Advertising Space

Advertising Space

Single infobox
Name = Advertising Space

Artist = Robbie Williams
from Album = Intensive Care
Released = December 12, 2005
Format = CD Single, DVD Single, Digital Download
Recorded = 2005
Genre = Soft rock
Length = 4:37
Label = EMI
Producer = Stephen Duffy
Robbie Williams
Last single = "Make Me Pure"
This single = "Advertising Space"
Next single = "Sin Sin Sin"

"Advertising Space" is a song by British pop singer Robbie Williams, it was released as the third single from his album "Intensive Care" in December 2005, and reached number 8 on the UK Singles Chart.

"Advertising Space" draws from Tony Scott’s movie "True Romance", where Christian Slater’s character is able to speak to the spirit of Elvis Presley. Elegiac and mournful, it describes a superstar's tragic fall from grace.

Music Video

In the video, largely filmed in a room above the Belle Vue pub in Blackpool in the United Kingdom, Williams emulates Elvis in movement, appearance, and habits.

Formats and track listings

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Advertising Space".

UK 2-Track CD Single
(Released December 12, 2005)
# "Advertising Space" - 4:37
# "Family Coach" - 4:48

UK CD Maxi
(Released December 12, 2005)
# "Advertising Space" - 4:37
# "Twist" - 3:05
# "Don't Say No" - 4:27
# "Advertising Space" U-Myx Software & Photo Gallery

(Released December 12, 2005)
# "Advertising Space" Music Video
# "Advertising Space" Behind Scenes of the Video
# "Don't Say No" Audio
# "Overture For Berlin" Audio



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