Israeli legislative election, 2003

Israeli legislative election, 2003

Elections for the 16th Knesset were held in Israel on 28 January 2003. The result was a resounding victory for Ariel Sharon's Likud.


1 Yisrael BaAliyah merged into Likud

2 Kadima broke away from Likud.

3 Noy broke away from One Nation and joined Likud. One Nation then merged into Labour.

4 The Secular Faction, Tzalash, and HaOlim broke away from Shinui. HaOlim merged into the National Union.

5 Yisrael Beiteinu left the National Union.

6 The Renewed Religious National Zionist Party broke away from the National Religious Party

7 United Torah Judaism split into Agudat Israel and Degel HaTorah

8 Ta'al left Hadash

9 National Home broke away from the Secular Faction.


The Sixteenth Knesset

Ariel Sharon formed the 30th government on 28 February 2003. His coalition initially included just Shinui and the National Union (Israel BaAliya had merged into Likud soon after the election), though the National Religious Party joined the government on 3 March.

Sharon's decision to implement the Gaza disengagement plan led to the National Union and the National Religious Party leaving the coalition during June and November 2004 respectively. Shinui left the government in December 2004 following disagreements over the budget.

Labour-Meimad joined the coalition in January 2005, with Agudat Israel added to the government in March 2005. Labour-Meimad later pulled out in November that year, the same month in which Sharon led a breakaway from Likud to form Kadima. Likud left the coalition in January 2006. Following Sharon's stroke, Ehud Olmert took over as Acting Prime Minister.

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