Caravan may refer to:

*Caravan (travellers), a group of travellers journeying together
* Convoy, a group of vehicles or ships traveling together for mutual support
** Camel train, a series of camels carrying goods or passengers in a group
** Wagon train, a series of wagons, moving together and forming a line
* Travel trailer, an American term for what would be regarded elsewhere as a caravan, a small trailer in which people can live and travel
* "Caravanim", a trailer-type, pre-fab facility used as a living space, classroom, synagogue, or community center in Israel
* Recreational vehicle, used as both a vehicle and temporary travel home
** Dodge Caravan, a brand of minivan
** Nissan Caravan, a Japanese multi-purpose van
* Opel, GM's continental European make, refers to their station wagons as Caravans (i.e. Opel Omega Caravan, Opel Astra Caravan)
* Cessna Caravan, a utility airplane
* Caravan Tours, an escorted tour company
* Curtiss-Wright C-76 Caravan, an American 1940s medium military transport aircraft
* Caravan (publishing), an Iranian Publishing House
* A "static caravan" is a type of mobile home

In music

* Caravan (band), a British rock/jazz band of the Canterbury scene:* Caravan (album), their 1968 debut album
* Caravan (Øystein Sevåg album), Øystein Sevåg album from 2005
* Caravan (song), a jazz standard, composed by Juan Tizol; first performed by the Duke Ellington Orchestra
* Caravan (Van Morrison song), a song by Van Morrison from his 1970 album "Moondance"
* Caravan (Thai band), a "pleng phua cheewit" group from the 1970s
* The Caravans, a female gospel group

In literature

* "Caravan" (1975 novel), by Stephen Goldin
* "Caravans" (novel), by James Michener
* "Caravan" (play), an Australian play which showed at the Sydney Opera House

In film

*"Caravan (1934 film), a 1934 film
*"Caravan" (1946 film), a 1946 film
*"Caravan" (1971 film), a 1971 film
*"Caravan" (1999 film), a 1999 Nepalese film also known as "Himalaya - l'enfance d'un chef"
*Caravan Pictures a former unit of Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group

ee also

* Caravanserai, a roadside inn catering to caravans:*"Caravanserai (album)", 1972 album by Santanacaravan (disambiguation)

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