Tullius was a Roman nomen. The feminine form was Tullia; and Tully is often seen, especially as another name for Cicero. Please note, however, that the use of this name does not necessarily imply that all of those listed are related by blood.

* Servius Tullius, early king
* Manius Tullius Longus, consul 500 BC
* Marcus Tullius Decula, consul 81 BC
* Marcus Tullius Cicero (Cicero), consul and orator
* Marcus Tullius Tiro, freedman of Cicero
* Quintus Tullius Cicero, one of Caesar's generals and younger brother of Marcus

The "Tullus" of the king Tullus Hostilius is a forename derived from the same root (compare the Roman praenomen Marcus with the nomen gentile Marcius). There is no genetic relationship implied.

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