Proteolysis is the directed degradation ("digestion") of proteins by cellular enzymes called proteases or by intramolecular digestion.


Proteolysis is used by the cell for several purposes. They include:
* Removal of N-terminal methionine residues after translation.
* Removal of the signal sequence of peptides after their transport through a membrane
* Separation of viral proteins that were translated from a polycistronic mRNA
* Digestion of proteins from foods as a source of amino acids
* Conversion of predecessor-proteins (proenzymes, zymogens, prehormones) into their final structures.
* Degradation of cyclins at different stages of the cell cycle.

Proteolysis is also used in research and diagnostic applications:
* In-gel digestion of proteins after separation by gel electrophoresis for the identification by mass spectrometry.
* Digestion of proteins in solution for proteome analysis by LC-MS.


Examples of serine proteases include:
* trypsin
* chymotrypsin
* elastase


Certain venoms, such as those produced by venomous snakes, can also cause proteolysis. These venoms are, in fact, highly-evolved digestive fluids that begin their work outside of the body. Proteolytic venoms cause a wide range of toxic effectsHayes WK. 2005. [ Research on Biological Roles and Variation of Snake Venoms.] Loma Linda University.] , including effects that are:
* cytotoxic (cell-destroying)
* hemotoxic (blood-destroying)
* myotoxic (muscle-destroying)
* hemorrhagic (bleeding)

ee also

* Proteasome
* In-gel digestion


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* [ Proteolysis MAP from Center on Proteolytic Pathways]

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