Fallen angel (disambiguation)

Fallen angel (disambiguation)

A fallen angel is an angel that has been exiled or banished from Heaven.

Fallen Angel or Fallen Angels can also refer to:

In film and television:
* , season 5, episode 1 of the television series "Xena: Warrior Princess"
* "Fallen Angel" (1945 film), directed by Otto Preminger
* "Fallen Angel" (1981 film), made for TV
* "Fallen Angel" (2007 TV series), based on the Roth trilogy by Andrew Taylor
* "Fallen Angel" ("The X-Files"), season 1, episode 10 of the television series "The X Files"
* "Fallen Angels" (1995 film), written and directed by Wong Kar-wai
* "Fallen Angels" (TV series), neo-noir series on "Showtime"
* "Fallen Angels" (Australian TV series) (1997)

In literature:
* "Fallen Angel" (comics), Liandra or Lee, eponymous heroine of a series written by Peter David
* "Fallen Angels" (comics), a team of superhuman teenagers in a 1987 Marvel Comics limited series
* "Fallen Angels" (Myers novel) (1988), by Walter Dean Myers about the Vietnam War
* "Fallen Angels" (play) (1925), by Noël Coward
* "Fallen Angels" (science fiction novel) (1991), by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Michael Flynn

In music:
* "Fallen Angel", a 2005 album by Maxim Reality.
* "Fallen Angel", a bonus track on several editions of the album "Exclusive" (2007) by Chris Brown
* "Fallen Angel", track #1 on the album "Robbie Robertson" (1988) by Robbie Robertson
* "Fallen Angel", track #2 on on the album "Cast of Thousands", (2003) by Elbow
* "Fallen Angel", track #5 on the album "Forever Young", (1984) by Alphaville
* "Fallen Angel", track #7 on the album "Brave New World" (1999) by Styx
* "Fallen Angel", track #18 on the 1997 re-release of the album "Ample Destruction", (1984) by Jag Pan
* "Fallen Angel" (25 ta Life album) a 2006 EP by American hardcore punk band 25 ta Life
* "Fallen Angel" (album) (1978), by Uriah Heep
* "Fallen Angel" (song), track #2 on the album "Red", (1974) by King Crimson
* "Fallen Angel" (Poison song), track #7 on the album "Open Up and Say...Ahh!" (1988) by Poison
* "Fallen Angels", track #8 on the album "Mandrake" (2001) by Edguy
* "Fallen Angels", track #13 on the album "Nine Lives" (1997) by Aerosmith
* Fallen Angels (band), a British pop band
* "The Fallen Angel", track #7 on the album "Brave New World" (2000) by Iron Maiden

* "fallen angel": a speculative grade bond that was originally investment-grade
* "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, a professional wrestler
* "The Fallen Angels" (arcade game), a 1998 computer arcade game produced by Psikyo

ee also

*"El Ángel Caído" (Spanish for "The Fallen Angel"), 2001 album by Avalanch
*"Fallen Angel of Doom", 1990 album by Blasphemy
*"Falling Angel", 1978 novel by William Hjortsberg
* "For My Fallen Angel", track #9 on the album "Like Gods of the Sun", (1996) by My Dying Bride
*"Sacred 2 Fallen Angel", 2008 fantasy roleplaying videogame sequel
*"Telemetry of a Fallen Angel", 1995 album by The Crüxshadows
*"When Fallen Angels Fly", 1994 album by Patty Loveless

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