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name = VH1
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launch = 10 October 1994
share = 0.0%
share as of = February 2008
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owner = MTV Networks Europe
sister names = VH1 Classic UK
web = [http://www.mtv.co.uk/vh1/ www.mtv.co.uk/vh1]
sat serv 1 = Sky Digital
sat chan 1 = Channel 356
cable serv 1 = Virgin Media
cable chan 1 = Channel 320
cable serv 3 = UPC Ireland
cable chan 3 = Channel 706
adsl serv 1 = Tiscali TV
adsl chan 1 = Channel 409

VH1 UK is a music television channel from MTV Networks Europe. VH1 (as it is usually known in the UK) is based on the American Channel of the same name. It was launched in 10 October 1994.

Targeting 25–44 year olds, VH1 UK aims to be "mature, sophisticated and totally stylish for viewers who still feel young and want to keep in-touch with what is happening on the music scene today." The music they play consists of music from the 70's right through to today. Much of their programming is taken from VH1 USA, and the channel has many 'Top 20' and 'Top 40' countdowns. Some programming from MTV One is also shown on VH1. Between it's UK launch, and the late 1990's the channel played many 80's videos including the present day at the time, while the logo was displayed in the top right hand corner with "MUSIC FIRST" displayed underneath it. The channel also at the time would dedicate particular days to an artist. Examples of these included "Jacksons Day", "Beautiful South Day" and "Elton John Day". A "Madonna Day" in 1998, featured a full length concert, alongside her music videos on the then daytime "Upbeat" programme. In July 1998, the channel ran a "Pop Up Video Marathon".

VH1 UK sister channel:
*VH1 Classic UK plays all time greats from the '60s to the '90s.

VH1 UK defunct channel:
*VH2 (launched 16 December, 2003; closed 1 August, 2006) showed mainly music videos and live concerts. It focused on Rock, Indie and Punk music and branded itself as 'the alternative to manufactured pop'.

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