Save a Prayer

Save a Prayer

Infobox Single
Name = Save a Prayer

Artist = Duran Duran
from Album = Rio
B-side = "Hold Back the Rain"
Released = start date|1982|8|9
Format = 7", 12"
Recorded = AIR Studios, London 1982
Genre = Dance, New Wave
Length = 5:34 (single version)
Label = EMI - EMI 5327
Writer = Duran Duran
Producer = Colin Thurston
Certification =
Last single = "Hungry Like the Wolf" (1982)
This single = Save a Prayer (1982)
Next single = "Rio" (1982)
Misc = Extra tracklisting
Album = Rio
Type = studio
prev_track = "Last Chance on the Stairway"
prev_no = 7
this_track = Save a Prayer
track_no = 8
next_track = "The Chauffeur
next_no = 9
Extra tracklisting
Album = Arena
Type = live
prev_track = "New Religion"
prev_no = 3
this_track = Save a Prayer'
track_no = 4
next_track = The Wild Boys
next_no = 5
"Save a Prayer" is the sixth single by Duran Duran, released on 9 August, 1982.

The soft, seductive ballad was the third single from the band's second album "Rio". It became Duran Duran's biggest hit to date (at the time) in the UK Singles Chart, reaching #2, held out of the top spot by Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger".

It was not originally issued as a single in the United States, although the video was very popular on MTV. However, a live version from the "Arena" album was released in January 1985 and reached #16 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Music video

The video was filmed by director Russell Mulcahy among the jungles, beaches, and temples of Sri Lanka in April, 1982. Scenes were filmed atop the rock fortress of Sigiriya, and among the ruins of a Buddhist temple at Polonnaruwa.

A live version of the song was released in 1984. The video was taken from Duran Duran's Oakland, California concerts that were filmed for the "Arena (An Absurd Notion)".

B-sides, bonus tracks and remixes

The UK release of "Save a Prayer" was backed with a remix of "Hold Back the Rain".

Complete list of mixes

# "Save a Prayer" - 5:34
# "Save a Prayer [Single Version] " - 5:24
# "Save a Prayer [Video Version] " - 6:03
# "Save a Prayer [Australian Promo Edit] " - 4:10
# "Save a Prayer [Brazilian Edit] " - 4:04
# "Save a Prayer [US Single version] " - 3:44
# "Save a Prayer [Special Edited version] " - 3:55
# "Save a Prayer [Japanese Single version] " - 4:00
# "Save a Prayer [Thunder in Our Hearts remix] " - 7:17 (This is an unofficial remix, though much loved and sought after by fans)

Covers, samples, and media references

The song has been covered by Tony Hadley, Shut Up And Dance (titled as "Save It 'Til The Mourning After"), Eve's Plum, Polyanna, Dune, Oliver Haze, 56K featuring Beejay, the Push Kings and Louis XIV. The Christian band Sonseed recorded a version, with lyrics modified to reflect a more explicitly religious feeling, for their unreleased album "Just Can't Get Enough (Of Jesus!!!)".

The main tune of 'Save a Prayer' can be recognised in the song 'Salomé (Zooromancer edit)' released in 1992 by U2 as the 3rd track on the single of 'Who's gonna ride your wild horses'.

In 2007 it has been referenced in the lyrics of the song by Arctic Monkeys, "Teddy Picker" from their album "Favourite Worst Nightmare": "I don't want your prayer, save it for the morning after".

It was featured on a 2007 episode of TV's Cold Case.

Chart positions (1982)

Live version

Infobox Single
Name = Save a Prayer (live)

Artist = Duran Duran
from Album = Arena
B-side = "Save a Prayer"
Released = January 1985
Format =
Recorded = "around the world", 1984
Genre = Dance, New Wave
Length = 06:12
Label = EMI
Writer = Duran Duran
Producer = Duran Duran
Certification =
Last single = "The Wild Boys" (1984)
This single = "Save a Prayer (live)" (1985)
Next single = "A View to a Kill" (1985)
"Save a Prayer (live)" was released as a single from the live album "Arena" in the United States in January of 1985, backed with the original UK single version of "Save a Prayer". It peaked at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. on 2 February 1985.

The release was accompanied by a new live video, drawn from footage shot in 1984 for the concert film "Arena".

Track listing

7": EMI / EMI 5327 (UK)

#"Save a Prayer" - 5:25
# "Hold Back The Rain (Remix)" - 3:58

12": EMI / 12 EMI 5327 (UK)

# "Save a Prayer" - 5:25
# "Hold Back The Rain (Remix)" [extended] - 7:05

Other appearances

* 1984 "Arena"
* 1987 "The Secret Policeman's Third Ball"
* 1987 "Now Smash Hits"
* 1989 ""
* 1993 "Ordinary World" single
* 1998 "Greatest"
* 1999 "Now That's What I Call Music!: 1982"
* 2001 "Rio" (reissue)
* 2003 "Singles Box Set 1981-1985"
* 2004 "Singles Box Set 1986-1995"
* 2005 "Live from London"


Duran Duran:
*Simon Le Bon - vocals
*Nick Rhodes - keyboards
*John Taylor - bass guitar
*Roger Taylor - drums
*Andy Taylor - guitar

Also credited:
*Colin Thurston - producer and engineer


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