Persia (disambiguation)

Persia (disambiguation)

Persia may refer to the following:

*Persia is the Western name for Iran before March, 1935. Since 1959, the name 'Persia' can officially be used again. (See also: Iran naming dispute.)
*The Persian Empire of ancient and medieval times.

It may also refer to the following places:
*Persia, Iowa
*Persia, New York
*Persia, California

In other uses, it may also refer to:
*SS Persia (1856), a transatlantic ocean liner built in 1856 by Cunard Line, and which struck an iceberg in the same year
*SS Persia (1900), a British ocean liner sunk by U-boat in 1915
*Persia (ep), a 1984 extended-play record by Australian rock band "The Church"
*"Prince of Persia", the videogame

ee also

*List of Persia-related topics
*Pershore, the place in Worcestershire, England

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