] The panel had also asked the General Accounting Office to investigate the case.

Editing of Wikipedia entry

On August 2007, Wikipedia Scanner (or WikiScanner), a web tool (developed by Virgil Griffith, a Caltech graduate student) that is capable of matching the source of changes on Wikipedia with companies' IP addresses, discovered that on October 26, 2005, a computer user (identified as ) on Raytheon's network edited the Wikipedia article on the company, deleting all information about the Patriot missile's performance in the Gulf War, a lawsuit from competitor AGES, as well as paragraphs describing a $910,000 fine for illegally obtaining classified military documents and a $4 million penalty for inflating a government contract. [ [http://www.forbes.com/technology/2007/08/15/wikipedia-editiing-publishing-tech-security-cx_ag_0815wiki.html The Perils of Wiki PR] , Andy Greenberg, 08.15.07]

Environmental Record

Two lawsuits were filed against a Raytheon Company plant in St. Petersburg, Florida due to concern with health risks, property values, and contamination in April 2008. [cite web |url=http://www.tampabay.com/news/environment/article463739.ece |title= Is Raytheon site poisoning St. Petersburg neighborhood? |date=04/24/08 |accessdate=2008-05-06] Raytheon was given until the end of the month to independently test whether or not the groundwater that originated from its area was contaminated. According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the groundwater contained carcinogenic contaminants, including trichloroethylene, 1,4-dioxane, and vinyl chloride. [cite web |url=http://www.injuryboard.com/national-news/Raytheon39s-Florida-Neighbors-Sue-Over-Contamination.aspx?googleid=238336 |title= Raytheon's Florida Neighbors Sue Over Water Contamination |date=05/05/08 |accessdate=2008-05-06] The DEP also reported that the clouds contained other toxins, such as lead and toluene. [cite web |url=http://www.tampabay.com/news/environment/article463739.ece |title= Is Raytheon site poisoning St. Petersburg neighborhood? |date=04/24/08 |accessdate=2008-05-06]

In 1995, Raytheon acquired Dallas-based E-Systems, including a site in St. Petersburg, Florida. In November 1991, prior to Raytheon's acquisition, contamination had been discovered at the E-Systems site. Soil and groundwater had been contaminated with the volatile organic compounds trichloroethylene and 1,4-Dioxane. In 2005 groundwater monitoring indicated polluted groundwater was moving into areas outside the site. [cite web |url=http://www.dep.state.fl.us/southwest/Raytheon/pages/Site_Summary.htm |title=Raytheon Site Summary |publisher=Florida Department of Environmental Protection] According to DEP documentation, Raytheon has tested wells on its site since 1996 but had not delivered a final report; therefore, it was given a deadline on May 31, 2008 to investigate its groundwater. [cite web |url=http://www.tampabay.com/news/environment/article463739.ece |title= Is Raytheon site poisoning St. Petersburg neighborhood? |date=04/24/08 |accessdate=2008-05-06]

In another case, Raytheon was ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency to treat groundwater at the Tucson Plant (acquired during the merger with Hughes) in Arizona since Raytheon used and disposed metals, chlorinated solvents, and other substances at the plant since 1951. [cite web |url=http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.nsf/2dd7f669225439b78525735900400c31/71b1922ba7a0e61c8525731700688dd7!OpenDocument
title= Environmental Protection Agency |date=07/13/07 |accessdate=2008-05-06
] The EPA further required the installation and operation of an oxidation process system to treat the solvents and make the water safe to drink. [cite web |url=http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.nsf/2dd7f669225439b78525735900400c31/71b1922ba7a0e61c8525731700688dd7!OpenDocument
title= Environmental Protection Agency |date=07/13/07 |accessdate=2008-05-06

Corporate stewardship

Mathematics and science education

*In November 2005 Raytheon launched 'MathMovesU', [ [http://www.mathmovesu.com/ MathsMovesU] ] an educational initiative intended to make math and science more interesting and accessible for young people, funded by $1 million in annual grants. [Raytheon (November 11, 2005). [http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/micro_stories.pl?ACCT=149999&TICK=RTN&STORY=/www/story/11-11-2005/0004214181&EDATE=Nov+11,+2005 Raytheon Takes on New Assignment: Helping Kids Make the Grade in Math and Science] . Press release.]
*Raytheon has taken a role in promoting math and science education to develop future engineers. In 2004 the company announced a $850,000 grant to Tuskegee University. [Raytheon (September 14, 2004). [http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/micro_stories.pl?ACCT=148606&TICK=RTNB1&STORY=/www/story/09-14-2004/0002250108&EDATE=Sep+14,+2004 Raytheon Announces $850K Grant to Tuskegee University] . Press release.]
*Raytheon is also a leading sponsor of the FIRST Robotics Program, both on the national and local scale.
*Raytheon also sponsors the mathematics competition MathCounts.


*Raytheon employees contributed $8 million to the United Way of America in 2000. In addition, there is also a program in which Raytheon will match donations from an employee to any non-profit organization up to a certain amount. [Raytheon (July 24, 2000). [http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/07-24-2000/0001273210 Raytheon and its Employees Contribute $8 Million to the United Way] . Press release.]
*Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems has hosted the national JROTC drill team competition at its El Segundo, California facility for seven straight years.
*In November 2006, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) was honored by Special Olympics Massachusetts (SOMA) for its continued support of the organization through funding and support of more than 700 volunteers in 2006. [Raytheon (November 1, 2006). [http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/micro_stories.plACCT=149999&TICK=RTN&STORY=/www/story/11-01-2006/0004464411&EDATE=Nov+1,+2006 Raytheon Honored at Special Olympics Gala] . Press release.]

Workplace diversity

*In 2005, Raytheon adopted equal employment opportunity policies regarding transgender and transsexual employees. [Raytheon (2005). [http://www.hrc.org/Template.cfm?Section=Press_Room&CONTENTID=31803&TEMPLATE=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm] . Human Rights Campaign.]
*On October 26, 2006, Raytheon was recognized by U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao as a recipient of the 2006 New Freedom Initiative (NFI) Award for the company’s commitment to recruit, train, hire and promote individuals with disabilities.


ee also

*List of United States defense contractors
*Raytheon 9

External links

* [http://www.raytheon.com/ Raytheon Company]
* [http://www.raytheon.com/about/ethics/index.html Raytheon Business Ethics and Compliance Home Page]
* [http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?list=type&type=13 Raytheon profile] by CorpWatch
* [http://www.rps.com/emea/ Raytheon Professional Services EMEA] by Raytheon Professional Services EMEA
* [http://www.oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/ft2w10022c Raytheon Company Semiconductor Division Files Kept to Monitor the Electronics Industry, 1965-1986] (call number M0661; 11.5 linear ft.) are housed in the [http://library.stanford.edu/depts/spc/spc.html Department of Special Collections and University Archives] at [http://library.stanford.edu/ Stanford University Libraries]

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