Internet Gateway Device Protocol

Internet Gateway Device Protocol

Internet Gateway Device (IGD) Standardized Device Control Protocol is supported by some NAT routers. It is a common method of automatically configuring port forwarding, but is not an Internet Engineering Task Force document.

Applications using peer-to-peer networks, multi-player gaming, and remote assistance programs need a way to communicate through home and business gateways. Without IGD one has to manually configure the gateway to allow traffic through, a process which is time consuming and can be difficult. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) comes with a solution for network address translation traversal.

IGD makes it easy to do the following:
* Learn the public (external) IP address
* Enumerate existing port mappings
* Add and remove port mappings
* Assign lease times to mappings

ee also

* Network address translation
* NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT PMP)
* STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs)
* Universal Plug and Play

External links

* [ UPnP Forum Internet Gateway Device protocol]
* [ UPnP Forum Internet Gateway Device presentation]
* [ Universal Plug and Play NAT Traversal FAQ] by Microsoft. [ Archived copy]
* [ Free ANSI C library to control a Universal Plug and Play Internet Gateway Device]
* [ Linux implementation of a Internet Gateway Device server]

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