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related-c = RomaniansAccording to the Canadian Census data of 2006, there are almost 200,000 Romanian-Canadians [Statistics Canada, Canada 2006 Census. [] ] . Some sources estimates that this number might be as high as cca. 400,000 Canadians of Romanian descent. Many Romanians came to Canada and the United States between 1895 and 1920. []

Romanians came to Canada in several periods. The first period was at the beginning of the century, between 1900-1918. The second period was between 1940-1950, when Romanians came after the World War II, at a time when Romania was in the worst and most difficultfinancial period in its history. In this period, 1,460,000 Romanian citizens left their country. Many of them left for Canada. Another wave of Romanian emigration to Canada occurred after 1989 following the Romanian Revolution of 1989, when people obtained the right to leave Romania subsequent to the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. The wave intensified after the Mineriad of 13-15 June 1990. After 1998, for the fourth time, a large number of Romanians were leaving Europe to come to Canada.

In 2001, there were 131,830 Canadian residents who identified themselves of Romanian origin, of which 53,320 were single-origin Romanians and 78,505 were of mixed Romanian and other origins. [] The largest concentrations of Romanian-Canadians are in the Greater Toronto Area (approx. 75,000) and in the Greater Montreal Area (approx. 40,000).

According to the 2001 Census, the number of people of Romanian mother tongue in Canada was 50,895 and 61,330 Canadians claimed to speak Romanian. The number of people born in Romania was 61,330 and 2,380 were born in Moldova.

Immigration from Romania had been increasing in recent years. Figures from Citizenship and Immigration Canada show that the annual number of new permanent residents from Romania increased from an average of over 3,700 per year in the late 1990s to an average of over 5,500 per year since 2001.

Source: [ Citizenship and Immigration Canada]

Notable Romanian-Canadians


* Octavian Florescu - painter
* Traian Vasai - famous painter
* Marie-Emily Sendrea - painter


*Catherine Pogonat - actress []


* Irina Lazareanu - supermodel


* Ernest Klein - linguist, author and rabbi; received the Order of Canada in 1978
* Irving Layton - poet


* Uri Mayer - violist and conductor


* Dan Hanganu - architect and businessman
* Eduard Prugovečki - physicist and mathematician
* Mircea Steriade - professor of neuroscience at Université Laval in Quebec


* Ovidiu Baciu - mayor of Roxboro
* Adrian Micu - former mayor of Roxboro and major leader of the anti-merger movement on the Island of Montreal in 2000-2001


* Ben Bassarab - wrestler
* Lucian Bute - boxer
* Adrian Diaconu - boxer
* Leonard Doroftei - boxer; lightweight world champion
* Daniel Negreanu - poker champion
* Gary Lupul - retired NHL player
* Joffrey Lupul - NHL player

Canadian general, diplomat and peacekeeper John de Chastelain was born in Bucharest to a Scottish father and an American mother.

ee also

*Boian, Alberta


* [ 2001 Census numbers of people by ethnic origin] .
* [ 2001 Census numbers of people by mother tongue]
* [ 2001 Census numbers of immigrants by place of birth]
* [ Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Permanent Residents by Top Source Countries]

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