Giro d'Italia

Giro d'Italia

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date = May-June
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first = 1909
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firstwinner = flagicon|ITA Luigi Ganna
mostwins = "5 wins: "
flagicon|ITA Alfredo Binda
flagicon|ITA Fausto Coppi
flagicon|BEL Eddy Merckx
mostrecent = flagicon|ESP Alberto Contador
The Giro d'Italia ("Tour of Italy"), also simply known as The Giro, is a long distance road bicycle racing stage race for professional cyclists held over three weeks in May or early June in and around Italy. After the Tour de France, it is the second most important stage race in the world. The most recent winner (2008) is Alberto Contador. The 2008 edition started on May 10 and finished on June 1.


The Giro was inspired by the Tour de France and, just as the French race was intended to boost circulation of "L'Auto", so Emilio Camillo Costamagna, the editor of "La Gazzetta dello Sport" newspaper, aimed to increase his circulation. The first Giro d'Italia started on May 13, 1909 at Milan with eight stages totalling 2,448 kilometres (1,521 miles). Luigi Ganna was the first winner.

Along with the Tour de France and the World Cycling Championship, the Giro d'Italia makes up the Triple Crown of Cycling. Along with the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España it is one of the three Grand Tours.


Whereas the overall leader of the Tour de France is awarded a yellow jersey (originally to correspond with "L'Auto" 's yellow pages), since 1931 the overall leader in the Giro sports the "maglia rosa" (pink jersey), which corresponds with newspaper "La Gazzetta dello Sport" 's pink newsprint. The "King of the Mountains" wears the "maglia verde" (green jersey). The leader of the points classification wears the "maglia ciclamino" (mauve jersey), the best young rider wears the "maglia bianca" (white jersey). Italian Felice Gimondi holds the record for the most podium finishes: nine in total, consisting of three victories, two second places and four third place finishes.

Most wins

The following riders have won the most final jerseys:

Overall (maglia rosa)

The maglia rosa, or pink jersey, are held throughout the race by the cyclist who at the start of each stage has the lowest overall time up to that point of the giro. The holder often change from day to day, but due to the glory and big exposure for the team and the individual who holds the jersey, the teams often makes a lot of effort to keep the jersey within the team. The cyclist with the lowest time at the end of the giros last stage wins the Giro. This is similar as the Yellow jersey, Maillot Jaune, used in the Tour de France.

* 5 wins: Alfredo Binda (1925, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1933), Fausto Coppi (1940, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953), Eddy Merckx (1968, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974)
* 3 wins: Giovanni Brunero (1921, 1922, 1926), Gino Bartali (1936, 1937, 1946), Fiorenzo Magni (1948, 1951, 1955), Bernard Hinault (1980, 1982, 1985), Felice Gimondi (1967, 1969, 1976)

King of the mountains (maglia verde)

Points are given to the rider who is first to reach the top of, or determined places during, any classified climb throughout the giro. The number of points given, vary according to the hill classification, determined by the steepness and length of that particular hill. Points are also given to the first following riders, how many varies. The green jersey is worn by the rider who at the start of each stage, has the largest amount of climbing points. The rider whom at the end of the giro, holds the most points, wins the climbing competition.This is the same as the
Polka dot jersey of the Tour de France. In 2008 it was won by Emanuele Sella.

* 7 wins: Gino Bartali
* 4 wins: José Manuel Fuente
* 3 wins: Claudio Chiappucci, Claudio Bortolotto, Franco Bitossi, Fausto Coppi

Points Competition (maglia ciclamino)

Points are given to the rider who is first to reach the end of, or determined places during, any stage of the giro. The number of points given, vary accordingly to how hard the stage is, determined by the length and number of hills, size of hills etc. in that particular stage. Points are also given to the first following riders, how many varies. The jersey is worn by the rider who at the start of each stage, has the largest amount of points. The rider whom at the end of the giro, holds the most points, wins the points competition. This competition is most often won by specialized sprinters who seldom has a chance in the overall competition. This is the same as the green jersey, maillot vert, of the Tour de France. The 2008 winner was Daniele Bennati.

* 4 wins: Francesco Moser, Giuseppe Saronni
* 3 wins: Mario Cipollini, Roger De Vlaeminck, Johan Van der Velde

Youth Competition (maglia bianca)

The youth competition is a competition within the giro, celebrating young riders. The white jersey is given to the rider under the age of 25 who gets the highest ranking in the general classification. In 2008 it was won by Riccardo Riccò.

List of overall winners

ee also

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*Giro d'Italia Femminile


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