Constitutional democracy

Constitutional democracy


In ancient times, history of India, Greece, and Rome had governments similar to constitutional democracies. In the Middle Ages, much of Europe was ruled by monarchies. The form of government grew again in the United States following the signing of the Constitution in 1789. The government was divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial.

Since the ancient democracies of Greece and Rome did not have universal suffrage they are often regarded as the pre-cursor to modern democracies, rather than being democracies in the modern sense.

Modern Democracies

Unlike the first genuine democracy in Greeces, decisions in a constitutional democracy are not made by the "demos" or "people" directly but by their elected representatives. In many countries, such as the United Kingdom, referendums, the only means for a truly democratic decision, are non-binding.

A constitutional democracy is best regarded as one whereby the "demos" has some say in the government (such as by elections every 4 or 5 years) but does not control the government directly. However, by its very nature such a system of government inevitably makes it difficult for whatever significant public opinion - as they face losing any subsequent election. The powers of the government are limited by the constitution, in which minority rights, political equality and freedom of choice are supposed to be respected.

Constitutional democracies are commonly organized into the unitary, federal or confederate systems. In a unitary system, central government has most power, which it may allocate to the lower levels of government. In a federal system, law-making power is allocated between the central authority and the constituent units. In a confederation, a league of independent states, which retain full sovereignty, agrees to allow a central authority to perform certain functions, but the central government may not make laws applicable to individuals without the approval of the member states.hello

List of countries with a constitutional democracy

*Germany since 24 May 1949 for West Germany, since 3 October 1990 for the unified Germany
*New Zealand
*Poland since 3 May 1791
*Sierra Leone
*South Africa
*United States of America since 21 June 1788

ee also

*Constitutional monarchy
*Democracy (varieties)
*Federal republic
*Jeffersonian democracy
*Jacksonian democracy

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