Political editor

Political editor

The Political Editor of a newspaper or broadcast media is the senior political reporter who covers politics and related matters for the newspaper or station. He or she may have a large team of political correspondents working under him or her.

In publishing, because of their seniority, a political editor's byline is often added to stories which actually are the work of more junior colleagues to give the story more credibility and to indicate his or her seniority within the publication. The Political Editor usually carries out the major interviews with a country's prime minister and senior government figures and covers major events like party conferences.

Among famous political editors, past and present, are

* Adam Boulton ("Sky News") 1989 onwards
* Tom Bradby ("ITN") 2005 onwards
* Michael Brunson ("ITN") 1986 - 2000 "retired"
* John Cole ("BBC News") 1981 - 1992 "retired"
* Stephen Collins ("Sunday Tribune", formerly the "Irish Press")
* Seán Duignan (" RTÉ News") "retired"
* Geraldine Kennedy ("The Irish Times") "now editor of the paper".
* Andrew Marr ("BBC News") 2000 - 2005 "now a BBC TV presenter"
* Glyn Mathias ("ITN") 1981 - 1986 "subsequently BBC Wales Political Editor & Electoral Commissioner"
* Robin Oakley ("BBC News") 1992 - 2000 "now at CNN"
* Bernard Ponsonby ("STV News") 2000 onwards
* David Davin Power ("RTÉ News")
* Nick Robinson ("ITN") 2002 - 2005 ("BBC News") 2005 onwards
* Hardiman Scott ("BBC News") 1960 - 1975
* John Sergeant ("ITN") 2000 - 2002 "retired"
* John Simpson ("BBC News") 1980 - 1981 "now BBC World Affairs Editor"
* Brian Taylor ("BBC Scotland") 1985 onwards

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