Conversion may refer to:


Economy and Finance


  • Conversion (law), conversion by taking a chattel out of the possession of another with the intent of exercising a permanent or temporary dominion over it, despite the owner's entitlement to use it at all
  • Equitable conversion, A change in the nature of property so that real property is treated as personal property, or vice versa, in certain circumstances


  • Conversion (marketing), when a prospective customer takes the marketer's intended action
    • Conversion funnel, in Internet marketing, the process of tracking website visitors conversion across a series of process steps
    • Conversion rate, in Internet marketing, the percentage of unique visitors who take a desired action upon visiting the website



  • Conversion, in the sports of Rugby league and Rugby union, a kick at goal to convert the try from one set of points into another larger set of points
  • In Track and field athletics, an estimate of what a performance which has been measured in one system of measurements would have been if it had been measured in the other system
  • In American football, a one-point conversion or a two-point conversion, an opportunity to score one or two extra points, respectively, following a touchdown

Science & technology


  • Convert (command), a shell command to convert volumes using the FAT file systems to NTFS
  • CHS conversion, cylinder/head/sector to linear base address
  • Code conversion, multiple meanings in telecommunication
  • Data conversion, from one form of computer data to another
  • ImageMagick, graphics manipulation program executed with the command: convert
  • Transcoding (Video conversion):
    • Upconversion of video to a higher definition
  • Type conversion, in computer science, changing an entity of one data type into another


Other meanings

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