Strike cruiser

Strike cruiser

"For the "Strike"-class medium cruiser produced by Loronar Defense Industries from the Star Wars universe, see List of Star Wars capital ships."

A strike cruiser (proposed hull designator: CSGN) was a proposal from DARPA on the next generation of cruisers in the late 1970s. It was to be a guided missile attack cruiser with a displacement of around 17,200 tons convert|17200|LT|t|lk=in, armed and equipped with SM-2, Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles, an 8-inch gun, and the Aegis phased array radar system.

A prototype strike cruiser was to be the refurbished USS "Long Beach" (CGN-9); at a cost of roughly $800 million, however this never came to pass.

Originally, eight to a dozen strike cruisers were projected. The cruiser was to have arsenal ship offensive capabilities coupled with Aegis defensive capabilities in a nuclear powered package. The class would have complemented the fleet defense "Arleigh Burke"-class destroyer (DDG-47) program. After the CSGN cancellation, the Aegis destroyers were expanded into the "Ticonderoga"-class (CG-47) Aegis cruiser program.

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