Robosapien v2

Robosapien v2

The Robosapien V2 is the next generation of Mark Tilden's Robosapien robot. It's nearly twice the size of the original Robosapien robot. Instead of the original caveman grunts the V2 can speak a reasonably large list of pre-recorded phrases. It has infrared and basic color recognition sensors, grip sensors in its hands, touch or contact activated hand and foot sensors, and sonic sensors as well. For movement the V2 has an articulated waist, shoulders, and hands giving him a wide variety of body animations.

Battery requirements

The V2 requires 6 D batteries and 4 AAA batteries, split evenly between the robot's two foot compartments. The remote control requires an additional 3 AAA batteries.

Features list

The V2 model has the following notable features:

* Infrared vision sensors for basic obstacle avoidance and long range object detection.

* Basic color recognition camera sensor for detecting either primary color objects or the skin tones. The camera is used for detecting his green bowling ball, red bowling pins, and the presence of a human being.

* Sonic sensors for detecting loud sounds.

* Grip sensors in both hands for detecting when an object has been successfully grasped or picked up.

* Individually controllable feet, hands, arms, and shoulders with an extensive list of remote controllable body movements along with a library of stored movement sequences (animations).

Notable autonomous behaviors

* Given proper lighting conditions he can track objects and react to the presence of objects held close to his face.

* When he recognizes a bowling pin, he will ask you to place it in his hand. He will then try to find more bowling pins directly in front of him and if found, will put the bowling pin in his hand next to them.

* He can bowl with his green ball and red bowling pins. []

* He will utter phrases relevant to each of his notable behaviors. For example, if you take an object he was tracking out of his view he will say "Where did it go?" or "Signal Lost!". When you place a red bowling pin in his hand, he will say "These belong on the floor!".

* Free roam mode where he will explore his environment, avoiding obstacles with his infrared sensors.

* React to noises in the room.

* If you initiate the sequence from the remote control, he will interact with the Robopet and Roboraptor robots for a brief time by giving them commands and making funny quips.

Additional features

The V2 comes with a repertoire of sayings and animations which can be activated from the remote control. Features from the original Robosapien such as burp and fart are included, along with a parody of the "Lost In Space" robot's "Danger, Will Robinson!" and many other one-liners.

Much of the V2's "internal behavior" can be deduced by the blinking patterns of his blue eye pads, which change as the V2 changes modes.

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