Foreign relations of Qatar

Foreign relations of Qatar

Qatar achieved full independence on September 3 1971 [] in an atmosphere of cooperation with the U.K., the U.S. and friendship with neighboring states. Most Arab states were also among the first countries to recognize Qatar, and the state promptly gained admittance to the United Nations and the Arab League. Qatar established diplomatic relations with the U.S.S.R. and China in 1988. Qatar was also an early member of OPEC and a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Arab World

In September 1992, tensions arose with Saudi Arabia when Saudi forces allegedly attacked a Qatari border post, resulting in two deaths. Since the event relations have improved. A joint commission has been set up to demarcate the border as agreed between the two governments. Most, but not all, of the border issues have now been resolved.

The territorial dispute with Bahrain over the Hawar Islands and the maritime boundary dispute with Bahrain were solved by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague. In the June 2001 decision, Bahrain kept the Hawar Islands and Qit'at Jaradah but dropped claims to Janan Island and Zubarah on mainland Qatar, while Qatar retained significant maritime areas and their resources. The agreement has furthered the goal of definitively establishing the border with Saudi Arabia and Saudi-led mediation efforts continue. []


Qatar established trade relations with the State of Israel in 1996.Fact|date=August 2008 In January 2008 Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak met with former Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa al-Thani in Switzerland, at the Davos Economic Forum. The existence of the surreptitious talks has so far been kept under-wraps by Israel.

Alongside Barak's momentous encounter, some sources have said that a senior figure from Qatar paid a visit to Israel in mid-January 2008 and met with Israeli leaders to discuss the situation in Gaza and the possibility of jump starting stagnant negotiations over the release of Gilad Shalit.

Despite Qatar's support of Hamas and its good relations with Hizbullah, Israeli leaders have maintained direct contact with the emirate. In January 2007, in his last months as vice premier, current President Shimon Peres paid a high-profile visit to the capital city of Doha.

Peres also visited Qatar in 1996, when he launched the new Israeli trade bureau there.Fact|date=August 2008

Foreign Affairs Minister Tzipi Livni also met with the Qatari Emir at a UN conference last year. [,7340,L-3501880,00.html] In April 2008, she visited Qatar where she attended a conference and met the Emir, the Prime minister and the minister of oil and gas.

Breakthrough as an international player

The Emir of Qatar since 1995, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, has lately been going on an expansive boost to promote Qatar as a foreign player. The first major move in this regard was the founding of Al-Jazeera. [ Books of our Time: Al-Jazeera] at Google Video; TV programme feat. Lawrence Velvel, Dean of the Mass. School of Law, interviewing author Hugh Miles who reveals a lot about the channel "(a, c: 48:30, b: 55:00)"]

In addition to revolutionizing the free media in the Middle East and indeed the rest of the world, the Qatar funded Qatar Airways has gone on an aggressive expansion, which also competes with nearby Emirates Airline, to reach more destinations and serve more passengers. []

The hosting of the Asian games in Doha was also another boost to the state which, like the Asian games in Delhi, helped infrastructure, as well as boosting the state's profile. Furthermore, the signing of major international sports stars like Gabriel Batistuta have helped give Qatar an image boost. Players like Sebastián Soria and Márcio Emerson Passos have been granted Qatari citizenship to boost their soccer team.

The first big coup for the Qatari government was hosting a major round of trade talks that resulted in what is referred to as the Doha Round. Although it was just a preliminary measure it has got the name of the state out, much like a marketing gimmick.

The major coup for the Qatari government was solving the Lebanese political crisis. The meeting ended with the Doha Agreement. This was a major breakthrough as more than a year of political wrangling could not yield an agreement despite pressure from the West and the [collective] Arab League.


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* [ ICJ decision on Maritime Delimitation and Territorial Questions between Qatar and Bahrain ("Qatar" v. "Bahrain")]

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