List of ancient Chinese

List of ancient Chinese

List of ancient Chinese is a list of noteworthy people of ancient China. Different definitions of "ancient" China exist, but most agree that it is before the Tang dynasty.

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People unclassified or not classified as ancient in those

Math and science

*Gan De
*Liu Hong (astronomer) []
*Liu Hui-
*Luoxia Hong []
*Zhang Heng-Astronomer, mathematician, poet, official, and inventor.
*Zu Chongzhi-Noted for calculating Pi to seven places.
*Zu Geng []

Philosophers outside Confucianism/Taoism

*Gongsun Longzi-Logicians
*Han Feizi-Legalism (philosophy)
*Li Si-Legalism
*Wang Chong-Rationalism, or possibly unclassifiable.


*Cao Zhi-Poet of late Eastern Han
*Liu Xiang-Reputed author of Zhan Guo Ce
*Qu Yuan-Patriotic poet of Chu
*Sima Xiangru
*Song Yu-Major writer of Cifu
*Tao Qian-Depicted "an idyllic pastoral life of farming and drinking."

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