XT may refer to:

* Air Exel (IATA code)
* Canon Digital Rebel XT, a digital single-lens reflex camera
* Subaru XT, a sports car
* In sport, XT can mean extra time
* In telecommunication, XT can mean crosstalk

In computing:
* IBM PC XT, a personal computer
* The XT bus architecture
* Crosstalk, an electrical interference caused by a wire carrying an electrical signal.
* The corollary to XP (Extreme Programming) is XT (Extreme Testing)
* XT versions of Radeon graphics cards
* XT XSLT is an implementation in Java of XSLT, created by James Clark
*Intrinsics or "X toolkit," or "Xt," a library providing an object-oriented-looking API for the X Window System.

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