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metropolitan_borough= Newcastle upon Tyne
metropolitan_county= Tyne and Wear
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Gosforth is an area of Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England to the north of the city centre. Gosforth constituted an urban district from 1895 to 1974, when it was merged with the county borough of Newcastle, the urban district of Newburn and parts of Castle Ward Rural District into the Metropolitan Borough of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne. There are two electoral wards in Gosforth, "East Gosforth" and "West Gosforth".


The origin of the area's name is thought to have come from the title Gese Ford meaning “the ford over the Ouse”, referring to a crossing over the local River Ouse, however others think that it comes from the Old English "Gosaford" meaning a ford where the geese dwell, and it is first recorded as "Goseford" in 1166 [cite book |title=Northumberland Place-Names |author=Stan Beckensall |publisher=Butler Publishing, Thropton, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65 7LP |isbn=094692841X |year=2004] . Gosforth is first mentioned in 1166, and thus some think the settlement developed at this time cite web |url=http://www.northumbrian-coast.co.uk/newcastle.htm |title=Newcastle upon Tyne |publisher=northumbrian-coast.co.uk |accessdate=2008-05-04] and South Gosforth dates back past 1319, when it has been noted that the English Army retreated there from a siege on Berwick [cite book |first=William |last=Whellan |title=History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland |url=http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=8-kGAAAAYAAJ&printsec=titlepage |pages=p.454 |quote=The village of South Gosforth is situated two and a half miles north-east by north of Newcastle. Here it was that the English army retreated when on its way to the siege of Berwick, in 1319. |year=1855 |publisher=Whellan and Co. |accessdate=2008-05-04] . According to the 19th century publication, "A Topographical Dictionary of England", the township of Gosforth was held of the crown by the Surtees family from 1100 to 1509, when it passed by marriage to Robert Brandling. [cite book |first=Samuel |last=Lewis |authorlink=Samuel Lewis (publisher) |title=A Topographical Dictionary of England |url=http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=50985 |accessdate=2008-09-30]

Parishes and urban districts

By order of the Local Government Board on 20 September 1872, the parishes of South Gosforth and Coxlodge were constituted into an urban district, the South Gosforth Local Board. After the 1894 Local Government Act, it became the South Gosforth Urban District Council. A year later, by a Northumberland County Council order dated 14 March 1895, the title was changed again to Gosforth Urban District Council.cite journal |title=Reference number UD.GO |publisher=Tyne & Wear Achieve Service]

On 15 July 1903 the District Council applied for an order from Northumberland County Council, to extend its boundaries to include the parishes of North Gosforth, East Brunton, West Brunton, Fawdon and the greater part of Kenton. On 9 September 1903 an enquiry was held into the Gosforth Scheme, but the proposal was refused. The parishes of Coxlodge and South Gosforth were amalgamated into the parish of Gosforth in 1908. Gosforth then extended its boundaries after the County of Northumberland Review Order 1935, to include part of Castle Ward Rural District. This comprised parts of East Brunton, Fawdon and North Gosforth civil parishes. The Gosforth Urban District Council was finally abolished on 1 April 1974 to become part of Newcastle Metropolitan Borough Council.


In the 19th century, Gosforth was the location of Gosforth [Cite web |url=http://www.dmm.org.uk/colliery/g009.htm |title=Gosforth Colliery |publisher=The Durham Mining Museum |accessdate=2008-05-04] and Coxlodge Collieries [Cite web |url=http://www.dmm.org.uk/colliery/c039.htm |title=Coxlodge Colliery |publisher=The Durham Mining Museum |accessdate=2008-05-04] . The area of land which Coxlodge Colliery occupied is around the Regent Centre area, and the Gosforth Colliery was nearer to modern day South Gosforth.


It has a large business complex called the Regent Centre, which houses many notable organisations including the Newcastle regional centre for the Open University and HM Revenue & Customs. Gosforth High Street is part of the Great North Road. Gosforth's main High School is Gosforth High School, and some of the private schools in Gosforth are Westfield School and Newcastle School for Boys. St Nicholas Hospital is also located in Gosforth, which houses the Jubilee Theatre, a Victorian Theatre built in 1899. [cite web |url=http://www.juniperproductions.org.uk/?p=theatre |title=Theatre |publisher=Juniper Productions |accessdate=2008-04-05]

Areas of Gosforth

Apart from South Gosforth, many districts of Gosforth are suffixed "Park". There is Grange Park, Brunton Park, Melton Park, Grove Park, Gosforth Park (including its racecourse), Newcastle Great Park and Whitebridge Park. East of the Great North Road, Garden Village was developed on 'garden suburb' lines in the 1920s to house workers at the nearby LNER electric train depot (now the Metro depot). Gosforth has a range of suburban style housing and executive apartments and a mix of local pubs, restaurants and the famous Three Mile Inn which is exceptionally busy at 5pm partly because of its close proximity to the Regent Centre office development. Gosforth's newest pub is Wetherspoons The Job Bulman, named after the founder of Bulman Village (now central Gosforth). The Job Bulman is located in the former 1920s post office building on St Nicholas Avenue and was Gosforth's first non smoking pub.

Newcastle Great Park

The latest expansion of Gosforth is in the north-west corner of the suburb called "Newcastle Great Park" which is three years into a ten year building project. The Warkworth Woods and Melbury sectors are almost complete and it will eventually extend into Kingston Park at the end of its development.

Great Park, Brunton Park & Melton Park

Gosforth holds many estates such as Great Park, Brunton Park & Melton Park. These house several amenities and local businesses such as a bakers, ceramic studio, newsagents, estate agent and hair & beauty salons. Brunton Park has a pub, The Royal George, which is being closed. Another pub is The Three Mile Inn which is on the same complex as Scalini's (Italian restaurant), just a short walk from the area.

Melton Park has a chapel which dates back to early medieval or late Norman times. It may have been built on the site of a Roman fort. [cite web |url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/tyne/content/articles/2006/05/18/norman_chapel_faith_feature.shtml |title=Hidden Chapel in Gosforth estate |publisher=BBC News |date=2006-05-19 |accessdate=2008-04-05]

Sports and entertainment

Gosforth has sports facilities such as Gosforth Swimming Pool among others. Famous sportsmen from Gosforth include footballer Alan Shearer and athlete Jonathan Edwards.

Gosforth has had a long connection with local rugby football, currently being home to the Northern Rugby Club (founded 1875) [cite web |url=http://www.northernfc.co.uk/history.htm |title=History |publisher=Northern Rugby Club |accessdate=2008-07-28] and namesake of the nearby current incarnation of the Gosforth Rugby Club (originally formed in 1877). The city's rugby club, the Newcastle Falcons, was also originally based in Gosforth, also originally being called Gosforth Rugby Club, and later Newcastle Gosforth [cite web |url=http://www.gosforthrfc.fsnet.co.uk/history.htm |title= Club History |publisher=Gosforth Rugby Club |accessdate=2008-07-28] . Gosforth Central Park has two bowling greens with a women's and a men's club, two tennis courts, a basketball court and a fenced play area [cite web |url=http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/core.nsf/a/gosforthcentralpark |title=Gosforth Central Park |publisher=Newcastle City Council |accessdate=2008-07-28] .

Gosforth has a 90 acre Golf course which opened in 1906 [cite web |url=http://www.gosforthgolfclub.com/ |title=Gosforth Golf Club |publisher=Gosforth Golf Club |accessdate=2008-07-26] . Gosforth has been home to the South Northumberland Cricket Club since 1892 [cite web |url=http://www.southnorth.co.uk/101-South-North-Bulls.html |title=South North Bulls |publisher=South Northumberland Cricket Club |accessdate=2008-07-26] , which is home itself to the South North Bulls team.

Gosforth formerly had two cinemas located on the high street, the Royalty Cinema and the Globe Cinema. The Royalty Cinema opened on 17 October 1934 and closed on 30 December 1981 [cite web |url=http://www.royaltycinema.com/ |title=Royalty Cinema |publisher=Royalty Cinema |accessdate=2008-07-26] . A video documentary, " [http://www.royaltycinema.com/ Last Reel at the Royalty] ", viewable online was produced about the cinema's history. The Globe Cinema later became a bingo hall and is now Poon's Gosforth Palace chinese restaurant.

The ground on which the ASDA store stands was formerly the Gosforth Greyhound Stadium until the late 1980s. The stadium had also previously been a Speedway Track from 1929-30 [cite web |url=http://www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/Gosforth.htm |title=Gosforth (Newcastle) |publisher=Defunct Speedway |accessdate=2008-04-06] .


Many businesses have offices in the Regent Centre, near the High Street. Gosforth also houses the headquarters of the troubled bank, Northern Rock. In 2008 the bank was nationalised due to the problems it has experienced during the credit crunch. The bank has recently built a new headquarters building, which the bank is seeking to let-out or sell. Greggs, the largest national retail bakery chain, started with John Gregg's single shop on Gosforth High Street in the 1930s; initially Greggs was known as Greggs of Gosforth.


Gosforth has its own High Street, which has been home to local shops for over a hundred years.cite web |url=http://www.timarchive.freeuk.com/html/gosfhist.htm |title=Gosforth High Street |publisher=TimArchive |date=2000-11-25 |accessdate=2008-04-05] Shops on the high street include a branch of Woolworths, Boots, Thorpes, (a well established local hardware store), estate agents and banks, among many others. In the 1980s the Gosforth Shopping Centre was built on the High street and connects to Gosforth Central Park ; shops here include a new Sainsbury's and WHSmith. The park was built in 1932 for £10,000 and opened on 6 August 1932 [cite web |url=http://www.gosforthlife.co.uk/gosforth-history.htm |title=Gosforth History |publisher=Gosforth Life |accessdate=2008-05-04] . The High Street once also had a fire station (built in 1894), which moved to Jubilee Road many years ago. The Brandling Arms pub on the high street has its own local edition of My Monopoly, using Gosforth locations.


Gosforth shopping centre has a new Sainsbury's, which was formerly a Kwik Save/Somerfield store. Opposite Regent Centre is a 24 hour Asda and Kingston Park houses a Tesco store.

The ASDA supermarket had an extension built in 2007. The extension houses a photographic service centre and restaurant, along with a partial refurbishment of the store.

Newcastle City Council reported to Great Park residents in a meeting that it has outline planning permission in 2007/8 for a new supermarket. However no such location has yet been confirmed.

Transport & communication

Gosforth is served by five Tyne and Wear Metro stations: Ilford Road, South Gosforth, Regent Centre, Wansbeck Road and Fawdon. The control centre for the Metro system is located at South Gosforth station, and the main depot and car sheds are nearby.

NE3 is the postcode area for Gosforth and BT Landlines start with (0191) 213, 217, 223, 236, 284 and 285.

Cable, provided by Virgin Media, does not fully cover Gosforth. It is not available to homes covered by the Wideopen Telephone Exchange in the north of the suburb.

In 1902 Gosforth was linked by tramway to Wallsend, then Newcastle a year later; this tramway has long since been removed as other travel links evolved.

Gosforth has a number of Post Offices, however on 1 July 2008 the Post Office announced the next set of Post Offices which may close; the Gosforth Garden Village branch and a nearby branch in Kenton are under threat of closure [cite web |url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/tyne/content/articles/2008/07/01/post_office_consultation_feature.shtml |title=Post Office consultation |publisher=BBC Tyne News |date=2008-07-01 |accessdate=2008-07-01] . A public meeting was held about the Garden Village post office on the evening of 28 July.


Primary schools

* St. Charles RC Primary School
* St. Oswald's RC Primary School
* Wyndham Primary School

First schools

* [http://www.newcastle-schools.org.uk/archbishopruncie/ Archbishop Runcie CE First School]
* [http://www.archibald.firstschool.org.uk/ Archibald First School]
* [http://www.broadway.newcastle.sch.uk/ Broadway East First School]
* Gosforth Park First School
* [http://www.newcastle-schools.org.uk/grange/ Grange First School]
* [http://www.regentfarm.newcastle.sch.uk/ Regent Farm First School]
* [http://www.southgosforth.firstschool.org.uk/ South Gosforth First School]

Middle/Junior high schools

* Gosforth Central Middle School
* Gosforth East Middle School
* Gosforth Junior High School (formerly Gosforth West Middle School)

High schools

* Gosforth High School

Independent schools

* Newcastle Preparatory School (for Boys)
* Westfield School (for Girls)

Sixth form Colleges

* Gosforth High School Sixth Form College

Adult education

* Gosforth Community Education College

Gosforth Library

Gosforth has a public library which was re-built in 2007. In November 2006, the old Gosforth Library was closed and moved to a nearby temporary location. The single storey building was subsequently demolished and is being replaced by a new two storey building. The new Library and Customer Service Centre, costing £2.8 million opened on 17 December 2007. The Gosforth Customer Service Centre includes a PayPoint and the library has a self service facility [cite web |url=http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/core.nsf/a/cssgosforth |title=Gosforth Customer Service Centre and Library |publisher=Newcastle City Council |accessdate=2008-04-02] . The new building will also incorporate 'public art' to give the Centre an identity and a connection with the local area. The Library was officially opened on 8 February 2008 by John Grundy; music students from Gosforth High School also performed at the opening.

Famous natives and residents

Notable natives and residents of Gosforth include:
* Donna Air - actress and television presenter [cite web |url=http://icnewcastle.icnetwork.co.uk/0300entertainment/0600theatre/2001/12/20/stars-happy-on-home-ground-50081-11492004/ |title=Stars happy on home ground |publisher=icNewcsatle |date=2001-12-20 |accessdate=2008-04-11]
* Michael Chopra - footballer for Sunderland AFC [cite web |url=http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/display.var.2189162.0.chopra_keeping_head_down_ahead_of_derby.php |title=Chopra keeping head down ahead of derby |publisher=The Northern Echo |date=2008-04-11 |accessdate=2008-04-11]
* Jonathan Edwards - triple jump world record holder [cite web |url=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/02/12/nedwards12.xml |title=Olympian Jonathan Edwards has 'crisis of faith' |publisher=The Telegraph |date=2007-02-12 |accessdate=2008-04-11]
* Robbie Elliott - retired footballer, current coach for Newcastle United [cite web |url=http://www.journallive.co.uk/2003/03/31/footballer-s-wife-is-living-the-dream-50081-12792829/ |title=Footballer's wife is living the dream |publisher=The Journal |date=2003-03-31 |accessdate=2008-04-11]
* John Grundy - television presenter
* Rowland Hodge - shipbuilder (lived at Coxlodge Hall)
* Wilfred Josephs - composer
* David Knopfler - guitarist in Dire Straits, moved to Gosforth as a child, brother of Mark
* Mark Knopfler - guitarist and vocalist in Dire Straits, moved to Gosforth as a childcite web |url=http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/wwwfileroot/localstudies/factsheets/Factsheet2People.pdf |format=PDF |title=Famous people with North East Connections |publisher=Newcastle City Council |date=2004-09 |accessdate=2008-04-11]
* Andrew Leslie - shipbuilder (lived at Coxlodge Hall)
* Ben Price - actor [cite web |url=http://www.cafod.org.uk/news/going-for-gold-2006-10-02 |title=Going for gold at the Great North Run |publisher=Cafod |date=2006-10-02 |accessdate=2008-04-11]
* Alan Shearer - international footballer [cite web |url=http://www.sportingo.com/football/a7507_newcastle-blackburn-legend-alan-shearer-simply-best |title=Newcastle and Blackburn legend Alan Shearer – simply the best |publisher=SportIngo |date=2008-03-13 |accessdate=2008-04-11]

Nearest places

* Jesmond
* Longbenton
* Kenton
* Gosforth Park

Nearest metro stations

* South Gosforth Metro station
* Regent Centre Metro station
* Ilford Road Metro station

Photo gallery

Gosforth High Street


External links

* [http://www.geocities.com/kaysgeography/gosforthframe.htm Kay's Geography urban case study profile of Gosforth]
* [http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/core.nsf/a/wardinfoeastgosforth Ward Info: East Gosforth] at Newcastle City Council
* [http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/core.nsf/a/wardinfowestgosforth Ward Info: West Gosforth] at Newcastle City Council
* [http://www.gosforthlife.co.uk/ Gosforth Life] - Photographs from Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne
* [http://www.ggva.org/ Gosforth Garden Village Association] - Residents' website

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