List of speeches given by Adolf Hitler

List of speeches given by Adolf Hitler

This list of Adolf Hitler speeches is an attempt to aggregate all of Adolf Hitler's speeches.


* Baynes, N. (1942). "The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, April 1922-August 1939 V1." London, Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-598-75893-3
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Political Testament

*April 29, 1945, Berlin: "My Political Testament" ("D": Mein politisches Testament)

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*Armenian quote
*List of Adolf Hitler books

External links

* [ "Adolf Hitlers Reden" A 1933 collection of his speeches, in German. This was the only general collection of his speeches published in the Third Reich]
* [ "Die Reden Hitlers am Reichsparteitag 1933" Hitlers speeches before the 1933 party congress]
* [ "Die Reden des Fuehrers am Parteitag der Ehre 1936" A collection of his speechs at the 1936 party congress]
* [ "Des Reden der Fuhrers am den Parteitag der Arbeit 1937"]
* [ "The New Germany desires Work and Peace" authorized English collection of Hitlers early 1933 speeches]
* [ A collection of his speeches in German]
* [ "The Fuhrer Answers Roosevelt" An Eher Verlag edition of Hitlers speech against FDR. Includes short catalouge at the end.]
* [ "Liberty Art, Nationhood" a collection of speeches at the 1935 Nazi party congress, in authorized English translation]

* [ Speech of Jan. 30, 1939. In English.]

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