Positive is a property of positivity and may refer to:

Mathematics and science

* Positive number, a number that is greater than 0
* Positive operator, in functional analysis, a bounded linear operator whose spectrum consists of positive real numbers
* Positive formula, a logical formula not containing negation
* Positive electric charge, in physics
* Converging lens or positive lens, in optics
* Positive test, a diagnostic test result that is indicative of an abnormality
* Positive sense, said of an RNA sequence that codes for a protein

Philosophy and humanities

* Positive science, for a general usage in humanities and social sciences
* Positivism, in philosophy, the name for theories which aim to be based on facts alone, eschewing metaphysics and religion
* Positive freedom, the opportunity and ability to act to fulfill one's own potential
* Negative and positive rights, concerning the moral obligation of a person to do something for/to someone
* Positive statement, in economics, a (possibly incorrect) factual statement
* Positive economics, in economics, about predictions of behavior of economic actors, as opposed to the normative aspect
* Affirmative, in linguistics, is a non-negated expression, as opposed to "negative". See grammatical polarity
* Positive (linguistics), the form of an adjective or adverb on which comparative and superlative are formed with suffixes or the use of "more" or "less"
* Affirmative (policy debate), the team which affirms the resolution
* Positive law is man-made law (statutes) in contrast with natural law (derived from God or morality)
* A positive image, in photography, is one in which the value (lightness–darkness) correlates positively with that in the scene depicted
* Positive (film), a short film in Hindi on HIV and AIDS

Other uses

* Positive sign, in western astrology, the supposedly extroverted personalities of the fire and air signs

ee also

* Negative
* Optimism
* Normative
* Positive organ
* HIV positive people
* Negative (photography), as opposed to positive images used in such applications as slide projection or photo emulsion stencil-making

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