Order of battle of the German Ninth Army, October 1941

Order of battle of the German Ninth Army, October 1941

Order of battle of the German Ninth Army, October 1941 represents the order of battle for the German Ninth Army during Operation Typhoon as part of the German Army Group Center as it attempted to capture Moscow during World War II.

Ninth Army

  • Commander: Colonel General Adolf Strauß
  • Chief of Staff: Colonel Kurt Weckmann
  • Army reserves:
  • V Corps under General of Infantry Richard Ruoff
    • 5.Infanterie-Division under Major General Karl Allmendinger
    • 35.Infanterie-Division under Lieutenant General Walther Fischer
    • 106.Infanterie-Division under Major General Ernst Dehner
    • 129.Infanterie-Division under Major General Stephan Rittau
  • VII Corps under General of Artillery Wilhelm Fahrmbacher
  • XXIII Corps under General of Infantry Albrecht Schubert
    • 102.Infanterie-Division under Major General John Ansat
    • 206.Infanterie-Division under Lieutenant General Hugo Höfl
    • 251.Infanterie-Division under Major General Karl Burdach
    • 256.Infanterie-Division under Major General Gerhardt Kauffmann
  • XXVII Corps under General of Infantry Alfred Wäger
    • 86.Infanterie-Division under Lieutenant General Joachim Witthöft
    • 162.Infanterie-Division under Lieutenant General Hermann Franke
    • 255.Infanterie-Division under Lieutenant General Wilhelm Wetzel

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