Prime Minister of Kenya

Prime Minister of Kenya

Prime Minister of Kenya is a new post re-created in the aftermath of the 2007–2008 Kenyan crisis.

It was first created under the Dominion of Kenya, in which Jomo Kenyatta was Prime Minister. The office was abolished with the creation of the office of President, which Kenyatta immediately assumed and into which he merged the Prime Minister's office.

However, the office was re-created in the aftermath of the 2007-2008 political crisis, which followed the presidential elections that saw Mwai Kibaki declared the winner for another 5 year term; Raila Odinga, whose party won the majority of the National Assembly, accused Kibaki of fraud, and violence occurred shortly thereafter.

The internationally-mediated deal between Kibaki and Odinga saw the creation of a temporary non-executive Prime Minister's office for Odinga that may or may not be fully created with the enactment of a new constitution. If such a constitution is not enacted, the temporary office will cease to exist upon the dissolution of the 10th Kenyan Parliament.

However, unlike the Prime Ministers of other nations who are also heads of government, the current prime minister's position only gives him "authority to coordinate and supervise the execution of the functions and affairs of the Government of Kenya including those of Ministries" [National Accord and Reconciliation Act 4(1) [] ]

Odinga was sworn in as Prime Minister on April 17 2008. [Eric Ombok, [ "Kenya's Raila Odinga Sworn in as Prime Minister, Ending Crisis"] ,, April 17, 2008.]

The Prime Minister can also be removed from office through a vote of no confidence by a simple majority of all the Members of Parliament. [National Accord and Reconciliation Act 4(4) [] ]

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