Huang Gai

Huang Gai

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Name=Huang Gai

Caption=Qing Dynasty illustration of Huang Gai.
Title=Military General
Kingdom=Eastern Wu
Birth_place=Yongzhou, Hunan, China
Pinyin=Huáng Gài
WG=Huang Kai
Zi=Gōngfu (公覆)

Huang Gai was a military general for the Kingdom of Wu during the Three Kingdoms era of China. He was renowned as a hardened combat veteran who loyally served three Sun Family lords throughout his lifetime: Sun Jian, his eldest son Sun Ce, and his second son Sun Quan.


Huang Gai was born in Quanling County, Lingling Precinct (Presently Yongzhou in Hunan Province), and first allied himself with Sun Jian during the Yellow Turban Rebellion of the 180's.

At the Battle of Red Cliffs in 208, Huang Gai suggested to Zhou Yu that a fire attack would be the best strategy to use in order to defeat Cao Cao's gigantic fleet and overwhelming numbers. Zhou Yu approved of this method, and Huang Gai would send word to Cao Cao claiming that he wished to defect. Huang Gai had earlier loaded his boats with wax and straw, and when his ships were within proximity of Cao Cao's fleet, he set them ablaze and steered them on a collision course with Cao Cao's lines. This, coupled with the fact that Cao Cao had chained his ships together to prevent their soldiers from being seasick, caused the fire to spread throughout the fleet, causing massive damage and casualties to Cao's army and forcing him into retreat. This plot resulted in a critical victory for both Sun Quan and Liu Bei, who would now be granted more than enough time to rally their armies and further bolster their positions within their respective territories. During the battle, Huang Gai was hit by an arrow and fell from his boat, but was rescued by another long-serving officer of Wu, Han Dang. He is said to have been highly praised and deeply trusted amongst his colleagues, particularly his third lord, Sun Quan. Huang Gai received various titles throughout the years, including: "Auxiliary Corps Commander", "Acting Colonel of the Firm Attack", "Chief Commandant of Danyang", "General of the Gentlemen of the Household", and "Governor of Wu Ling."

For his long-serving life of Wu, he is listed in Five Wu Elders.

Modern references

Huang Gai is a playable character in the Koei video game series, "Dynasty Warriors". He is portrayed as a loyal and dedicated servant of Wu, covered with scars from various battles throughout his life. He wields a large club, usually in tandem with a buckler.

He also appears in the Warriors Orochi games.

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