Pony (disambiguation)

Pony (disambiguation)

A pony is a small horse.Pony may also refer to:
* "The ponies", a colloquial term for horse racing
* A number of slang terms based on smallness. See
* Pony bottle, a small cylinder of breathing gas strapped to a diver's main tank for emergency use
* Pony car, a class of car similar to the Ford Mustang
* Pony, Indiana, a small town in the United States
* Pony keg, a beer keg containing 8 US gallons of fluid
* Pony shot glass, a 1.0 fl. oz. (~30 ml) shot glass or bartending tool
* Ponytail, a hair style
* "Punishment pony", a smaller version of the "punishment horse" used in disciplinary spanking or erotic spanking
** Birching pony, a specific variant of the punishment pony
* "Pony play", a form of human animal roleplay, usually sexual in nature

An organization:
* Pony Club, equestrian club for young people
* Pony Express, a U.S. rapid mail service before the advent of railroads
* Pony International, a footwear and apparel brand
* PONY Baseball and Softball, organizing baseball and softball leagues for youngsters

A product:
* Hyundai Pony, a model of car
* My Little Pony, a popular line of plastic toys
* Kodak Pony 828 and Kodak Pony 135, a type of camera

In entertainment:
* "Pony" (film), a short film by Ed Gass-Donnelly
* "Pony" (Ginuwine song), a 1996 single
* "Pony" (Kasey Chambers song), a 2004 single
* The Ponys (band), an American rock band
* The Stone Pony, a famous rock and roll club in New Jersey
* Jam Pony Express, a 1990s Miami Bass group from Ft. Lauderdale

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