Wildlife sanctuaries of India

Wildlife sanctuaries of India

India has over 500 animal sanctuaries, referred to as "Wildlife Sanctuaries" (IUCN Category IV Protected Area). Among these, the 28 Tiger Reserves are governed by Project Tiger, and are of special significance in the conservation of the tiger. Some wildlife sanctuaries are specifically named "Bird Sanctuary", eg. Keoladeo National Park before attained National Park status. Many National Parks were initially Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Wildlife sanctuaries of national importance to conservation, usually due to some flagship faunal species, are named "National Wildlife Sanctuary", like:
*National Chambal (Gharial) Wildlife Sanctuary for conserving the Gharial (1978)

Wildlife Sanctuaries

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* [http://www.wcmc.org.uk/igcmc/parks/un93.html United Nations List of National Parks and Protected Areas: India (1993)]
* [http://www.wii.gov.in/envis/envis_pa_network/index.htm Ministry of Forests and Environment Protected Areas website]

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