The Story of Thor 2

The Story of Thor 2

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"The Story of Thor 2", known in North America as "The Legend of Oasis", is an action role-playing game released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn. It is a sequel to the 1994 title "The Story of Thor" for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, but actually being a prequel to its story. The player takes the role of Leon, who must find the six elemental spirits and use their powers to fight the evil wizard Agito and his legions of creatures.


Many years before the events in "The Story of Thor", the wizard Ordan gives his young pupil Leon the Golden Armlet, so that he can become the Spirit King of Oasis. This can only be achieved by obtaining the loyalty of the six elemental spirits of the land, which are called Dytto (the spirit of water), Efreet (the spirit of fire), Bawu (the spirit of earth), Brass (the spirit of sound), Shade (the spirit of darkness), and Airl (the spirit of air). Leon's nemesis is the evil wizard Agito who has the Silver Armlet and threatens to destroy the land. On the trip, Leon also encounters the raven-haired Myra who also happens to be one of Agito's brain-washed hench-men. Leon eventually manages to defeat the evil wizard and save Oasis.


* Leon is the young pupil of Ordan and the next Spirit King of Oasis; he is given the magical Golden Armlet which empowers him with the ability to summon the six spirits of the land and have them help him with their elemental powers.
* Ordan is Leon's master and gives him the Golden Armlet in the beginning of the game.
* Myra is a raven-haired woman, one of Agito's brainwashed henchmen. She is the last boss before Agito himself. When faced by Leon near the end of the game, she says she might have loved him once, but then says she'll love to kill him instead.
* Agito, Leon's nemesis, wields the Silver Armlet, the counterpart of the Golden Armlet, and intends to destroy Oasis. With his red-gemmed armlet, Agito is able to create chaos and cause destruction.
* Dytto is the spirit of water. She is summoned when Leon fires the Spirit Ball from the armlet's blue gem at a mass of water. She can freeze water or enemies as well as put out fires.
* Efreet is the spirit of fire. He is summoned from fire and can melt ice (which in turn can be used to summon Dytto).
* Bawu is the spirit of earth. It can be summoned from plants and can eat iron balls and bite enemies, and can also break open cracks in the environment.
* Brass is the spirit of sound. It can be summoned from metal objects and is able to attack enemies and shatter crystals by producing sound waves.
* Shade is the spirit of darkness. It can be summoned from graves, ice spires, crystals, and dead beings like ghosts, zombies, and skeletons. It can attack thorns, activate switches, and suffer attacks in Leon's place.
* Airl is the spirit of air. It can be summoned from air fountains, vapor, or electricity sparks. It can also serve as a means of transportation.


The game action takes place in real time, and fights are won or lost based on player skill, instead of a character's power or other tricks. Each weapon comes with a set of special attacks that are executed in fighting game style. The player can also summon spirits by firing a "Spirit Ball" at some object from the blue gem in his armlet; the exact spirit summoned depends on the object hit. The spirits can fight enemies, heal Leon, or help solve puzzles. Each has his/her own power and Leon carries a varied arsenal of weapons along his journey to help him battle the likes of giant rats and fire-breathing bats.

The graphics in Legend are, for the most part, identical to the original. The only noticeable improvements are in color and frame rate. The graphics in the prequel have sharper contrast and saturation and the overall performance is more stable. Legend's soundtrack was composed by Yuzo Koshiro, as was the one from the sequel.


* Leon
** The protagonist can wield short and long swords as well as bow and arrow. He is able to perform "combos" by means of combinations of the D-pad and the action buttons. His arrows can trigger switches.
* Dytto, the spirit of water
** Bubble Bazooka — Dytto throws forward five water bubbles which can freeze enemies or put out fire.
** Healing Field — Dytto casts a healing field around herself, and Leon as well as anything around him gets healed.
** Magic Vortex — Dytto becomes a water tornado and roams the screen, attacking enemies.
** Dytto also casts a healing spell directly on Leon when he is low on health; she also throws a freezing bubble at an enemy when in close range.
* Efreet, the spirit of fire
** Flame Breath — Efreet blows forward a breath of fire; this may start fire, melt ice, destroy tree trunks or attack enemies.
** Dash Attack — Efreet turns into a fireball and quickly dashes forward, destroying objects in its path.
** Fire Storm — Efreet grows and releases large blasts of fire around him.
** Efreet also punches enemies when in close range.
* Bawu, the spirit of earth
** Gulp Attack — Bawu bites enemies in mid-range, swallowing them if small enough.
** Geo Dive — Bawu enters the ground and resurfaces near to Leon.
** Mud Fang — Bawu becomes many little copies of itself, which attack enemies.
** Bawu also bites enemies in close-range; it also bites open cracks in the earth, revealing treasure.
* Brass, the spirit of sound
** Cone of Sound — Brass emits a soundwave which can shatter blue crystals, disable spark enemies or stun foes.
** Shockwave — Brass releases a circular shockwave which has the same effect as the Cone of Sound but has greater range.
** Destructive Cacophony — Brass turns into a large high pitched instrument and releases a sound wave strong enough to pierce through enemies and break gold crystals.
** Brass also slaps enemies in close range.
* Shade, the spirit of darkness
** Shadow Reach — Shade extends its claws to attack enemies, pull switches or destroy weed creatures.
** Vertical Shadow Strike — Shade attacks with its claw directly above Leon.
** Passion — Leon see through Shade's eyes, revealing ghosts and invisible objects, like chests.
** Shade also protects Leon from enemy hits but can get stunned while doing so; it also catches Leon when he falls from a ledge and puts him back on it.
* Airl, the spirit of air
** Lightning — Airl causes a lightning bolt to strike the ground, attacking enemies around Leon.
** Power Surge — Airl becomes a large spark and shoots quickly forward, destroying anything ahead.
** Fluffy Ride — Airl teleports close to Leon and he can hop on top of it and hover above the ground.
** Airl shoots small cloud puffs to attack enemies in mid range, and slaps enemies if close enough to them.


The game has been criticized as not being original enough (as compared to the Mega Drive game) to justify its appearance on the Saturn platform. The gameplay was also referred to as frustrating at times, because its perspective can make it very difficult to tell how high or low a platform is in relation to Leon, which may force him to walk great lengths to get back to where he was prior to jumping up to a platform that is too high. [Gerstmann, Jeff, [ The Story of Thor 2] , "GameSpot", Jan 23, 1997, Accessed March 26, 2008]

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