List of fictional bears

List of fictional bears

Bears are very common fictionalized and personified animals, and can be found in almost every single kind of fiction. The following is an attempt to list and categorize all the bears that appear in all forms of fiction.

Bears in Books

* Blinky The Bear Who Wouldn't Hibernate by Helen L. Partridge
* Harry, the Fat Bear Spy
* Baloo from "The Jungle Book" and "The Second Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling
* the Berenstain Bears
* Brer Bear, from the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris
* Paddington Bear
* Eddie Bear, a teddy bear turned private detective, featured in the books The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse and its sequel The Toyminatorwritten by Robert Rankin
* the Three Bears from Goldilocks and the Three Bears
* Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne
* Rupert Bear (also known as Rupert the Bear) from the children's books by Mary Tourtel (also became featured in comic strips and a TV series)
* Corduroy by Don Freeman
* Little Bear by Maurice Sendak
* Crow of the Bear Clan, barbarian comic book bear
* Old Bear, from the Old Bear series of books
* Old Ben, around which revolve the events of William Faulkner's short story "The Bear".
* Shardik, the ursine protagonist of Richard Adams' novel of the same name
* Shardik (Dark Tower), a 70 foot tall cyborg bear from Stephen King's The Waste Lands, named after the above
* Iorek Byrnison, the armoured bear in Philip Pullman's trilogy "His Dark Materials"
* Winkie, a bear from Clifford Chase's debut novel that is accused of terrorism.
* 'Hal Jam' a bear who passes himself off as a talented author in The Bear Went Over the Mountain, a novel by William Kotzwinkle.
* Theadore Rosebear, Teddy Roosevelt's best friend in Edward Summer's novel Teefr and The Legend of Teddy Bear Bob (aka "Bear Bob's Story").
*Henisz Teddy Bear who went on the Trip around the World.
* Beorn, from The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien, was a man with the ability to transform into a bear
* The Three Bulgy Bears in "Prince Caspian"
* Teddy Robinson, from Joan G. Robinson's books "Dear Teddy Robinson" and "More about Teddy Robinson".
* Ursaline B. "Bear" Bruin, a Chevy Suburban-driving grizzly from the fantasy novel "Collinsfort Village" by Joe Ekaitis.
* Bruin Bear, a small bear resembling a teddy bear found in Simon Green's Shadows Fall and the sixth Nightside Novel.
* 'Hal Jam' a bear adopts this name after stealing a novel buried under a tree, passing himself off as an author in 'The Bear Went Over the Mountain' by William Kotzwinkle.
* Mr. Bultitude in C. S. Lewis' "That Hideous Strength".
* State o' Maine in John Irving's "The Hotel New Hampshire".
*Boris Dhishnikov in Steven Churchills 'Rising Tide'

Bears in Plays

* "The Winter's Tale" by William Shakespeare famously includes the stage direction "Exit, pursued by a bear".

Animated Bears

* "Akakabuto" in the anime . His name means literally "red helmet", because of the fur atop his head which is completely red.
* Baloo, Kit Cloudkicker, Rebecca Cunningham and Molly Cunningham from "TaleSpin"
* Barney Bear from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer theatrical cartoons of the 1940s and 1950s.
* Bears (several characters) in the Walt Disney Studios animated film "Brother Bear"
* The Bear that Wasn't, from the cartoon of the same name. After waking up from his long winter's nap, the bear finds his home at the center of a construction project. All of the men their insist on his being, instead of a bear, a "silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat."
* Bear, from Franklin
* Bearmon, Grizzmon, Monzaemon, WaruMonzaemon and Pandamon from Digimon. Notice that also Etemon and MetalEtemon hold Monzaemon and Warumonzaemon's plush figures, respectively.
* Blubber, Luke's racing partner in Hanna-Barbera's "Wacky Races"
* Bobo, Mr Burns' treasured childhood teddy bear from The Simpsons' episode "Rosebud"
* Bongo, the circus bear featured in the Disney film, "Fun and Fancy Free"
* Boog, a domesticated Grizzly Bear in the CG film "Open Season".
* "Brother Bear", title character from the 2003 Disney animated film
* Boskov the bear in the animated series Evil con Carne
* the Buddy Bears, recurring children's show bears on "Garfield and Friends"
* Butterbear, the half-bear half-butterfly hybrid on The Wuzzles
* the Care Bears
*Chief Grizzly, the grizzly bear chief in "Hoodwinked".
* Curtis E. Bear, the Courtesy Bear. Appeared in The Simpsons episode as a mascot at a road rage class.
* Disabear, from Deko Boko Friends.
* Eddy and the Bear
* Gordon a bear bean scout in Camp Lazlo
* the Gummi Bears from the popular Disney animated series.
* "Bamse - the strongest bear in the whole world" is a Swedish comic book features several bear characters including Viktoria, Brum, Brumma, Brumellisa, Brummelufs, as well Bamse himself
* Mr. Panda from Ranma 1/2, actually Ranma's father cursed to transform into a panda when exposed to cold water.
* "Help! It's The Hair Bear Bunch": Hanna-Barbera
* Humphrey Bear, a Walt Disney character appearing in 1950s shorts, usually harassing Donald Duck
* Kissy Fur - Animated series in the United States from the 1980s about two run away circus bears that now live in the Bayou.
* Little Bear
*Flippy, Disco Bear, Pop and Cub, bears from Happy Tree Friends.
*Little John was a bear in Disney's version of Robin Hood
* Bear, from Harvey Birdman
* SuperTed of the UK animated series of the same name, created by Mike Young.
* Munchlax, Snorlax, Teddiursa, Spinda, Teddiursa and Ursaring from Pokémon.
* The Three Bears, "Looney Tunes" characters
* Unnamed sailor bear who catches the magic bed while fishing in "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"
* Vincent, a grouchy black bear in the DreamWorks film, Over the Hedge.
* Yogi Bear and his pal Boo Boo, created by Hanna-Barbera
* Sebastian Star Bear and his sidekick Souki, from the 1991 movie "Sebastian Star Bear: The First Mission". The movie is about 90 minutes long and was created in the Netherlands. All images were drawn in China.
* The Siberian Bear in the cartoon The World of David the Gnome

Bears in Comics and Cartoons

* The many bears of Gary Larson's "The Far Side" cartoons
* P. T. Bridgeport, the con-bear in Walt Kelly's "Pogo"
* Cornelius Bear and Téodor Orezcu in Chris Onstad's "Achewood" webcomic.
* Shako, the killer polar bear in the weekly UK anthology comic "2000AD".
* The title character from the Danish comic "Rasmus Klump"
* Benjamin, Howie, and multiple other teddy bears in "The Secret World of Benjamin Bear"
* Thornton, a polar bear in "Sherman's Lagoon"
* Biffo the Bear in the "The Beano"
*Ralph, the "midget circus bear" in Frank Cho's "Liberty Meadows"
* Bear, from the webcomic "Bear and Kitten"

Bears in Film

* Archie in "Dr. Dolittle 2"
* Adult male and cub from "L' Ours"
* The relentless, man-eating bear in the 1997 film, "The Edge" played by Bart the Bear
* Ling Ling the pregnant panda, in the film "", as well as the den of kodiak bears from which the news team rescues Veronica Corningstone.
* Oksana (named after Borat's wife) in "" played by two bears, Chester and Charlie.
* Teddy, a computer-animated animatronic (and highly intelligent) teddy bear in Steven Spielberg's ""

Puppet Bears

* Baby Bear in "Sesame Street"
* Bad Idea Bears from "Avenue Q"
* Basil the Bear on "Sesame Park"
* Bear, Ojo, and Ursa from "Bear in the Big Blue House"
* Bobo the Bear from "Muppets Tonight"
* Buttons the Bear from "Puppets Who Kill"
* Fozzie Bear from "The Muppet Show"
* Humphrey B. Bear
* Sooty, Cousin Scampy and Soo (a panda bear)

Bears in Advertising

* Smokey Bear, mascot of the U.S. Forest Service. He is also only semi-fictional, as he was based on a real orphaned bear cub also named Smokey.
* the ICEE Polar Bear, an animated mascot for The ICEE Company, as seen on TV ads.
* Peppy the Polar Bear from British Fox's Glacier Mint commercials
* Talking polar bear from British Cresta soft drink commercials of the 1970s
* Polar bears from international Coca-Cola commercials
* Grizzly bears in ads for Charmin toilet paper
* "There's a bear in the woods. . ." Presumably representing the Soviet Union, this bear appeared in Ronald Reagan's campaign advertising.
* Snuggles, the fabric softener bear
* Sugar Bear, mascot for General Foods Corporation's Post Sugar Crisp cereal
* Sleepy Bear, the Travel Lodge Bear, mascot for Travelodge, as seen on TV ads.
*the Happy or Laughing Bear for the Bear Wheel Alignment Company

Bears in Alcohol Advertising

* the Hamm's Beer bear
* the Labatt's Blue bear
* Bundaberg Polar Bear used widely In Bundaberg Rum Ads in Australia.
* George, the bear in the British Hofmeister Beer commercials of the 1980s. "For great lager, follow the bear".
* Anderson Valley Brewing Company's mascot is a beer: part bear, part deer.
* the bear on the Barenjager honey liquor bottle (the name means "bear hunter")

Bears in Poetry and Song

* Fuzzy Wuzzy, an English nursery rhyme.
* "Teddy Bear," a No. 1 hit in 1957 for Elvis Presley and one of the cornerstone songs of his career.
* The picnicking bears in John Walter Bratton's lilting 1907 song, "Teddy Bears' Picnic." (Originally the "Teddy Bears' Two-Step.")
* "Teddy Bear," the title character of a 1976 country No. 1 hit by Red Sovine. Teddy Bear was the CB handle for a young crippled, fatherless boy, who longed to ride along with truckers.

Bears on Television

* Paddington Bear, the famous British bear
* Bungle, from "Rainbow"
* Bear, the title character from the Disney television program "Bear in the Big Blue House"
* Bear from Word World
* Buttons, the womanizing teddy bear on "Puppets Who Kill"
* The Dancing Bear, on "Captain Kangaroo"
* Gentle Ben, about a boy and his tame bear
* Ben, grizzly bear companion to "Grizzly Adams"
* Teddy, the loyal side-kick of Mr. Bean
* Rupert Bear, a white bear starring in his own TV show, "Rupert"
* The Helpful Bear on the Twenty-Eighth Floor, the eponym of a song by the fictional children's musician Roofi in the Simpsons episode "Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays."

Teddy Bears

"For main article, see Teddy bear".

*U.S. president Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear in Mississippi. That bear became the prototype for the Teddy bear, which is a stuffed animal toy.
* Mister Woppit, mascot of Donald Campbell, breaker of speed-records killed on Lake Coniston in 1967.
* Bear, the mascot of the Windows 3.1 (and later Windows 95) team
* Teddy Ruxpin, the popular animatronic teddy bear from the 1980s.
* Pooky, teddy bear from the comic strip Garfield.
* Rupert, Stewie Griffin's teddy bear from Family Guy.
* Winnie the Pooh, teddy bear of Christopher Robin Milne, son of A.A. Milne.
* Corduroy, Don Freeman's classic teddy character
* Smacky, Bucky Katt's miniature teddy bear in the comic strip "Get Fuzzy"
* Aloysius, the teddy bear of Sebastian Flyte in Evelyn Waugh's novel "Brideshead Revisited"; the model for Aloysius was Archie, the teddy bear of John Betjeman, who appeared as himself in a children's book by Betjeman, "Archie and the Strict Baptists".
* Mabel, Elvis Presley's teddy bear. [On August 1, 2006, CNN reported that Barney, a Doberman Pinscher employed as a security dog at Wookey Hole Caves, had destroyed parts of a valuable collection of teddy bears, including one which had belonged to Elvis Presley, which was valued to be worth $75,000. The insurance company insuring the exhibition of stuffed animals had insisted on having guard dog protection.:"“He just went berserk,” said Daniel Medley, general manager of the Wookey Hole Caves near Wells, England, where hundreds of bears were chewed up Tuesday night by the 6-year-old Doberman pinscher named Barney. A security guard at the museum, Greg West, said he spent several minutes chasing Barney before wrestling the dog to the ground" ( [ "Elvis’ teddy bear leaves building the hard way: Guard dog rips head off Presley’s $75,000 toy in stuffed-animal rampage"] , Associated Press, Aug 3, 2006).]
*Teddy Edward, star of children's books and a BBC Television series.

Animatronic Bears

*"Zeke and Zed and Ted and Fred, and a bear named Tennessee," the bears of the Country Bear Jamboree at Disney theme parks
*Billy Bob and Beach Bear from the Showbiz Pizza restaurant house band, The Rock-afire Explosion.

= Aesop's Fable: The Bear and the Two Travelers=

In a fable by Aesop, two travelers are walking along when a bear jumps up, causing the first traveler to hop into a tree, and the second to lay on the ground, remembering that bears do not attack prey that is already dead. The bear sniffs the "dead" man, and goes away. The first traveler comes back, asking, "What did the Master Bruin do?" The second replies the moral of the story: "Giving me really good advice,"Don't trust a friend who abandons you at the first sign of danger."


* Pedobear - A popular meme bear on 4chan's /b/ imageboard. Also referred to as Carl, Carlap, Kral, and several other names.
*Banjo and his sister Tootie in the Banjo-Kazooie video game series.
*Cresent Grizzly — a maverick from Mega Man X5 who is designed like a grizzly bear.
*Drop Bear, an urban mythical marsupial in Australia said to be similar to the Koala Bear.
*Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears are aviable to adopt in Zoo Tycoon, both the original and sequel.
*Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear, a mondegreen created from the misheard lyrics of a hymn ("Gladly, the Cross I'd bear…"). Used as the name of Baby Grumpling's teddy bear in British comic strip The Perishers, separately used as a character in The Friends of Fairwood Forest series, and separately in a novel by Evan Hunter.
*Grizzly Slash/Crescent Grizzly, a Maverick from Mega Man X.
*Bark the Polar Bear (Sonic the Hedgehog) - Playable fighter in the arcade beat em up Sonic the Fighters.
*Kuma — a character from the Tekken fighting series. Bodyguard of Heihachi Mishima.
*Panda - a character from the Tekken fighting series. Companion of Ling Xiaoyu.
*Misha, the mascot of the 1980 Summer Olympic games
* [ Nate Osworth] is a bear that updates his blog on the popular MySpace community.
*Tottles the Bear — a character in children's stories.
*Ursa Major and Ursa Minor the two bear constellations, sometimes also referred to as the big dipper, or the drinking gourd.
*Cuddly, a traveling blogger Teddy Bear from the UK []
*Floydie Bear, a mischievous Teddy Bear who helps others []
*D-bear, a notoriously dim-witted bear in Pickle comics (Taiwan)
*Rupert, teddy bear belonging to Stewie Griffin, a character in Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy"
*Drunky the Bear, a character on the Monsters in the Morning radio show.
*PostBear the Postman bear, a character from the story "Zack's fantasy", who is a postman.
*Mary the Baby Bear, a lovable and bubbly little bear from the story "Zack's fantasy".
* Bear, a playable character from .
* Misha, Rexxar's bear in World of Warcraft.
*Tequila Teddy and J.D. from their own message board, [] and "Teddy Bear Gumbo" []
*Bob T. Bear Esq. a spy Teddy Bear from the UK []
*Pudgie and Gladstone from a blog of several Teddy Bears and plushes called "Furry Thoughts for Fuzzy Times" []
*Mawson, an expert Teddy Bear from Australia, who helps teach bears about being a bear []
*Spaulding and Teddy, Internet Savvy American Teddy Bears, with their own "Web Den" [] and "Teddy Bear Journal" []
*Henry Bear, CindaBella, and Jazmyn owner and staff at the "Bearly Irish Pub" message board []
*Edmund (the explorer) Nesbitt, preparing for an expedition to the Arctic, to raise funds for the children's unit at St. Theresa's Hospice in Darlington. []
*The Cinnamon Bear is Paddy O'Cinnamon from the hero of the 26-part Christmas radio series, THE CINNAMON BEAR, created in 1937 by the late Glanville T. (Glan) Heisch.
*Bear is the nickname of a male character in Night Watch who shapeshifts into a bear. His real name is never mentioned.


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