__NOTOC__Quicksilver can refer to:


* Eipper Quicksilver ultralight aircraft


* Quiksilver, a clothing brand specializing in surfing and winter sports


* Quicksilver (novel), part of "The Baroque Cycle" by Neal Stephenson

Media and entertainment

* DJ Quicksilver, an electronic musician
* Quicksilver (comics), a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe
* Quicksilver (game show), a short-lived USA Network game show
* Quicksilver (film), a film starring Kevin Bacon
* Quicksilver (song), a song by Pink Floyd
* Quicksilver Messenger Service, 1960s California rock band
* "Quicksilver", a track on the album "Light & Shade" by Mike Oldfield
* "Quicksilver", the substance in the series The Invisible Man which allows people or objects to become invisible
* Quicksilver, a character in the playstation game The Unholy War

cience and technology

* Mercury (element)
* Quicksilver (software), a computer application for Mac OS X by Blacktree Software
* Quicksliver (desktop publishing software) see Interleaf
* QuickSilver (project), a software research project at Cornell University
* Quicksilver (ISP), an ISP in New Zealand
* Quicksilver Software, a computer games company based in Irvine, California
* Quicksilver Forums, a forum software
* Certain Power Mac G4 computers carry the byname Quicksilver
* QuickSilver (IBM), a hierarchical storage system with flash memory


* Quicksilver (wrestler), the stage name of an American professional wrestler
* Las Vegas Quicksilver - a former soccer team that played for the now-defunct North American Soccer League
* Quicksilver (racehorse), a competitor who finished twenty-first of twenty-three to complete the course at the 1847 Grand National Steeplechase at Aintree

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