Moldavian Autonomous Oblast

Moldavian Autonomous Oblast

Moldavian Autonomous Oblast was created on March 7, 1924 within the Ukrainian SSR.

The new oblast had four districts, all of them having a Moldovan majority:[1]

  • Rîbniţa with 48,748 inhabitants, of which 25,387 Moldovans (52%)
  • Dubăsari with 57,371 inhabitants, of which 33,600 Moldovans (58%)
  • Tiraspol, entirely Moldovan
  • Ananiv with 45,545 inhabitants, of which 24,249 Moldovans (53%)

On 12 October 1924 the oblast was elevated to the status of autonomous republic, the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

Notes and references

  1. ^ Ion Nistor, Vechimea aşezărilor româneşti dincolo de Nistru, Monitorul Oficial şi Imprimeriile Statului, Imprimeria Naţională, Bucureşti, 1939, p.19, who cites Izvestia, 29 August 1924

See also

  • Moldavian ASSR
  • Moldavian SSR

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