Ancient Tombs at Longtou Mountain

Ancient Tombs at Longtou Mountain

The Ancient Tombs at Longtou Mountain (zh-sp|s=龙头山古墓群|p=Lóngtóushān gǔmùqún, Hangul: 육정산 고분군) are a collection of twelve burials for royalty of the Balhae (Bohai) Kingdom. It is located on the Longtou Mountain, southeast Toudao Township ( _zh. 头道镇), Helong County ( _zh. 和龙市), Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin, China. The most famous of the burials is the Mausoleum of Princess Jeonghyo/Zhenxiao.

The Burials were made the a unit of the third series of Protected National Cultural Artifacts ( _zh. 重点文物保护单位) by the State Council on January 13, 1988. The area was possibly called “the Western Field of the Ran Valley”( _zh. 染谷之西原) by the Balhae people, as a Balhae document indicated that is the place where Princess Jeonghyo/Zhenxiao was buried.

The burial cover an area with the diameters east-west 500 metres, north-south 400 metres. After being made a Cultural Artifacts unit, the protected area expanded to the west 0.5 kilometre to Fudong River ( _zh. 福洞河), west 5 km, north 5 km.

There are three burial zones:
* Dragon Lake ( _zh. 龍湖)
* Dragon Sea ( _zh. 龍海)
* Stone Kingdom ( _zh. 石國)

The walls, especially the murals, have been covered with anti-corrosive chemicals. There are also protective personnel on site, so administrative offices were constructed near the Mausoleum of Princess Jeonghyo/Zhenxiao.

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