Group races

Group races

Group races are the highest standard of thoroughbred horserace in Australia. The Australian Pattern Committee recommends to the Australian Racing Board (ARB) which races shall be designated as Group races. The list of races approved by the ARB are accepted by the International Cataloguing Standards Committee (ICSC) for publication by The Jockey Club (US) in The Blue Book, thus providing international recognition for Australia's best races. Group races are also said to have the status of "Black Type" races which is of great importance to owners, breeders and race clubs.

There are four grades of Group races in Australia:

* Group 1 - 64 races - minimum prizemoney AUD$250,000
* Group 2 - 83 races - minimum prizemoney AUD$125,000
* Group 3 - 112 races - minimum prizemoney AUD$75,000
* Listed Races - 280 races - minimum prizemoney AUD$50,000

Australia has a total of approximately 540 to 550 Group races from a season total of almost 21,000 races.

For details of Group races see List of Australian Group races.

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* Conditions races
* Stakes race


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