Hoary Fox

Hoary Fox

name = Hoary FoxMSW3 Wozencraft | pages = | id=14000816]
status = DD
status_system = iucn2.3
status_ref = IUCN2006|assessors=Dalponte & Courtenay|year=2004|id=6926|title=Pseudalopex vetulus|downloaded=12 May 2006 Database entry includes justification for why this species is listed as data deficient]
trend = unknown
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Mammalia
ordo = Carnivora
familia = Canidae
genus = "Lycalopex"
species = "L. vetulus"
binomial = "Lycalopex vetulus"
binomial_authority = (Lund, 1842)

The Hoary Fox ("Lycalopex vetulus"), also called the Hoary zorro, is a species of zorro or "false" fox endemic to Brazil.

It is a slender animal with a relatively short, pointed muzzle, and large ears. It inhabits, mainly, the Brazilian Cerrado ecosystem, although it can also be found in transitional habitats.

It is an omnivorous animal but feeds, mainly, on termites, dung beetles and other insects and small vertebrates.


The Hoary Fox has a short muzzle, small teeth, a short coat, and dark stripes on the dorsal surface. The tail is black on the tip with a marked dark stripe along the dorsal line. The ears and outside part of the legs are reddish or tawny. The upper part of the body is grey, and the underside of the body is cream or fawn. The Hoary Fox weighs between 2.7 and 4 kg, the tail length is 28-32 cm, and the body length is between 58 and 64 cm. These animals are active during the day.


The Hoary Fox mainly eats insects, but also may eat rodents.


The Hoary Fox lives in some areas in South America. They usually live in the area where there are open woodlands, bushlands, upland mountains and savannahs that are smooth or scattered with trees.


The females usually give birth to 2-4 pups. They mostly breed in the autumn.


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