Jack Dalton (MacGyver)

Jack Dalton (MacGyver)

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name = Jack Dalton
series = MacGyver

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first = "Jack of Lies"
last = "The Mountain of Youth"
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creator = Lee David Zlotoff
portrayer = Bruce McGill
episode = 17
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gender = Male
age = 35 - 39
born = February 3, 1951
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occupation = Entrepreneur
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family = Francine Layland Dalton (Mother)
Jack Dalton, Sr. (Father)
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residence = Los Angeles, United States
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nationality = United States

Jack Dalton is a fictional character from the television show "MacGyver". The character was played by Bruce McGill and was in 19 episodes. He is usually responsible for getting both himself, and thus MacGyver into trouble, often due to his frequent get-rich-quick schemes. Dalton is known for always wearing a peaked aviator's cap.


Jack Dalton was born on February 3, 1951 at Lakeland Military Hospital. Four weeks before he was born his father, Jack Dalton, Sr., was shot down over Kin-Po during the Korea War. He was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. His mother, Francine Layland Dalton, was only 17 and with the death of her husband decided to give Jack up for adoption. Jack grew up with MacGyver in Mission City, Minnesota. Apparently, Jack met MacGyver in high school.

After high school Jack, MacGyver and Mike Forester traveled through Europe. He moved to California as an adult (presumably following Mac), where he has run numerous short-lived ventures including: a taxi service, Fly-By-Night airline, Jack-Be-Quick Messenger Service and Dalton Air. He's always got a get-rich-quick plan up his sleeve that backfires and more often than not he turns to his friend MacGyver. The friendship is not one-sided; however, as Jack will do anything to help Mac. MacGyver is aware that whenever Jack is lying his left eye twitches.

Until 1988 Jack was unaware of his original parents when Sam Greer, a companion of his father, started sending Jack artifacts from his father. In January 1989 Jack finally reunited with his mother. One of Jack's ex-girlfriends' also named her child after Jack in the hopes that the child would grow up having the qualities that she saw in him ("Rock the Cradle").


"MacGyver, what's the name on the plane?""'Fly-By-Night.'""Exactly."--Jack and MacGyver (Dalton, Jack of Lies)

"All right, Jack. Let's have it! Who have you cheated, swindled or robbed this time?" - MacGyver (Jack of Spies)

"Hey, are we great or what? What a team! And since we're already here together, I heard about this sunken treasure. $50 million in Nazi gold! See, the ship was torpedoed right off the coast, and the gold was lost. All we got to do is get a diving bell and three bathing suits and..." (Mac and Pete walk away)--Jack (The Odd Triple)

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