames Paul Young as the arson and goes to Mr. Shaw for background information on Mary Alice and Paul. Later on we find out that it was Zach who started the fire. Tom's ex-girlfriend, Annabel Foster, resurfaces at the firm which causes Lynette to become jealous when she fears her marriage is in jeopardy.


*Felicia Tilman: Don't look so shocked, Martha, it makes your face look fat.
*Father Crowley: You're pregnant? Gabrielle: I can't believe this is happening! I'm on the pills, which I know you probably think is a sin, but it's a 99.9% effective sin. Father Crowley: Maybe it's that tenth of a percent that God works. Gabrielle: Couldn't wait to throw that in, could you?
* Gabrielle: I don't know who to be angry at. Father Crowley: Here's an idea. Don't be angry. Children are a blessing. Gabrielle: I don't have time for this crap.
*Gabrielle: I want a sexy little convertible! And I want to buy one right now! Linda the Maserati Saleswoman: I'll go start the paperwork. Gabrielle: Well, not this one. I vomited in this one.
*Paul: I think we should move. Zach: No, I'm not leaving Julie. Paul: Zach, it would be best for us to start a new life. There will be more girls. I promise. Zach: I'm still not leaving her. Paul: You know, Julie's a special girl. She can have just about any boy she wants. I think you're a wonderful kid, but you're not that special, Zach. Not really.
*Gabrielle: I'd make a terrible mother. I'm so self-centered. The only person more self-centered than me is Carlos, and he's so self-centered he doesn't know how self-centered I am.
*Tom Scavo: Forget I said that. Lynette: It's too late, you said it.
*Bree: Oh, my heavenly days!
*Susan: Are you OK? Gabrielle: Yeah, I just didn't realize how disgusting meat can be.
*Gabrielle: Carlos, you son of a bitch! I am pregnant and it's all your fault!(Gabrielle runs past Edie)Edie: This is turning out to be some party!

Title reference

The episode title "Fear No More" is a song in the Stephen Sondheim musical, "The Frogs". The lyrics are from William Shakespeare's play "Cymbeline".

International Titles

*French: "Mon mari à tout prix"
*German: "Frühlingsgefühle" (Spring Fever)
*Hungarian: "Ne félj!" (Don't fear)
*Italian: "Senza più paura" (Fear no more)

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