Ethan (or Eitan or Eytan in Hebrew) is a male given name meaning strong, firm and safe.

Television and film

*Ethan Coen, film director and screenwriter, who often works with his brother Joel Coen
*Ethan Embry, an American actor in "Can't Hardly Wait"; as a youth credited as Ethan Randall
*Ethan Erickson, American actor
*Ethan Hawke, a two-time Oscar-nominated Hollywood actor
*Ethan Hunt, a character in the "Mission: Impossible" films played by Tom Cruise
*Ethan James, a character from the TV show "Power Rangers: Dino Thunder"
*Ethan Phillips, a playwright, author, and actor on "Star Trek: Voyager"
*Ethan Rayne, a character from the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
*Ethan Rom, a character from the TV series "Lost (TV series)"
*Ethan Snyder, a character from the soap opera "As the World Turns"
*Ethan Suplee, an American actor on "My Name Is Earl" and "Clerks II"
*Ethan Craft, a character from Disney Channels Original Series "Lizzie McGuire"


*Eitan, an advanced Israeli MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
*Ethan Allen, an early American revolutionary and general, a leader during the era of the Vermont Republic and the New Hampsire Grants
*Ethan Allen (armsmaker), an American armsmaker from Massachusetts
*Ethan Allen class submarine, an evolutionary development from the George Washington class
*Fort Ethan Allen, U.S. army installation in Vermont
*Rafael Eitan, an Israeli general

*USS Ethan Allen (SSBN-608), the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for Ethan Allen



*Ethan, South Dakota, a town
*Fort Ethan Allen (Arlington, Virginia), a fort in Virginia

In Israel

*Neve Eitan, a kibbutz in Beit She'an Valley regional council
*Eitan, Israel, a moshav in the Shafir Regional Council area.


*Ethan Allen boating accident, a shipwreck
*Ethan Allen Express, a passenger train operated by Amtrak between New York City and Rutland, Vermont


*Ethan (Hebrew Bible), author of Psalm 89
*Ethan Albright, an American football center
*Ethan Allen (baseball), an American Major League Baseball player from 1926 to 1938
*Ethan Allen (furniture company), a furniture chain with more than 300 stores across the United States
*Ethan Allen Brown, a politician that served as the seventh governor of Ohio
*Ethan Frome, eponymous character from Edith Wharton's 1911 novel
*Ethan Leib, a professor
*Ethan Moreau, a Canadian hockey player
*Ethan Watts, an American volleyball player
*Ethan Zohn, who won an African edition of "Survivor"
*Ethan Zuckerman, a founder of
*Ethan Fitzsimons, a large nosed individual with a tendency to say "woot" rather a lot.
*Prince Ethan (comics) of the Heron Dynasty on Avalon, character from the comic book "Scion" from CrossGen comics
*Ethan MacManus, a character in the webcomic "Ctrl+Alt+Del"

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