In singular form, Queen may refer to:

In government and monarchy

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* Queen regnant, a female monarch, equivalent to the male title king; she is referred to informally in the third person as "The Queen"
** Beatrix of the Netherlands
** Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
** Margrethe II of Denmark
* Queen consort, the wife of a reigning king without equal power
* Queen dowager, a former queen consort whose husband has died or abdicated
* Queen mother, either a queen dowager, or a queen regnant who has abdicated, whose son or daughter has become the monarch

In arts and literature

* Queen (band), an English rock band
** "Queen (album)", the band's debut album
** "Queen II", the band's second album
* Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), a character in "Snow White and the seven Dwarfs"
* Queen (magazine), a British women's magazine
* "The Queen" (film), a 2006 film starring Dame Helen Mirren
* "", a book by Alex Haley and a 1993 TV mini-series based on that book
* Queen Records, a record label

In zoology

* Queen (insect),

In religion and folklore

* May Queen, the goddess of spring or a young girl chosen to personify her as part of a springtime celebration
* Mary, mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary
* Queen Mab a dream altering succubus in the play Romeo and Juliet

In games

* Queen (chess), a chess piece
* Queen (playing card), a card or cards in a deck of playing cards or tarot cards

In popular culture

* Queen (automobile), three automobiles manufactured under the name "Queen"
* Queen (gay slang), a flamboyant or effeminate gay man
* Drag queen, a (usually male) entertainer dressed in woman's clothing
* Queen Bee (comics), a DC comics supervillain

ee also

* Queen Street, any of several streets
* Queen (TTC), a subway station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
* A size of bed
* Winter Queen (disambiguation)
* Queening (disambiguation)
* Queens (disambiguation) (including "Queen's")

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