Macros the Black

Macros the Black

Macros the Black is fictional character in Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar Saga and Serpentwar Saga series of books. He is a magician who lived on Sorcerer's Isle, a small island surrounded by treacherous currents and many rocks.

Macros the Black is probably one of the most powerful and knowledgeable magicians in Midkemia. He is not restricted to one path of magic (Greater Path or Lesser Path) but is a follower of all paths. He acted as a mentor to Pug. Details of his life are revealed throughout the series and he recites an autobiography to Pug and Tomas in A Darkness at Sethanon.

He claimed to have been born on a distant planet and to have lived for time immemorial. In the Serpentwar Saga though, this autobiography was revealed as a lie. He was born in The Empire of Kesh and is said to be around 500 years old in Rage of a Demon King.

He has one daughter, Miranda, with a woman who would later become the Emerald Queen of Novindus.




During the first Riftwar, he manipulates the actions of several characters including Tomas and Pug. He is responsible for Tomas acquiring the mantle of the Dragonlords and assists Pug with his training. He also manipulates the Elves into betraying the peace agreement between the Emperor of the Tsurani and the King of the Isles in order to terminate the rift between the two worlds. At the end of the novel, he bequeathes Sorcerer's Isle to Pug and, when the story ends, is believed to be dead.

A Darkness at Sethanon

As this novel begins, Pug and Tomas find Macros within the garden of The City Forever. He claims that he was imprisoned by the Valheru and deprived of his powers there. Upon the Valheru’s defeat, however, his powers were returned, but his time upon Midkemia was over and he and his goblin-like majordomo Gathis left to travel to someplace else (a mystery).

Rage of a Demon King

As Pug searches for Macros the Black, he travels to the Pavilion of the Gods, where he discovers that Macros is trying to merge with the consciousness of Sarig, effectively assuming the identity of the dead God of Magic, only to be called back by Pug. During the course of the Serpentwar, Macros seemingly sacrifices himself by entering the Fifth Circle of Hell to distract the Demon King Maarg while Pug seals the rift behind them.

Gathis will eventually be revealed as the last of a race of beings who worship the God of Magic. His role is to attach himself to the current agent of the lost god in order to aid the return of the God of Magic.

Into a Dark Realm

After Pug, Nakor, Ralan Bek and Pug's son Magnus reach the home world of the Dasati they discover that the leader of the resistance, known as the Gardener, is none other than Macros the Black. Macros however retains few of his memories as punishment by the gods for his hubris in attempting to become the new God of Magic. He also reveals that the Talnoy mentioned in the previous books are the lost ten thousand gods of the Dasati, whom Pug and Macros must save. It is later revealed that this "Macros" is not the original, but rather a Dasati who was given some of his memories by Kalkin.

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