List of rock instrumentals

List of rock instrumentals

The following is a list of rock instrumentals, including live performances and drum solos, organized by artist name.





* Blizza
* Cali Soca
* Color ("Transistor")
* Dreamland ("Enlarged to Show Detail 2")
* Old Funk
* Space Funk
* Transistor Intro ("Transistor")
* Will the World ("Enlarged to Show Detail 2")


* Interlude ("When Your Heart Stops Beating")

The 440 Alliance

* 440 Jam ("The 440 Alliance")
* Black Hole Sun ("The 440 Alliance") (Soundgarden cover)
* Bohemian Rhapsody ('The 440 Alliance") (Queen cover)
* Classic Crunk ("Playing Cellos")
* Don't Stop Believin' ("Playin' Cellos") (Journey cover)
* I Am the Walrus ("The 440 Alliance") (The Beatles cover)
* Miserlou ("Playin' Cellos") (Dick Dale cover)
* Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)/A Day in the Life ("Playin' Cellos") (The Beatles cover)
* Super Mario Bros. ("Playin' Cellos") (Nintendo cover)
* Stairway to Heaven ("The 440 Alliance") (Led Zeppelin cover)
* Tango de la Turntable ("The 440 Alliance")
* ¡Te Gusta 440! ("The 440 Alliance")
* This is Gonna Rock! ("The 440 Alliance")
* Title ("The 440 Alliance")



* Arrival ("Arrival")
* Intermezzo No. 1 ("Abba")


* Alphabet Soup ("The Lexicon of Love")
* A to Z ("How To Be A...Zillionaire!")
* Beauty Stab ("Beauty Stab")
* Chicago ("Alphabet City")
* Overture ("The Lexicon of Love")


* Bonny ("")
* Chase The Ace ("Who Made Who")
* D.T. ("Who Made Who")
* Fling Thing ("Single: Jailbreak / Fling Thing")


* Immigrant Song ("Sanctus Ignis")
* Niflheim ("Underworld")


* Boogie Man ("Get a Grip")
* Circle Jerk ("Box of Fire") (included as an unlisted track at the end of "Pandora's Box" disc 3)
* I Live In Connecticut ("Pandora's Box")
* Krawhitham ("Pandora's Box")
* Let It Slide ("Pandora's Box")
* Shit House Shuffle ("Pandora's Box")
* Soul Saver ("Pandora's Box")
* Subway ("Pandora's Box")
* The Movie ("Permanent Vacation")


* Initiation ("The Art of Drowning")
* Fog ("Album Unknown")

Against Me!

* A Brief Yet Triumphant Intermission ("As the Eternal Cowboy")
* A Brief Yet Triumphant Introduction ("Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live in London!!!")

=Agent Orange=

* Miserlou ("Living In Darkness")
* Pipeline ("Living In Darkness")
* Mr. Moto ("Living In Darkness")

Gerry Aire

*The Fur Elise Jam
*The Blue Danube Jam
*The Nessun Dorma Jam
*The Polovetsian Jam
*The Roses Jam
*The Radetsky Jam

A Life Once Lost

* The Introduction ("Open Your Mouth For The Speechless")
* Salai ("Hunter")

Alice Cooper

* Street Fight ("School's Out")
* Grande Finale ("School's Out")

Alice in Chains

* Intro (Dream Sequence) ("Dirt")
* Whale & Wasp ("Jar of Flies")

The Allman Brothers Band

* Don't Want You No More ("The Allman Brothers Band")
* Duane's Tune ("Dreams" - Dickey Betts Band)
* High Falls ("Win Lose or Draw")
* Hot 'Lanta ("At Fillmore East")
* In Memory of Elizabeth Reed ("Idlewild South")
* Instrumental Illness ("Hittin' the Note")
* Jessica ("Brothers and Sisters")
* Kind of Bird ("Shades of Two Worlds")
* Les Brers in A Minor ("Eat a Peach")
* Little Martha ("Eat a Peach")
* Mountain Jam ("Eat a Peach")
* Pegasus ("Enlightened Rogues")
* True Gravity ("Seven Turns")

The Alan Parsons Project

* Lucifer ("Eve")
* Chinese Whispers ("Stereotomy")
* Dream Within a Dream ("Tales of Mystery and Imagination")
* Genesis Ch 1 Vs 32 ("I Robot")
* The Gold Bug ("The Turn of a Friendly Card")
* Hyper Gamma Spaces ("Pyramid")
* I Robot ("I Robot")
* In the Lap of the Gods ("Pyramid")
* Mammagamma ("Eye in the Sky")
* Nucleus ("I Robot")
* Paseo De Gracia ("Gaudi")
* Pipeline ("Ammonia Avenue")
* Sirius ("Eye in the Sky")
* Voyager ("Pyramid")
* Where's The Walrus ("Stereotomy")

Herb Alpert

* A Taste of Honey
* Whipped Cream
* Spanish Flea
* Tijuana Taxi
* The Lonely Bull
* Mexican Shuffle
* Rise
* Rotation
* Route 101
* Zorba the Greek
* Casino Royal

Alter Bridge

* Ahavo Rabo Taco Salad ("Total Guitar")


* Children's Laughter ("The Conductor's Departure")


* Pentecost III ("Pentecost III")
* Black Orchid ("The Silent Enigma")
* Sentient ("Eternity")
* Ascension ("Eternity")
* 2000 & Gone ("Judgement")
* Transacoustic ("Judgement")
* Violence ("A Natural Disaster")


* Chameleon Carnival
* Morphing Into Nothing

Angel Witch

* Devil's Tower

Angels and Airwaves

* Star of Bethlehem ("I-Empire")
* Jumping Rooftops ("I-Empire")


* Bastiage ("Remains")
* Crystal Ann ("Alice in Hell")
* Powerdrain ("Alice in Hell")
* Schizos are Never Alone ("Alice in Hell")


* Across The River ("Fistful of Metal")
* 13 ("State of Euphoria")
* Intro to Reality ("Persistence of Time")
* Pipeline ("Attack of the Killer B's")
* Contact ("We've Come for You All")
* Crash ("We've Come for You All")


* Pinstripe ("Forward")
* Liberatus ("Forward")
* Rise and Shine ("Forward")
* Galaxies ("Forward")
* The End of Reason ("Forward")
* Traveler ("Forward")
* 151 ("Forward")


* Angel of Death ("Amplified / A Decade Of Reinventing The Cello") (Slayer cover)
* Bataillon D'Amour ("Bataillon D'Amour Single of Witt") (Silly cover)
* Betrayal / Forgiveness ("Apocalyptica") (Has barely audible lyrics)
* Beyond Time ("Cult")
* Bittersweet (instrumental version) ("Bittersweet" single)
* Cohkka ("Reflections")
* Coma ("Cult")
* Conclusion ("Reflections")
* Cortège ("Reflections")
* Creeping Death ("Plays Metallica by Four Cellos") (Metallica cover)
* Deathzone ("Apocalyptica")
* Deep Down Ascend - Demo Version ("Life Burns!" single)
* Delusion ("Reflections Revised")
* Distraction ("Apocalyptica")
* Domination ("Inquisition Symphony") (Pantera cover)
* Drive ("Reflections")
* Enter Sandman ("Plays Metallica by Four Cellos") (Metallica cover)
* Epilogue (Relief) ("Reflections")
* Fade to Black ("Inquisition Symphony") (Metallica cover)
* Faraway ("Reflections")
* Farewell ("Apocalyptica")
* Fatal Error ("Apocalyptica")
* Fight Fire with Fire ("Cult") (Metallica cover)
* Fisheye ("Apocalyptica")
* For Whom the Bell Tolls ("Inquisition Symphony") (Metallica cover)
* From Out Of Nowhere ("Inquisition Symphony") (Faith No More cover)
* Grace ("Worlds Collide")
* Hall Of The Mountain King ("Cult") (composition by Edvard Grieg)
* Harmageddon ("Inquisition Symphony")
* Harvester of Sorrow ("Plays Metallica by Four Cellos") (Metallica cover)
* Heat ("Reflections")
* Hope ("Cult")
* Hyperventilation ("Cult")
* In Memoriam ("Cult")
* Inquisition Symphony ("Inquisition Symphony") (Sepultura cover)
* Kaamos ("Cult")
* Kellot - Demo Version ("Life Burns!" single)
* Leave Me Alone ("Reflections Revisited")
* Life Burns! - Instrumental ("Life Burns!" single)
* M.B. (Metal Boogie) ("Inquisition Symphony")
* Mandatory Suicide ("Apocalyptica" special iTunes version)
* Master of Puppets ("Plays Metallica by Four Cellos") (Metallica cover)
* Misconstruction ("Apocalyptica")
* My Friend of Misery ("Apocalyptica" special iTunes version and Hope vol. 2 single)
* No Education ("Reflections")
* Nothing Else Matters ("Inquisition Symphony") (Metallica cover)
* One ("Inquisition Symphony") (Metallica cover)
* Pandemonium ("Reflections")
* Path ("Cult")
* Perdition ("Reflections Revised")
* Pray! ("Cult")
* Prologue (Apprehension) ("Reflections")
* Quutamo ("Apocalyptica")
* Refuse/Resist ("Inquisition Symphony") (Sepultura cover)
* Resurrection ("Reflections")
* Romance ("Cult")
* Ruska ("Apocalyptica")
* Sad But True ("Plays Metallica by Four Cellos") (Metallica cover)
* Somewhere Around Nothing ("Reflections")
* S.O.S. (Anything But Love) (instrumental version) ("I'm not Jesus" single)
* South of Heaven ("Apocalyptica" special iTunes version)
* South Of Heaven & Mandatory Suicide ("Hope vol. 2" single)
* Struggle ("Cult")
* The Unforgiven ("Plays Metallica by Four Cellos") (Metallica cover)
* Toreador ("Inquisition Symphony")
* Toreador II ("Reflections")
* Until It Sleeps ("Cult") (Metallica cover)
* Welcome Home (Sanitarium) ("Plays Metallica by Four Cellos" (Metallica cover)
* Wherever I May Roam ("Plays Metallica by Four Cellos") (Metallica cover)

Apollo 100

* Joy


* Abrahadabra (Full album)
* Sovereign (Full album)

Arch Enemy

* Time Capsule ("Black Earth")
* Demoniality ("Black Earth")
* Hydra ("Stigmata")
* Stigmata ("Stigmata")
* Vox Stellarum ("Stigmata")
* Snow Bound ("Wages of Sin")
* Marching On A Dead End Road ("Anthems of Rebellion")
* Anthem ("Anthems of Rebellion")
* Enter The Machine ("Doomsday Machine")
* Hybrids Of Steel ("Doomsday Machine")
* Intermezzo Liberte ("Rise Of The Tyrant")


* The Coming of Kohoutek ("Nexus")

As Blood Runs Black

* Intro ("Allegiance")
* Pouring Reign ("Allegiance")


* Aqua I ("Aqua")
* Aqua II ("Aqua")
* Aura ("Aura")


* Orchids ("Orchids")

At The Gates

* Into the Dead Sky ("Slaughter of the Soul")


*Fractal Point ("Elements")
*Sambra Briza ("Elements")

The Atomic Bitchwax

* Ain't Nobody Gonna Hang Me in My Home ("The Atomic Bitchwax")
* The Cloning Chamber ("The Atomic Bitchwax II")
* Cold Day in Hell ("Spit Blood")
* Crazed Fandango ("The Atomic Bitchwax")
* Dishing Out Heavy Dose of Tough Love ("The Atomic Bitchwax II")
* Force Field ("3")
* The Formula ("The Atomic Bitchwax")
* Giant ("4")
* Ice Pick Freek ("The Atomic Bitchwax II")
* Liquor Queen ("The Atomic Bitchwax II" & "Spit Blood")
* Smokescreen ("The Atomic Bitchwax II")
* Spit Blood ("Spit Blood")
* Stork Theme ("The Atomic Bitchwax")
* Super Computer ("4")
* U Want I Should ("Spit Blood")

Atomic Rooster

* A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulserate Go Down ("In Hearing of Atomic Rooster")
* Ear in the Snow ("Nice `N' Greasy")
* Gershatzer ("Death Walks Behind You")
* Moods ("Nice `N' Greasy")
* VUG ("Death Walks Behind You")
* The Rock ("In Hearing of Atomic Rooster")


*Through the Past and into Forever ("From the Depths of Time")
*Across the Millions ("From the Depths of Time")
*Last Moon ("From the Depths of Time")
*Fall From Grace ("Ashes And Madness")

Axel Rudi Pell

* Broken Heart (Guitar Version)
* Silent Angel (Guitar Version)
* Open Doors
* Serenade of Darkness
* Swamp Castle Overture
* Prelude to Moon
* Dreams of Passion
* The Arrival
* Sphinx Revenge


* Chaos ("Flight of the Migrator")
* Playground ("The Human Equation")
* The Dream Sequencer ("The Dream Sequencer")
* The Dream Sequencer (reprise) ("The Dream Sequencer")


* Raviole ("House On the Hill")
* Ebony Variations ("Friends, Friends, Friend")
* Call me Responsible ("alive&kickin'&screamin'&shoutin'")


The B-52's

* Follow Your Bliss ("Cosmic Thing")
* The World's Green Laughter ("Good Stuff")


* Satori

The Beach Boys

* Boogie Woodie ("Surfer Girl")
* Carl's Big Chance ("All Summer Long")
* Denny's Drums ("Shut Down Volume 2")
* Diamond Head ("Friends")
* Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony) ("Smiley Smile")
* Honky Tonk ("Surfin' USA")
* Let's Go Away for Awhile ("Pet Sounds")
* Let's Go Trippin' ("Surfin' USA")
* Misirlou ("Surfing USA")
* Moon Dawg ("Surfin' Safari")
* The Nearest Faraway Place ("20/20")
* Passing By ("Friends")
* Pet Sounds ("Pet Sounds")
* The Rocking Surfer ("Surfer Girl")
* Shut Down, Part II ("Shut Down Volume 2")
* Stoked ("Surfin' USA")
* Summer Means New Love ("Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!)")
* Surf Jam ("Surfin' USA")

The Beastie Boys

* 14th St. Break ("The Mix-Up")
* B For My Name ("The Mix-Up")
* Bobo on the Corner ("Ill Communication")
* Dramastically Different ("The Mix-Up")
* Drinkin' Wine ("The In Sound from Way Out!")
* Electric Worm ("The Mix-Up")
* Eugene's Lament ("Ill Communication")
* Freaky Hijiki ("The Mix-Up")
* Groove Holmes ("Check Your Head")
* In 3's ("Check Your Head")
* Lighten Up ("Check Your Head")
* Namaste ("Check Your Head")
* Off The Grid ("The Mix-Up")
* Pow ("Check Your Head")
* Ricky's Theme ("Ill Communication")
* Sabrosa ("Ill Communication")
* Shambala ("Ill Communication")
* Son of Neckbone ("The In Sound from Way Out!")
* Suco De Tangerina ("The Mix-Up")
* The Cousin of Death ("The Mix-Up")
* The Gala Event ("The Mix-Up")
* The Kangaroo Rat ("The Mix-Up")
* The Melee ("The Mix-Up")
* The Rat Cage ("The Mix-Up")
* Transitions ("Ill Communication")

The Beatles

* 12-Bar Original ("Anthology 2")
* Cayenne ("Anthology 1")
* Cry for a Shadow (with Tony Sheridan)
* Flying ("Magical Mystery Tour")


*Acropolis Now ("Appeared as an exclusive track on [] ")
*Black Balloon ("Tropicalia")
*Jagermeister Pie ("Stereopathetic Soul Manure")

Jeff Beck

* A Day in the House ("Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop")
* A Day in the Life ("Jeff Beck Live at B.B. King Blues Club")
* Air Blower ("Blow by Blow")
* Angel (Footsteps) ("Who Else!")
* Another Place ("Who Else!")
* Beck's Bolero ("Truth")
* Behind the Veil ("Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop")
* Big Block ("Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop")
* Blackbird ("You Had It Coming")
* Blast from the East ("Who Else!")
* Blue Wind ("Wired")
* Brush With the Blues ("Who Else!")
* Bulgaria ("Jeff")
* Cause We've Ended As Lovers ("Blow by Blow")
* Come Dancing ("Wired")
* Constipated Duck ("Blow by Blow")
* Declan ("Who Else!")
* Definitely Maybe ("Jeff Beck Group")
* Diamond Dust ("Blow by Blow")
* Dirty Mind ("You Had It Coming")
* Earthquake ("You Had It Coming")
* El Becko ("There and Back")
* Escape ("Flash")
* Even Odds ("Who Else!")
* Freeway Jam ("Blow by Blow")
* Girl From Mill Valley ("Beck-Ola (Cosa Nostra)")
* Goodbye Pork Pie Hat ("Wired")
* Grease Monkey ("Jeff")
* Greensleeves ("Truth")
* Guitar Shop ("Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop")
* Head For Backstage Pass ("Wired")
* Hip Notica ("Who Else!")
* Hot Rod Honeymoon ("Jeff")
* I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You ("Jeff Beck Group")
* JB's Blues ("Jeff")
* Led Boots ("Wired")
* Left Hook ("You Had It Coming")
* Line Dancing with Monkeys ("Jeff")
* Loose Cannon ("You Had It Coming")
* Love Is Green ("Wired")
* My Thing ("Jeff")
* Nadia ("You Had It Coming")
* Pay Me No Mind (Jeff Beck Remix) ("Jeff")
* Play With Me ("Wired")
* Plan B("Jeff")
* Pork-U-Pine ("Jeff")
* Psycho Sam ("Who Else!")
* Rice Pudding ("Beck-Ola (Cosa Nostra)")
* Rosebud ("You Had It Coming")
* Roy's Toy ("You Had It Coming")
* Savoy ("Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop")
* Scatterbrain ("Blow by Blow")
* Seasons ("Jeff")
* She's a Woman ("Blow by Blow")
* Sling Shot ("Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop")
* So What ("Jeff")
* Sophie ("Wired")
* Space Boogie ("There and Back")
* Space for the Papa ("Who Else!")
* Stand on It ("Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop")
* Star Cycle ("There and Back")
* Suspension ("You Had It Coming")
* The Final Peace ("There and Back")
* The Golden Road ("There and Back")
* The Pump ("There and Back")
* Thelonius ("Blow by Blow")
* THX 138 ("Who Else!")
* Too Much to Lose ("There and Back")
* Trouble Man ("Jeff")
* Two Rivers ("Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop")
* What Mama Said ("Who Else!")
* Where Were You ("Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop")
* Why Lord Oh Why? ("Jeff")
* You Know, We Know ("Flash")
* You Know What I Mean ("Blow by Blow")
* You Never Know ("There and Back")

Becoming the Archetype

* March of the Dead ("Terminate Damnation")
* Elegy: Part II Lament ("Terminate Damnation")
* Elegy: Part III Triumph ("Terminate Damnation")
* Night's Sorrow ("Terminate Damnation")
* Denouement ("Terminate Damnation")

Ben Folds Five

* Theme Song from "Dr. Pyser"

Bent Fabric

* Alley Cat

Better Than Ezra

* At Ch. Degaulle, Etc. (Friction, Baby)

Between the Buried and Me

* Breathe In, Breathe Out
* Medicine Wheel
* Laser Speed
* Viridian
* All Bodies (Alaska (Instrumental Version))
* Alaska (Alaska (Instrumental Version))
* Selkies: The Endless Obsession ( [Alaska (Instrumental Version))
* The Primer (Alaska (Instrumental Version))
* Autodidact (Alaska (Instrumental Version))

Big Black

* Hunter's Safety
* I Can't Believe

Billy Joe and the Checkmates

* Percolator (Twist)

The Birthday Massacre

* Black ("Violet")
* Red ("Violet")

The Black Mages

From "The Black Mages"
* "Battle Scene" (from Final Fantasy I)
* "Clash on the Big Bridge" (from Final Fantasy V)
* "Force Your Way" (from Final Fantasy VIII)
* "Battle, Scene II" (from Final Fantasy II)
* "The Decisive Battle" (from Final Fantasy VI)
* "Battle Theme" (from Final Fantasy VI)
* "J-E-N-O-V-A" (from Final Fantasy VII)
* "Those Who Fight Further" (from Final Fantasy VII)
* "Dancing Mad" (from Final Fantasy VI)
* "Fight With Seymour" (from Final Fantasy X)

From ""
* "The Rocking Grounds" (from Final Fantasy III)
* "Zeromus" (from Final Fantasy IV)
* "Vamo' Alla Flamenco" (from Final Fantasy IX)
* "Hunter's Chance" (from Final Fantasy IX)
* "Matoya's Cave" (from Final Fantasy)
* "The Man With The Machine Gun" (from Final Fantasy VIII)
* "Maybe I'm A Lion" (from Final Fantasy VIII)
* "Battle with the Four Fiends" (from Final Fantasy IV)
* "Blue Blast - Winning The Rainbow"

The Black Dahlia Murder

* Unhallowed ("Unhallowed")
* Built For Sin ("Miasma")

Black Sabbath

* The Battle of Tyr ("Tyr")
* Breakout ("Never Say Die")
* The Dark ("Born Again")
* Don't Start (Too Late) ("Sabotage")
* E5150 ("Mob Rules")
* Embryo ("Master of Reality")
* Fluff ("Sabbath Bloody Sabbath")
* FX ("Black Sabbath, Vol. 4")
* The Gates of Hell ("Headless Cross")
* Laguna Sunrise ("Black Sabbath, Vol. 4")
* Orchid ("Master of Reality")
* Rat Salad ("Paranoid")
* Scarlet Pimpernel ("The Eternal Idol")
* Stonehenge ("Born Again")
* Sphinx (The Guardian) ("Seventh Star")

Blackmore's Night

* Beyond Sunset ("Under a Violet Moon")
* Durch dem Wald zum Bach Haus ("Under a Violet Moon")
* Memmingem ("Shadow of the Moon")
* The Messenger ("The Village Lanterne")
* Mr. Peagram's Morris and Sword ("Ghost of a Rose")
* Minstrel Hall ("Shadow of the Moon")
* Nur Eine Minute ("Ghost of a Rose")
* Possum goes to Prague ("Under a Violet Moon")
* Queen for a Day (Part 2)("Ghost of a Rose")

Blaqk Audio

* Again, Again and Again ("CexCells")
* Between Breaths (An XX Perspective) ("CexCells")
* Bitter For Sweet ("CexCells")
* Cities Of Night ("CexCells")
* On A Friday ("CexCells")
* Semiotic Love ("CexCells")
* Snuff On Digital ("CexCells")
* Stiff Kittens ("CexCells")
* The Fear Of Being Found ("CexCells")
* The Love Letter ("CexCells")
* Wake Up, Open The Door and Escape To The Sea ("CexCells")
* Where Would You Like Them Left? ("CexCells")

Bleeding Through

* The Truth ("The Truth")

Blind Guardian

* Gandalf's Rebirth ("Battalions of Fear")
* By the Gates of Moria ("Battalions of Fear")
* Trial by the Archon ("Battalions of Fear")
* Beyond the Ice ("Follow the Blind")
* Weird Dreams ("Tales from the Twilight World")
* Theatre of Pain ("The Forgotten Tales")


* The Fallen Interlude ("blink-182")
* Life's So Boring ("Enema of the State Demo")

Blue Öyster Cult

* Buck's Boogie ("On Your Feet or On Your Knees")

Blues Traveler

* The Tiding ("Travelers and Thieves")
* Manhattan Bridge ("Save His Soul")
* The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly ("four")
* The Intro (Decisions of the Sky)
* Traveler's Suite: Pancho (Decisions of the Sky)
* Chan's Groove/Baked Alaskan Jam


* Optigan 1 ("13")
* Intermission ("Modern Life Is Rubbish")
* Commercial Break ("Modern Life Is Rubbish")
* The Debt Collector ("Parklife")
* Theme From Retro ("Blur")
* The Horrors ("Charmless Man" B-side)
* French Song ("Tender" B-side)
* Suppa Shoppa ("Parklife" B-side)
* Garden Central ("Popscene" B-side)
* Eine Kleine Lift Musik (War Child album)
* Anniversary Waltz ("Girls & Boys" B-side)

Body Count

* C-Note ("Body Count")
* D Rocs (R.I.P.) ("Murder 4 Hire")

Tommy Bolin

* Blowin' Your Cookies ("Whips and Roses")
* Cookoo ("Whips and Roses")
* Crazed Fandango ("From the Archives, Vol. 1")
* Flyin' Fingers ("Whips and Roses")
* Homeward Strut ("Teaser")
* Just Don't Fall Down ("Whips and Roses")
* Marching Powder ("Teaser")

Booker T. & the M.G.'s

* Green Onions ("Green Onions")
* Time Is Tight ("The STAX Soul Collection")
* Melting Pot ("The STAX Soul Collection")
* Behave Yourself
* Mo' Onions
* Groovin'
* Hip-Hug Her
* Tic-Tac-Toe


* A New World ("Third Stage")
* Foreplay ("Boston")
* The Launch ("Third Stage")
* The Journey ("Don't Look Back")
* Walk On Medley: Walkin' at Night ("Walk On")
* Walk On Medley: Get Organ-ized ("Walk On")
* The Star Spangled Banner/4th of July Reprise ("Greatest Hits")

David Bowie

* A New Career in a New Town ("Low")
* Art Decade ("Low")
* Brilliant Adventure ("'hours...'")
* Crystal Japan (single)
* Ian Fish, UK Heir ("The Buddha of Suburbia")
* Looking For Lester ("Black Tie White Noise")
* Moss Garden (""Heroes"")
* The Mysteries ("The Buddha of Suburbia")
* Neuköln (""Heroes"")
* Sense of Doubt (""Heroes"")
* South Horizon ("The Buddha of Suburbia")
* Speed of Life ("Low")
* Warszawa ("Low")
* The Wedding ("Black Tie White Noise")
* Weeping Wall ("Low)

Box Car Racer

* Instrumental ("Box Car Racer")

Böhse Onkelz

* ! (Onkelz wie wir...)
* 3'52" (Wir ham' noch lange nicht genug)
* 11/97 (Terpentin (single))
* 28 (Kneipenterroristen)
* A.D.I.O.Z. (Adios)
* Baja (Schwarz)
* Festhallenjam (20 Jahre - Live in Frankfurt)
* Lt. Stoned (Wir ham' noch lange nicht genug)
* Matapalo Parte Uno + Matapalo Parte Dos (Viva los tioz)
* Panamericana (Ein böses Märchen)
* Prinz Valium Instrumental (Onkelz vs. Jesus (single))
* Tribute to Stevie (Weiß)

Break of Reality

* Awake ("Voiceless")
* Beyond Recourse ("The Sound Between")
* Black Noise ("The Sound Between")
* A Blind Purpose ("The Sound Between")
* Broken ("The Sound Between")
* Chariot to Hell ("Voiceless")
* Circles ("The Sound Between")
* Epic ("Voiceless")
* The Healing ("Voiceless")
* Jade ("The Sound Between")
* Muddy Peninsula ("Voiceless")
* Parabolic Cosmos ("The Sound Between")
* Rise ("The Sound Between")
* Scarred by Duty ("The Sound Between")
* Solid Ground ("The Sound Between")
* Sore Arms ("The Sound Between")
* Time ("Voiceless")
* Total Freedom ("Voiceless")
* Tragic Visions ("Voiceless")
* Trogdor ("Voiceless")
* WSNZBZ ("Voiceless")


* Android of Notre Dame (Kaldeidoscalp)
* Big Sur Moon (Colma)
* Binge and Grab (Giant Robot)
* Cruel Reality Of Nature (Population Override)
* Earth Heals Herself (Population Override)
* Electric Tears (Electric Tears)
* Final wars (The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock)
* For Mom (Colma)
* Ghost (Colma)
* Ghost Pt.2 (Colma)
* Humans Vanish (Population Override)
* I Love My Parents (Bucketheadland)
* Jordan
* Mrs. Beasley
* Night Of The Slunk
* Nottingham Lace (Enter the Chicken)
* Nun Chuka Kata (Monsters and Robots)
* Padmasana (Electric Tears)
* Spider Crawl
* Soothsayer(Dedicated to Aunt Suzie)
* Too Many Humans (Population Override)
* Unrestrained Growth (Population Override)
* Whitewash (Colma)

=Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks=

* Stephanie ("Buckingham Nicks")
* Django ("Buckingham Nicks")


* Guitar Suck ("911")

The Butterfly Effect

* Intro
* AD
* Filling Silence Intro
* Outro


* Late For The Train ("Love Bites")
* Walking Distance ("Love Bites")

The Byrds

* Build It Up ("Ballad of Easy Rider" 1997 reissue)
* Bound to Fall ("The Notorious Byrd Brothers" 1997 reissue)
* Bristol Steam Convention Blues ("Farther Along")
* Captain Soul ("Fifth Dimension")
* Green Apple Quick Step ("Byrdmaniax")
* Moog Raga ("The Notorious Byrd Brothers" 1997 reissue)
* Nashville West ("Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde")
* Stranger in a Strange Land ("Turn! Turn! Turn!" 1996 reissue)
* White's Lightning ("The Byrds (boxed set)")
* White's Lightning, Part 2 ("(Untitled)/(Unissued)" 2000 reissue)
* You and Me ("Mr. Tambourine Man" 1996 reissue)



* Concerto ("Speed Metal Symphony")
* Go Off! ("Go Off!")
* Images ("Go Off!")
* Speed Metal Symphony ("Speed Metal Symphony")


* Arco Arena (Comfort Eagle)
* Conroy
* Mahna Mahna


* After Words ("Stationary Traveller")
* Aristillus ("Moonmadness")
* Arubaluba ("Camel (album)")
* Beached ("Nude")
* Broken Banks ("Dust & Dreams")
* Captured ("Nude")
* Changing Places ("Nude")
* Cóbh ("Harbour Of Tears")
* Coming Of Age ("Harbour Of Tears")
* Cotton Camp ("Dust & Dreams")
* Docks ("Nude")
* Dust Bowl("Dust & Dreams")
* Dusted Out ("Dust & Dreams")
* Earthrise ("Mirage")
* Elke ("Rain Dances")
* End Peace ("The Single Factor")
* Eye of the Storm ("I Can See Your House From Here")
* First Light ("Rain Dances")
* Generations ("Harbour Of Tears")
* The Homecoming ("Nude")
* Hopeless Anger ("Dust & Dreams")
* The Hour Candle ("Harbour Of Tears")
* Ice ("I Can See Your House From Here")
* Irish Air ("Harbour Of Tears")
* Landscapes ("Nude")
* Last Farewell ("Nude")
* Left Luggage ("Footage DVD")
* Ligging At Louis("A Live Record")
* Little Rivers And Little Rose ("Dust & Dreams")
* Lunar Sea ("Moonmadness")
* Milk n' Honey ("Dust & Dreams")
* Needles ("Dust & Dreams")
* One of These Days I'll Get an Early Night ("Rain Dances")
* Pressure Points("Stationary Traveller")
* Rain Dances ("Rain Dances")
* Reflections ("Nude")
* Running From Paradise ("Harbour Of Tears")
* Sahara ("Rajaz")
* Selva ("The Single Factor")
* Sheet Rain ("Dust & Dreams")
* Six Ate ("Camel")
* Skylines ("Rain Dances")
* The Sleeper ("Breathless")
* The Snow Goose (the entire album)
* Squigely Fair ("A Nod And A Wink")
* Storm Clouds ("Dust & Dreams")
* Survival ("I Can See Your House From Here")
* Stationary Traveller ("Stationary Traveller")
* Supertwister ("Mirage")
* Three Wishes ("Rajaz")
* Under The Moon ("Harbour Of Tears")
* Whispers ("Dust & Dreams")
* Whispers In The Rain ("Dust & Dreams")

Cannibal Corpse

* From Skin to Liquid ("Gallery of Suicide")
* Infinite Misery ("Kill")
* Relentless Beating ("Vile")

Captain Beefheart

* A Carrot Is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond ("Doc at the Radar Station")
* Big Black Baby Shoes ("Safe As Milk" remaster)
* Evening Bell
* Flavor Bud Living ("Doc at the Radar Station")
* Hair Pie: Bake 1 ("Trout Mask Replica")
* Hair Pie: Bake 2 ("Trout Mask Replica")
* Dali's Car ("Trout Mask Replica")
* Ice Rose
* One Red Rose That I Mean ("Lick My Decals Off, Baby")
* Peon ("Lick My Decals Off, Baby")
* Suction Prints


* Bell Stinks ("Sing To God (Part Two)")

Cast Iron Filter

* Black Mountain ("Further Down the Line")
* Catherine's Song ("Paradise in Palestine")
* Chronicle ("Falls of Rough")
* Stringtown ("Falls of Rough")
* Tam Lynn ("Paradise in Palestine")
* Wiregrass Trail ("Falls of Rough")
* Wreckless ("This Ugly Town")


* Lamont's Lament (Dinosaur Sounds)
* Riding the Fourth Wave (Keasbey Nights)

The Champs

* Tequila!


* A.M. Mourning
* Aire
* Anxiety's Moment
* The Approaching Storm
* Canon
* Devil's Sweet
* Free Country
* Free Form Guitar
* Hanky Panky
* Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home
* The Inner Struggles of a Man
* Italian from New York
* It Better End Soon (2nd Movement)
* Liberation
* Man vs. Man: The End
* Motorboat to Mars
* Once Upon a Time...
* P.M. Mourning
* Prelude
* Prelude to Aire
* Progress?
* To Be Free
* West Virginia Fantasies

Children of bodom

*Passage to the reaper (Non-album song)


* Implements of Destruction

The Chipmunks

* 2003 Outro (promo CD reissue of "Songs From Our T.V. Shows")
* Candlelight Lullaby ("Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks")
* Sorry About That, Herb


* Behind The Screams ("An Answer Can Be Found")
* Testing ("Volume 2")
* Genesis 12a ("Volume 2")
* Foreign Objects #10 ("Volume 2")
* Disengage the Simulator (Demo) ("Volume 2")

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

* Sunshine And Clouds (And Everything Proud) ("Clap Your Hands Say Yeah")
* Blue Turning Grey ("Clap Your Hands Say Yeah")

Eric Clapton

* Peaches and Diesel ("Slowhand")
* Reptile ("Reptile")
* Slunky ("Eric Clapton")
* Snake Lake Blues ("Crossroads")
* Steppin' Out ("Crossroads")
* Signe ("Unplugged")

The Clash

* Time Is Tight ("Super Black Market Clash")Classical Gas - Guitar Instrumental - Mason Williams

Les Claypool

* Off-White Guilt ("Of Whales and Woe")
* The Awakening ("Highball with the Devil")
* Me and Chuck ("Highball with the Devil")
* Elephant Ghost ("The Big Eyeball in the Sky")
* Scott Taylor ("The Big Eyeball in the Sky")
* Jackalope ("The Big Eyeball in the Sky")


* Tim Sults Vs. The Greys ("Clutch")
* Crackerjack ("The Elephant Riders")
* Going to Market ("Jam Room")
* Swamp Boat Upside Down ("Jam Room")
* Release the Dub ("Jam Room")
* Equinox ("")
* WYSIWYG ("Blast Tyrant")
* Triping the Alarm ("Robot Hive/Exodus")

Coheed and Cambria

* Second Stage Turbine Blade ("The Second Stage Turbine Blade")
* The Ring in Return ("")
* Keeping the Blade ("")
* Bron-Y-Aur ("")
* The End Complete I: The Fall of House Atlantic ("")

Leonard Cohen

* Tacoma Trailer ("The Future")


*Life in Technicolor ("Viva la Vida or Death and all His Friends")

Phil Collins

* Droned ("Face Value")
* Hand in Hand ("Face Value")
* Saturday Night and Sunday Morning ("...But Seriously")
* The West Side ("Hello, I Must Be Going")


* Chocolat ("When I Was Born for the 7th Time")
* Coming Up ("When I Was Born for the 7th Time")
* It's Indian Tobacco My Friend ("When I Was Born for the 7th Time")
* State Troopers (Part 1) ("When I Was Born for the 7th Time")

Cradle of Filth

* Rise of the Pentagram (Thornography) Featuring Narration by Doug Bradley at the beginning of the track

Crash Test Dummies

* Interlude 1 ("Songs of the Unforgiven")
* Interlude 2 ("Songs of the Unforgiven")
* Postlude ("Songs of the Unforgiven")
* Prelude ("Songs of the Unforgiven")
* Untitled ("God Shuffled His Feet")


* Cat's Squirrel ("Fresh Cream")
* Toad ("Fresh Cream") ("Wheels of Fire")
* Steppin' Out ("Live Cream Volume II")

Creedence Clearwater Revival

* Side o' the Road ("Willy and the Poor Boys")

Crew Jones

* Kidstrumental ("With Love")
* Troutstrumental ("With Love")

The Cure

* A Normal Story [Demo] ("Faith Deluxe Edition")
* A Reflection ("Seventeen Seconds")
* Airlock: The Soundtrack ("Pornography Deluxe Edition")
* All I Want [Demo] ("Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deluxe Edition")
* Another Journey By Train ("Join the Dots")
* Break [Demo] ("Pornography Deluxe Edition")
* Carnage Visors: The Soundtrack ("Faith")
* Cloudberry ("Lost Wishes")
* Demise [Demo] ("Pornography Deluxe Edition")
* Descent ("Join the Dots")
* Doubt [Demo] ("Faith Deluxe Edition")
* Drowning [Demo] ("Faith Deluxe Edition")
* Faith [Demo] ("Faith Deluxe Edition")
* Going Home Time [Demo] ("Faith Deluxe Edition")
* Hey You! [Demo] ("Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deluxe Edition")
* Hot! Hot! Hot! [Demo] ("Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deluxe Edition")
* If Only Tonight We Could Sleep [Demo] ("Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deluxe Edition")
* In between Days [Demo] ("The Head on the Door Deluxe Edition")
* Innsbruck [Demo] ("The Head on the Door Deluxe Edition")
* Inwood [Demo] ("The Head on the Door Deluxe Edition")
* Just Like Heaven [Demo] ("Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deluxe Edition")
* Like Cockatoos [Demo] ("Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deluxe Edition")
* Off to Sleep... ("Lost Wishes")
* Push [Demo] ("The Head on the Door Deluxe Edition")
* Shiver and Shake [Demo] ("Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deluxe Edition")
* Temptation [Demo] ("Pornography Deluxe Edition")
* The Final Sound ("Seventeen Seconds")
* The Holy Hour [Demo] ("Faith Deluxe Edition")
* The Kiss [Demo] ("Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deluxe Edition")
* The Perfect Girl [Demo] ("Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deluxe Edition")
* The Three Sisters ("Lost Wishes")
* The Violin Song [Demo] ("Faith Deluxe Edition")
* The Weedy Burton ("Three Imaginary Boys")
* Uyea Sound ("Lost Wishes")


* Textures ("Focus")


* Barber's Rock


Jean-Pierre Danel

* NZ Girl Blues
* The Pink Side of Miss Daisy
* My Song of You
* A Love thme for Sabine
* Guitar Connection Medley
* Nivram (duet with Hank Marvin)
* Sleepwalk

Dark Tranquillity

* Ex Nihilo
* Mine Is the Grandeur
* The Mind's Eye
* Winter Triangle


* From Beyond

Dave Matthews Band

*#34 ("Under the Table and Dreaming")
*Kit Kat Jam ("Busted Stuff")
*American Baby Intro ("Stand Up")
*Anyone Seen the Bridge? (live-only)


* Cosmic Sea ("Human")
* Voice of the Soul ("The Sound of Perseverance")

Deep Purple

* Prelude: Happiness ("Shades of Deep Purple")
* "A" 200 ("Burn")
* And the Address ("Shades of Deep Purple")
* Backwards Piano ("Fireball 25th Anniversary Addition")
* Coronarias Redig ("Burn - 30th Anniversary Edition")
* Concerto for Group and Orchestra (idem)
* Contact Lost ("Bananas")
* Exposition ("The Book of Taliesyn")
* Fault Line ("Deep Purple")
* Hard Road ("The Book of Taliesyn")
* Jam Stew ("In Rock|In Rock 25th Anniversary Edition")
* Love Help Me (Instrumental Version) ("Shades of Deep Purple (Bonus Tracks)")
* Owed to 'G' ("Come Taste the Band")
* Playground ("The Book of Taliesyn")
* Son of Alerik ("Perfect Strangers")
* The Mule (drum solo) ("Made in Japan")
* Well-Dressed Guitar ("Rapture of the Deep" - special tour edition)
* Wring that Neck ("Concerto for Group and Orchestra")

Chris de Burgh

* Carry On (Reprise) (Crusader)
* The Storyman Theme (The Storyman)
* When Winter Comes (The Road to Freedom)

Def Leppard

* Disintegrate ("Euphoria")
* Switch 625 ("High 'N' Dry")


* Tribulation ("Product of Society")
* Aftermath ("Product of Society")


* U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start ("Saturday Night Wrist")

Depeche Mode

* Agent Orange ("Music for the Masses")
* Any Second Now ("Just Can't Get Enough")
* Big Muff ("Speak and Spell")
* Christmas Island ("A Question of Lust")
* Easy Tiger ("Exciter")
* Excerpts from: My Secret Garden ("Leave in Silence")
* Fpmip ("Strangelove")
* Headstar ("Only When I Lose Myself")
* Interlude #1: Mission Impossible ("Music for the Masses")
* Interlude #2: Crucified ("Violator")
* Interlude #3 ("Violator")
* Interlude #4 ("Songs of Faith and Devotion")
* Introspectre ("Playing the Angel")
* It doesn't matter two ("A Question of Lust")
* Jazz Thieves ("Ultra")
* Junior Painkiller ("Ultra")
* Kaleid ("Policy of Truth")
* Lovetheme ("Exciter")
* Memphisto ("Enjoy the Silence")
* Moonlight Sonata [Beethoven Cover] ("Little 15")
* Nothing to Fear ("A Broken Frame")
* Oberkorn [It's a Small Town] ("The Meaning of Love")
* Painkiller ("Barrel of a Gun")
* Pimpf ("Music for the Masses")
* Sibeling ("Enjoy the Silence")
* Slowblow ("It's No Good")
* Stjarna ("Little 15")
* The Great Outdoors! ("Get the Balance Right")
* Uselink ("Ultra")
* Zenstation ("Freelove")


* Thrash Attack ("Infernal Overkill")
* Upcoming Devastation ("Eternal Devastation")
* Memories Of Nothingness ("Inventor Of Evil")

Dick Dale

* Misirlou ("Surfer's Choice")
* Nitro ("Tribal Thunder")

The Dillinger Escape Plan

* *#.. ("Calculating Infinity")
* Calculating Infinity ("Calculating Infinity")
* Crutch Field Tongs ("Miss Machine")
* Proceed With Caution ("The Dillinger Escape Plan")
* Weekend Sex Change ("Calculating Infinity")
* When Acting As A Particle ("Ire Works")
* When Acting As A Wave ("Ire Works")


* Loading The Weapon - Music As A Weapon II

Dimmu Borgir

* Sorgens Kammer - Stormblåst
* Fear and Wonder - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
* Perfection or Vanity - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
* The Fallen Arises - In Sorte Diaboli


* Annica (Magica)

Dixie Dregs

* Calcutta
* Cruise Control
* Freefall
* Punk Sandwich
* Refried Funky Chicken
* Take It Off The Top ("What If")
* The Bash

Do Make Say Think

* Auberge Le Mouton Noir ("Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn")
* End of Music ("& Yet & Yet")
* Fredericia ("Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn")
* Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! ("Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn")
* Horns Of A Rabbit ("Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn")
* Ontario Plates ("Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn")
* Outer Inner & Secret ("Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn")
* Reitschule ("& Yet & Yet")
* Soul And Onward ("& Yet & Yet")
* White Light Of ("& Yet & Yet")


* Mr. Scary ("Back for the Attack")
* Without Warning ("Tooth and Nail")

Doobie Brothers

* Steamer Lane Breakdown
* Pat's Song
* Mambo Waltz
* South Bay Strut
* Slack Key Soquel Rag
* Précis


* Pray For The Locust ("Nola")


* Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil


* Vals de la Muerte ("Rapture")

Dream Theater

* "Another Hand" ("Live at the Marquee")
* "Bombay Vindaloo" ("Live at the Marquee")
* "Cry for Freedom" ("Majesty Demos/When Dream and Day Unite Demos")
* "A Mind Beside Itself I: Erotomania" ("Awake")
* "Eve" ("The Silent Man")
* "Hell's Kitchen" ("Falling Into Infinity")
* "Instrumedley" ("Live at Budokan")
* "Scene Two: I. Overture 1928" ("")
* "Particle E. Motion" ("Majesty Demos")
* "Puppies on Acid" ("Once in a Livetime")
* "Resurrection of Ernie" ("When Dream and Day Unite Demos")
* "Stream of Consciousness" ("Train of Thought")
* "Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity" ("")
* "The Saurus" ("Majesty Demos")
* "The School Song" ("Majesty Demos")
* "Ytse Jam" ("When Dream and Day Unite")Song movements
* "A Change of Seasons I: The Crimson Sunrise" ("A Change of Seasons")
* "A Change of Seasons IV: The Darkest of Winters" ("A Change of Seasons")
* "A Change of Seasons VI: The Inevitable Summer" ("A Change of Seasons")
* "In the Presence of Enemies I: Prelude" ("Systematic Chaos")
* "In the Presence of Enemies V: The Reckoning" ("Systematic Chaos")
* "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: I. Overture" ("Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence")
* "Trial of Tears: II. Deep in Heaven" ("Falling Into Infinity")


* Brushstroke: An Elephant in the Delta Waves ("El Cielo")
* Brushstroke: dcbtfoabaaposba ("El Cielo")
* Brushstroke: New Heart Shadow ("El Cielo")
* Brushstroke: Walk in the Park ("El Cielo")
* Traversing Through the Arctic Cold, We Search for the Spirit of Yuta ("Leitmotif")

John Dummer Blues Band

* Nine By Nine ("Nine By Nine")

Duran Duran

* Faith in This Colour (Is There Something I Should Know? single)
* Flute Interlude (Big Thing)
* Fragment (Pop Trash)
* Interlude One (Big Thing)
* Kiss Goodbye (Pop Trash)
* Lake Shore Driving (Big Thing)
* Prototypes (some versions of Pop Trash)
* Tel Aviv ("Duran Duran")
* Throb (Violence Of Summer single)
* Tiger Tiger (Seven and the Ragged Tiger)

Bob Dylan

* Nashville Skyline Rag (Nashville Skyline)



* Doolin-Dalton (Instrumental) ("Desperado")
* Journey of the Sorcerer ("One of These Nights")
* Wasted Time (Reprise) ("Hotel California")

Duane Eddy

* Because They're Young
* Peter Gunn
* Rebel Rouser
* The Trembler
* Ramrod
* Cannonball
* Detour
* Yep!
* Movin' N' Groovin'
* Ballad of Paladin
* Pepe
* Stalkin'

Edgar Winter

* Frankenstein


* Boilk ("Egg")
* Boilk (incl. Durch Adams Fall Ist Ganz Verdebt [J.S.Bach] ) ("The Polite Force")
* Bulb ("Egg")
* Enneagram ("The Civil Surface")
* Fugue in D Minor ("Egg")
* Germ Patrol ("The Civil Surface")
* Long Piece No. 3 ("The Polite Force")
* Nearch ("The Civil Surface")
* Symphony No. 2 ("Egg")
* They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano... ("Egg")
* Wind Quartet I ("The Civil Surface")
* Wind Quartet II ("The Civil Surface")

Electric Light Orchestra

* After All ("Secret Messages")
* Another Heart Breaks ("Time")
* Daybreaker ("On the Third Day")
* Fire On High ("Face the Music")
* First Movement (Jumping Biz) ("The Electric Light Orchestra")
* Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor ("Flashback")
* In the Hall of the Mountain King ("On the Third Day")
* Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre) ("The Electric Light Orchestra")
* The Whale ("Out of the Blue")

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

* Abaddon's Bolero ("Trilogy")
* Aquatarkus (Part 7 of Tarkus) ("Tarkus")
* Blues Variation ("Pictures at an Exhibition")
* Bo Diddley ("The Return of the Manticore")
* Canario ("Love Beach")
* Changing States ("Black Moon")
* Close to Home ("Black Moon")
* Eruption (Part 1 of Tarkus) ("Tarkus")
* Fanfare for the Common Man ("Works Volume I")
* Fugue ("Trilogy")
* Hoedown ("Trilogy")
* Honourable Company (A March) section of "Memoirs Of An Officer And A Gentleman" ("Love Beach")
* Iconoclast (Part 3 of Tarkus) ("Tarkus")
* Infinite Space [conclusion] ("Tarkus")
* Karn Evil 9: Second Impression ("Brain Salad Surgery")
* Maple Leaf Rag ("Works Volume II")
* Manticore (Part 5 of Tarkus) ("Tarkus")
* Nutrocker ("Pictures at an Exhibition")
* Promenade ("Pictures at an Exhibition")
* Romeo and Juliet ("Black Moon")
* Rondo ("The Return of the Manticore")
* Tank ("Emerson, Lake and Palmer")
* The Barbarian ("Emerson, Lake and Palmer")
* The Gnome ("Pictures at an Exhibition")
* The Hut of Baba Yaga ("Pictures at an Exhibition")
* The Old Castle ("Pictures at an Exhibition")
* The Three Fates (a. Clotho b. Lachesis c. Atropos) ("Emerson, Lake and Palmer")
* Toccata ("Brain Salad Surgery")
* When the Apple Blossoms Bloom in the Windmills of Your Mind I'll Be Your Valentine ("Works Volume II")


* Norvegr ("Vikingligr Veldi")
* Frost ("Frost")
* Intro: Green Reflection ("Isa")
* Secrets of the Flesh ("Isa")
* Outro: Communion (excerpt) ("Isa")
* Outro: Self-Zero ("Monumension")
* Sigmundskvadet ("Monumension")
* Intro. "Audhumla: Birth of the Worlds" ("Blodhemn")
* Mardraum ("")
* Frøyas Smykke ("")


* Eternal ("Origin")


* El Distorto de Melodica ("So Much for the Afterglow")
* Halloween Americana ("")
* Walk Don't Run (Jonny Smith cover) ("")


* Till Dagmar ("Monday Morning Apocalypse")
* When The Walls Go Down ("The Inner Circle")

Explosions in the Sky

* A Poor Man's Memory ("Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever")
* A Song for Our Fathers ("How Strange, Innocence")
* The Birth and Death of the Day ("All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone")
* Catastrophe and the Cure ("All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone")
* First Breath After Coma ("The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place")
* Glittering Blackness ("How Strange, Innocence")
* Greet Death ("Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever")
* Have You Passed Through This Night? ("Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever")
* It's Natural to Be Afraid ("All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone")
* Look Into the Air ("How Strange, Innocence")
* Magic Hours ("How Strange, Innocence")
* Memorial ("The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place")
* The Moon Is Down ("Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever")
* The Only Moment We Were Alone ("The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place")
* Remember Me as a Time of Day ("How Strange, Innocence")
* Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean ("The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place")
* Snow and Lights ("How Strange, Innocence")
* So Long, So Lonesome ("All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone")
* Time Stops ("How Strange, Innocence")
* Welcome, Ghosts ("All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone")
* What Do You Go Home To? ("All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone")
* With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept ("Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever")
* Yasmin the Light ("Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever")
* Your Hand in Mine ("The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place")


Fabulous Capris

*Stagger Walk (45rpm)
*In the Alley (45rpm)

Faith No More

* Jim ("We Care a Lot")
* Midnight Cowboy ("Angel Dust")
* Pills For Breakfast ("We Care a Lot")
* The Grade ("From out of Nowhere B-Side] ")
* Woodpecker From Mars ("The Real Thing")

"Faraz Anwar"

* Through the passage of time ("Abstract Point Of View")
* Maze ("Abstract Point Of View")
* Prophet ("Abstract Point Of View")
* Don't let your spirit die ("Abstract Point Of View")
* Last Summer ("Abstract Point Of View")
* Why? ("Abstract Point Of View")

Harold Faltermeyer

* Axel F

Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens

* "Top Gun" Anthem

Fates Warning

* Time Long Past ("Awaken the Guardian")
* The Ivory Gate of Dreams: Part I Innocence ("No Exit")
* The Ivory Gate of Dreams: Part VIII Retrospect ("No Exit")
* Part VIII ("A Pleasant Shade of Gray")
* Part X ("A Pleasant Shade of Gray")

Fear Factory

* Full Metal Contact ("Digimortal")

The Flaming Lips

* Sleeping On The Roof (The Soft Bulletin)
* The Wizard Turns On.... (At War with the Mystics)
* Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (Utopia Planitia) (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots)
* I'm A Fly In A Sunbeam (Following The Funeral Procession Of A Stranger) (Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell EP)


* To Sleep (Grand Unification)


* Intro (Nocturnal Symphony)
* Beneath The Eclipsed Moon (Nocturnal Symphony)
* Nocturnal Symphony (Nocturnal Symphony)
* Oceans (Between Heaven and Hell)
* Northern Sky (Between Heaven and Hell)
* The Fire and the Fury (Burning Earth)
* Feast Of The Savages (Forged by Fire)
* Before The Storm (Allegiance)

Fleetwood Mac

* Albatross "(The Pious Bird of Good Omen)"
* Sunny Side of Heaven ("Bare Trees")
* Jigsaw Puzzle Blues "(The Pious Bird of Good Omen)"
* Evenin' Boogie "(Mr. Wonderful)"
* For Duster (The Blues) "(Rumours - expanded 2CD version)"
* Caught In the Rain ("Penguin")
* Oh Well (Part 2) "(Then Play On)"
* My Dream "(Then Play On)"
* Underway "(Then Play On)"
* Searching/Fighting for Madge "(Then Play On)"
* Earl Gray "(Kiln House)"
* Book Of Miracles "(Tango In The Night)"

Flotsam & Jetsam

* Flotzilla ("Doomsday for the Deceiver")
* The Jones ("No Place for Disgrace")
* I.A.M.H. ("My God")
* Requiescal ("Dreams of Death")
* Nascentes Morimar ("Dreams of Death")

The Flower Kings

* Afterlife ("Flower Power")
* Astral Dog ("Flower Power")
* Atomic Prince/Kaleidoscope ("Back in the World of Adventures")
* Babylon ("Adam & Eve")
* Blessing of a Smile ("The Rainmaker")
* Captain Capstan ("Flower Power")
* Christianopel ("Unfold the Future")
* Circus Brimstone ("Stardust We Are")
* Crying Clown ("Stardust We Are")
* A Day at the Mall ("Stardust We Are")
* Days Gone By ("Adam & Eve")
* The Devil's Danceschool ("Unfold the Future")
* Don of the Universe ("Stardust We Are")
* Flora Majora ("Retropolis")
* Hotel Nirvana ("Stardust We Are")
* Hudson River Sirens Call 1998 ("Flower Power")
* If 28 ("Stardust We Are")
* IKEA By Night ("Flower Power")
* The Man Who Walked With Kings ("Stardust We Are")
* The Melting Pot ("Retropolis")
* Oblivion Road ("Back in the World of Adventures")
* Pipes of Peace ("Stardust We Are")
* Pioneers of Aviation ("Paradox Hotel")
* Poor Mr. Rain's Ordinary Guitar ("Stardust We Are")
* Power of Kindness ("Flower Power")
* The Rainmaker ("The Rainmaker")
* Red Alert ("The Rainmaker")
* Retropolis ("Retropolis")
* Retropolis By Night ("Retropolis")
* Romancing the City ("Retropolis")
* A Room with a View ("Stardust We Are")
* Rumble Fish Twist ("Space Revolver")
* Soul Vortex ("Unfold the Future")
* Temple of the Snakes ("Back in the World of Adventures")
* Theme for a Hero ("Back in the World of Adventures")
* Too Late for Tomatoes ("Unfold the Future")
* The Unorthodox Dancing Lesson ("Paradox Hotel")
* The Wonder Wheel ("Back in the World of Adventures")


* Eruption
* Hocus Pocus
* Sylvia
* Harem Scarem
* Anonymous
* House of the King
* Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers!
* Hamburger Concerto
* Birth
* Anonymous II

Ben Folds

* Hammy Time ("Over the Hedge")

Foo Fighters

* Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners ("Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace")


* tramontane ("Double Vision")

Forest of Shadows

* Bleak Dormition ("Departure")

Marty Friedman

* Arrival ("Introduction")
* Bittersweet("Introduction")
* Be ("Introduction")
* Escapism ("Introduction")
* Luna ("Introduction")
* Mama ("Introduction")
* Loneliness ("Introduction")
* Siberia ("Introduction")
* Tibet ("Scenes")
* Angel ("Scenes")
* Valley of Eternity ("Scenes")
* Night ("Scenes")
* Realm of the Senses ("Scenes")
* West ("Scenes")
* Trance ("Scenes")
* Triumph ("Scenes")
* Gimme a Dose ("Music For Speeding")
* Fuel Injection Stingray ("Music For Speeding")
* Ripped ("Music For Speeding")
* It's the Unreal Thing("Music For Speeding")
* Cheer Girl Rampage ("Music For Speeding")
* Lust For Life ("Music For Speeding")
* Lovesorrow ("Music For Speeding")
* Nastymachine ("Music For Speeding")
* Catfight ("Music For Speeding")
* Corazon de Santiago ("Music For Speeding")
* 0-7-2 ("Music For Speeding")
* Salt in the Wound ("Music For Speeding")
* Novocaine Kiss ("Music For Speeding")

John Frusciante

* -00Ghost27 ("Shadows Collide With People")
* 23 Go Into End ("Shadows Collide With People")
* Failure33Object ("Shadows Collide With People")
* Falling ("The Brown Bunny")
* Helical ("The Will to Death")
* Murderers ("To Record Only Water for Ten Days")
* Prostitution Song ("The Brown Bunny")
* Ramparts ("To Record Only Water for Ten Days")
* Untitled #1 ("Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt")
* Untitled #2 ("Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt")
* Untitled #4 ("Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt")
* Untitled #6 ("Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt")
* Untitled #7 ("Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt")
* Untitled #8 ("Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt")
* Untitled #10 ("Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt")
* Untitled #13 ("Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt")

The Fucking Champs

* What's a Little Reign? ("IV")
* Esprit de Corpse ("IV")
* Policenauts ("IV")
* NWOBHM 2 ("IV")
* Lamplighter ("IV")
* Thor is Like Immortal ("IV")
* C'mon Smash the Quotile ("IV")
* These Glyphs are Dusty ("IV")
* I Love the Spirit World and I Love Your Father ("IV")
* Vangelis Again ("IV")
* Lost ("IV")


* Arpeggiator ("End Hits")
* Brendan #1 ("Repeater")
* Combination Lock ("Red Medicine")
* Joe #1 ("3 Songs")
* Steady Diet ("Steady Diet of Nothing")
* Sweet And Low ("In on the Kill Taker")
* Version ("Red Medicine")


*Maggot Brain
*Wars of Armageddon
*A Joyful Process
*Nappy Duggout
*Adolescent Funk
*Tales of Kidd Funkadelic
*Field Maneuvers
*Foot Soldiers
*Brettino's Bounce


Peter Gabriel

* Soft Dog ("Shock the monkey" B-side)
* Start ("Peter Gabriel 3")
* Birdy note: entire album is instrumentals
* note: entire album is instrumentals
* The Rabbit-Proof Fence note: entire album is instrumentals


* Shibuya

Galactic Cowboys

* At The End of the Day (At The End Of The Day)
* Song For Sybo (Let It Go)


* Condition Yellow ("Gamma 3")


* 7/8 ("b-side of "Shipwrecked")
* After the Ordeal ("Selling England by the Pound")
* The Brazilian ("Invisible Touch")
* Do The Neurotic ("")
* Duke's Travels ("Duke") "NOTE: It should be mentioned that the last half of the piece is a reprise to the track Guide Vocal which has lyrics that are sung."
* Duke's End ("Duke")
* Hairless Heart ("The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway")
* Horizons ("Foxtrot")
* Los Endos ("A Trick of the Tail" )
* Naminanu ("")
* Patricia ("Genesis Archive 1967-75")
* Phret ("b-side of "Shipwrecked")
* Ravine ("The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway")
* Second Home by the Sea ("Genesis") "NOTE: It should be mentioned that the last section of the piece is a repeat of the final verse to Home By the Sea which has lyrics that are sung."
* Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats ("The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway")
* Submarine ("")
* 'Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers... ("Wind & Wuthering")
* ...In that Quiet Earth' ("Wind & Wuthering")
* The Waiting Room ("The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway")
* Wot Gorilla? ("Wind & Wuthering")

Gentle Giant

* Acquiring the Taste ("Acquiring the Taste")
* The Boys in the Band ("Octopus")
* The Queen ("Gentle Giant")
* Spooky Boogie ("Giant for a Day")
* Talybont ("Free Hand")
* Sweet Georgia Brown (Breakdown In Brussels) ("Playing the Fool")

David Gilmour

* Castellorizon ("On An Island")
* Deafinitely ("David Gilmour")
* Let's Get Metaphysical ("About Face")
* Mihalis ("David Gilmour")
* Raise My Rent ("David Gilmour")
* Red Sky At Night ("On An Island")
* Then I Close My Eyes ("On An Island")

God Forbid

*Dawn Of The Millennia ("Determination")


* Someone In London ("Godsmack")
* Vampires ("Awake")
* The Journey ("Awake")
* The Awakening ("Faceless")
* Batalla de los Tambores (performed live)

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

* Nervous, Sad, Poor... ("f#a#∞")
* Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful... ("f#a#∞")
* The Dead Flag Blues ("f#a#∞")
* East Hastings ("f#a#∞")
* Providence ("f#a#∞")
* 09-15-00 ("Yanqui U.X.O.")
* Motherfucker=Redeemer ("Yanqui U.X.O.")
* Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls ("Yanqui U.X.O.")
* BBF3 ("Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada")
* Moya ("Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada")
* Storm ("Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven")
* Static ("Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven")
* Sleep ("Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven")
* Antennas to Heaven ("Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven")

Good Charlotte

* A New Beginning
* Once Upon A Time: The Battle Of Life And Death
* Good Morning Revival


* Intro (Demon Days)
* 68 State

Green Day

* Espionage ("Shenanigans")
* Last Ride In ("Nimrod")
*Instrumental (Dookie Demos)
*Instrumental (Metal Jam) (Dookie Demos)
*The Simpsons Theme


* America Must Be Destroyed ("America Must Be Destroyed")
* A Short History of the End of the World (Part VII (The Final Chapter (abbr.))) ("We Kill Everything")
* Hell Intro ("Violence Has Arrived")


Steve Hackett

* The Silk Road ("To Watch the Storms")
* Wind, Stand & Stars ("To Watch the Storms")
* Ace of Wands ("Voyage of the Acolyte")
* Hands of the Priestess, Parts 1 & 2 ("Voyage of the Acolyte")
* A Tower Struck Down ("Voyage of the Acolyte")
* The Lovers ("Voyage of the Acolyte")
* Omega Metallicus ("Darktown")
* Twice Around the Sun ("Darktown")
* Darktown Riot ("Darktown")
* Transylvanian Express ("Wild Orchids")
* Howl ("Wild Orchids")
* Please Don't Touch ("Please Don't Touch")
* Clocks (The Angel Of Mons) ("Spectral Mornings")
* Spectral Mornings ("Spectral Mornings")
* The Steppes ("Defector")
* Slogans ("Defector")
* Two Vamps as Guests ("Defector")
* Jacuzzi ("Defector")
* Hammer in the Sand ("Defector")
* The Air-Conditioned Nightmare ("Cured")
* Always Somewhere Else ("Highly Strung")
* Group Therapy ("Highly Strung")
* Hackett To Pieces ("Highly Strung")


* In Memoriam (Crimson Thunder)
* Reign of the Hammer (Threshold)
* Raise the Hammer (Renegade)
* Imperial ()

George Harrison

* A Bit More of You ("Extra Texture")
* Hari's On Tour (Express) ("Dark Horse")
* I Remember Jeep ("All Things Must Pass")
* Marwa Blues ("Brainwashed")
* Out Of The Blue ("All Things Must Pass")
* Plug Me In ("All Things Must Pass")
* Thanks For The Pepperoni ("All Things Must Pass")

Head Control System

* Blunt Instrumental ("Murder Nature")


* Guitarmony ("Victims of Deception")


* Deliberately Limited Preliminary Prelude Period in Z ("Better Than Raw")
* Grapowski's Malmsuite 1001 ("Master of the Rings")
* Initiation ("Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1")
* Invitation ("Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2")
* Irritation (Weik Editude 112 In C) ("Master of the Rings")
* Oriental Journey ("Chameleon")
* Red Socks and the Smell of Trees ("Chameleon")
* Walls of Jericho ("Walls of Jericho")

Jimi Hendrix

* ...And the Gods Made Love ("Electric Ladyland")
* Auld Lang Syne (Live at the Fillmore East)
* Bold As Love (The Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set)
* Born Under a Bad Sign
* Cherokee Mist (The Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set)
* Driving South ("The BBC Sessions")
* Jam Back at the House ("Live at Woodstock")
* Jelly 292
* Midnight ("South Saturn Delta")
* Moon Turn the Tides, Gently Gently Away ("Electric Ladyland")
* Pali Gap ("Rainbow Bridge")
* Peace in Mississippi ("Voodoo Soup")
* Spanish Castle Magic--Drum Solo ("Live at Maple Leaf Gardens")
* Star Spangled Banner ("Live at Woodstock")
* Tax Free ("South Saturn Delta")
* Title #3 (The Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set)
* Villanova Junction ("Live at Woodstock")
* Woodstock Improvisation ("Live at Woodstock")

Henry Cow

* ½ the Sky ("Western Culture")
* Amygdala ("Leg End")
* Arcades ("Unrest")
* Beginning: the Long March ("In Praise of Learning")
* Bittern Storm Over Ulm ("Unrest")
* Extract from 'With the Yellow Half-Moon and Blue Star' ("Leg End")
* Falling Away ("Western Culture")
* Gretels Tale ("Western Culture")
* Groningen ("Henry Cow Concerts")
* Groningen again ("Henry Cow Concerts")
* Half Asleep, Half Awake ("Unrest")
* Industry ("Western Culture")
* Look Back ("Western Culture")
* Morning Star ("In Praise of Learning")
* Nirvana (Reprise) ("Leg End")
* Nirvana for Mice ("Leg End")
* On the Raft ("Western Culture")
* Ruins ("Unrest")
* Solemn Music ("Unrest")
* Teenbeat ("Leg End")
* Teenbeat (Introduction) ("Leg End")
* Teenbeat (Reprise) ("Leg End")
* The Decay of Cities ("Western Culture")
* The Tenth Chaffinch ("Leg End")
* Udine ("Henry Cow Concerts")
* Upon Entering the Hotel Adlon ("Unrest")

Honest Bob and the factory-to-dealer incentives

*Soy Bomb


* Ace and Deuce ("Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part")
* Before the Storm ("Aliens")
* The Clergy's Lamentation ("Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part")
* Crabs in the Skillet ("Drive the Cold Winter Away")
* Daybreak ("The Book of Invasions")
* Dark ("The Book of Invasions")
* Denis O'Connor ("Drive the Cold Winter Away")
* Drive the Cold Winter Away ("Drive the Cold Winter Away")
* Drive the Cold Winter Away (reprise) ("The Book of Invasions")
* Dusk ("The Book of Invasions")
* Exiles ("Aliens")
* The Fab Four-Four ("Tracks from the Vaults")
* The Fairy King ("Tracks from the Vaults")
* Flower Amang Them All ("Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part")
* Gae Bolga ("The Táin")
* Happy to Meet ("Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part")
* The High Reel ("Tracks from the Vaults"):NOTE: 'The High Reel' is also available on the 1978 edit of Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part, which was released only in UK.
* Johhny's Wedding ("Tracks from the Vaults")
* King of the Fairies ("Dancehall Sweethearts")
* Lullaby ("Drive the Cold Winter Away")
* Maeve's Court ("The Táin")
* The March (parts 1 and 2) ("The Táin")
* March into Trouble ("The Book of Invasions")
* The Morrigan's Dream ("The Táin")
* The Musical Priest ("Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part")
* Oisin's Tune ("Tracks from the Vaults")
* Phil the Fluter's Rag ("Tracks from the Vaults")
* The Piper in the Meadow Straying ("Drive the Cold Winter Away")
* Setanta ("The Táin")
* The Silver Spear ("The Táin")
* Sir Festus Burke/Carolan's Frolic ("Drive the Cold Winter Away")
* The Snakes' Farewell to the Emerald Isle ("The Unfortunate Cup of Tea")
* The Snow and the Frost Are All Over/Paddy Fahey's ("Drive the Cold Winter Away")
* Sorry to Part ("Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part")
* Thompson's/Cottage in the Grove ("Drive the Cold Winter Away")
* The Unfortunate Cup of Tea ("The Unfortunate Cup of Tea")
* We Bring the Summer with Us ("Dancehall Sweethearts")

Hot Hot Heat

* No Jokes -- Fact ("Elevator")


=Ice Age=

* Howl ("Liberation")
* March of the Red Dragon ("Liberation")
* Monolith ("Liberation")
* Musical Cages ("Liberation")
* Spare Chicken Parts ("The Great Divide")
* Tong-Len ("Liberation")

Iced Earth

* 1776 ("Something Wicked This Way Comes")
* Enter the Realm ("Days of Purgatory")
* The Funeral ("Iced Earth")
* Solitude ("Iced Earth")
* The Star Spangled Banner ("The Glorious Burden")
* Transylvania ("Horror Show")


* Follow - 1st Movement of the Odyssey (Halo 2 Soundtrack)
* 2nd Movement of the Odyssey (Halo 2 Soundtrack)
* 3rd Movement of the Odyssey (Halo 2 Soundtrack)
* 4th Movement of the Odyssey (Halo 2 Soundtrack)
* Magic Medicine ("S.C.I.E.N.C.E.")
* Battlestar Scralatchtica ("Make Yourself")


* Nocturne ("Since the Day It All Came Down")

In Flames

* Acoustic Medley ("Black-Ash Inheritance")
* Dialogue With The Stars ("Whoracle")
* The Jester's Dance ("The Jester Race")
* Wayfaerer ("The Jester Race")
* Pallar Anders Visa ("Colony")
* Man Made God ("Colony")
* Timeless ("Subterranean")


* 5 ("Fukd I.D. #3")
* Interlude ("Turn on the Bright Lights (Japanese Bonus Tracks)")

Iron Butterfly

* Iron Butterfly Theme ("Heavy")

Iron Maiden

* Genghis Khan ("Killers")
* The Ides of March ("Killers")
* Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) ("Powerslave")
* Transylvania ("Iron Maiden")


* Double Bass ("Sliver of a Sun")
* The Mists of Dalriada ("I Move")
* Star Evil Gnoma Su ("I Move")


J. Geils Band

*Whammer Jammer

Jacobs Dream

* Black Watch ("Jacobs Dream")
* De machine est Deo ("Theater of war")
* Canon ("Drama of the Ages")

Jake E. Lee

* Exithouse ("A Fine Pink Mist")
* Demon A Go-Go ("A Fine Pink Mist")
* Galaxy of Tears ("A Fine Pink Mist")
* I Magnify ("A Fine Pink Mist")
* Luna Gitana ("A Fine Pink Mist")
* The Velvet Fire ("A Fine Pink Mist")


*Music of the Mind ("Emergency on Planet Earth")
*Didgin' Out ("Emergency on Planet Earth")
*Journey to Arnhemland ("Return of the Space Cowboy")
*Didjerama ("Travelling Without Moving")
*Didjital Vibrations ("Travelling Without Moving")
*Destitute Illusion ("Synkronized")


* Life in Tokyo (Instrumental) (rare 2:00 b-side version)
* The Experience of Swimming ("Gentlemen Take Polaroids")
* The Width of a Room ("Gentlemen Take Polaroids")

Jefferson Airplane

* Embryonic Journey ("Surrealistic Pillow")
* Spare Chaynge ("After Bathing at Baxter's")


* Canon Rock
* Rock On

Jethro Tull

* Bourée ("Stand Up")
* By Kind Permission Of ("Living in the Past")
* Conundrum ("Bursting Out")
* Dharma For One ("This Was")
* Elegy ("Stormwatch")
* For Later ("Living in the Past")
* God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen ("The Jethro Tull Christmas Album")
* Greensleeved ("The Jethro Tull Christmas Album")
* Holly Herald ("The Jethro Tull Christmas Album")
* King Henry's Madrigal (single, also "20 Years Of Jethro Tull")
* Nice Little Tune (Part 3 of Baker St. Muse, "Minstrel in the Gallery")
* Nothing @ All ("")
* One For John Gee ("This Was")
* Pan Dance ("20 Years of Jethro Tull")
* Pavane ("The Jethro Tull Christmas Album")
* The Pine Marten's Jig ("A")
* Quartet ("Nightcap")
* Quatrain ("Bursting Out")
* Round ("This Was")
* Serenade to a Cuckoo ("This Was")
* Warm Sporran ("Stormwatch")
* We Five Kings ("The Jethro Tull Christmas Album")
* A Winter Snowscape ("The Jethro Tull Christmas Album")

Billy Joel

* Nocturne ("Cold Spring Harbor")
* Root Beer Rag ("Streetlife Serenade")
* The Mexican Connection ("Streetlife Serenade")

Elton John

* Carla ("The Fox")
* Etude ("The Fox")
* Fanfare ("The Fox")
* Funeral for a Friend ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road")
* Out of the Blue ("Blue Moves")
* Reverie ("A Single Man")
* Theme From a Non-Existent TV Series ("Blue Moves")
* Your Starter For... ("Blue Moves")

Eric Johnson

* Camel's Night Out ("Venus Isle")
* Cliffs of Dover ("Ah Via Musicom")
* East Wes ("Ah Via Musicom")
* Manhattan ("Venus Isle")
* Pavilion ("Venus Isle")
* Righteous ("Ah Via Musicom")
* Song For George ("Ah Via Musicom")
* Soulful Terrain ("Tones")
* SRV ("Venus Isle")
* Trademark ("Ah Via Musicom")
* Zap ("Seven Worlds","Tones" )
* Desert Song ("Tones")

John 5 (John Lowery)

* Needles, CA
* Feisty Cadavers
* Pulling Strings
* Sugar Foot Rag
* Dead Man's Dream
* Sweet Georgia Brown
* Flatlines, Thin Lines
* Liberty
* Vertigo
* 18969 Ventura Blvd
* Zugg Island Convict
* Salt Creek
* Goodnight
* Damaged
* Soul of a Robot
* Gein with Envy
* Sin
* Behind the Nut Love
* Blues Balls
* Fiddler's
* Gods and Monsters
* 2 Die 4
* Death Valley
* Perineum
* Denouement

Johnny Truant


Janis Joplin

* Burned Alive In The Blues ("Pearl")

Bradley Joseph

* Hear the Masses


* Kohoutek
* Topaz
* Nickel and Dime
* Cookie Duster
* With a Tear
* Into Your Arms
* The Journey (Revelation)
* Majestic ("Evolution")
* Departure ("Departure")

Judas Priest

* Battle Hymn ("Painkiller")
* Caviar and Meths ("Rocka Rolla")
* Dawn of Creation ("Nostradamus")
* Prelude ("Sad Wings of Destiny")
* Solitude ("Nostradamus")
* The Hellion ("Screaming for Vengeance")



* Solitaire ("Ghost Opera")
* Drum Solo ("One Cold Winter's Night")
* Keyboard Solo ("One Cold Winter's Night")
* Outro ("One Cold Winter's Night")
* Interlude II (Omen) ("Epica")
* Regalis Apertura ("Karma")
* We Three Kings (live) ("The Expedition")
* New Allegiance ("The Fourth Legacy")
* Desert Reign ("The Fourth Legacy")
* Siége ("Siége Perilous")
* Ascension ("Dominion")
* Creation ("Dominion")
* Etude Jongleur ("Eternity")


* Musicatto ("Power")
* The Spider ("Point of Know Return")
* T.O. Witcher ("In the Spirit of Things")


* Inside The City Of Glass ("Viva Emptiness")
* Instrumental ("Discouraged Ones")

Phil Keaggy

* Animal ("220")
* Arrow ("220")
* Beyond This Day ("220")
* Highland ("220")
* Ian's Grove ("220")
* Montana ("220")
* Stomp ("220")
* Tennessee Morning ("220")
* The Great Escape ("220")
* Watt Ever("220")
* The Further Adventures of... ("Revelator")


* The Iron Sea ("Under The Iron Sea")
* The Iron Sea; Magic Shop version ("Crystal Ball")
* Tyderian ("Nothing In My Way")

Killswitch Engage

*Inhale ("The End of Heartache")
*And Embers Rise ("The End of Heartache")
*Prelude ("Killswitch Engage")
*One Last Sunset ("Killswitch Engage")
*Without A Name ("Alive or Just Breathing")

The Killing Tree

*Soundtrack To A Failing Relationship ("The Romance of Helen Trent")

King Crimson

* Asbury Park ("USA")
* B'boom ("THRAK")
* Dangerous Curves ("The Power to Believe")
* The Devil's Triangle (a. Merday Morn b. Hand of Sceiron c. Garden of Worm) ("In the Wake of Poseidon")
* Discipline ("Discipline")
* EleKtriK ("The Power to Believe")
* Facts of Life (Intro) ("The Power to Believe")
* Fearless and Highly Thrakked ("THRaKaTTaK")
* Fracture ("Starless and Bible Black")
* FraKctured ("The ConstruKction of Light")
* Groon (Cat Food single B-side, also appears on the 30th anniversary remaster of "In the Wake of Poseidon")
* Industrial Zone A ("Three of a Perfect Pair (CD)")
* Industrial Zone B ("Three of a Perfect Pair (CD)")
* Industry ("Three of a Perfect Pair")
* Larks' Tongues in Aspic (Part III) ("Three of a Perfect Pair")
* Larks' Tongues In Aspic (Part IV) ("The ConstruKction of Light")
* Larks' Tongues In Aspic (Parts I & II) ("Larks' Tongues in Aspic")
* Level Five ("The Power to Believe")
* Mother Hold the Candle Steady While I Shave the Chicken's Lip ("THRaKaTTaK")
* No Warning ("Three of a Perfect Pair")
* Nuages (That Which Passes, Passes Like Clouds) ("Three of a Perfect Pair")
* Peace - a Theme ("In the Wake of Poseidon")
* Prelude: Song of the Gulls ("Islands")
* ProjeKct X: Heaven and Earth ("The ConstruKction of Light", longer version also included on "ProjeKct X" album)
* Providence ("Red")
* Radio (Parts I & II) ("THRAK")
* Red ("Red")
* The Sheltering Sky ("Discipline")
* Starless and Bible Black ("Starless and Bible Black")
* The ConstruKtion of Light (Part I) ("The ConstruKction of Light")
* The Sailor's Tale ("Islands")
* The Slaughter of the Innocents ("THRaKaTTaK")
* The Talking Drum ("Larks' Tongues in Aspic")
* This Night Wounds Time ("THRaKaTTaK")
* THRAK (Reprise) ("THRaKaTTaK")
* THRaKaTTak (Parts I & II) ("THRaKaTTaK")
* Trio ("Starless and Bible Black")
* We'll Let You Know ("Starless and Bible Black")

The Kinks

* Little Women ("Face To Face")


* Escape From the Island ("Music From "The Elder"")
* Fanfare ("Music From "The Elder"")
* Love Theme from Kiss ("KISS")
* Carr Jam 81 ("Revenge")


* Immotal ("Spit")


* Prelude ("Hope")


* 800 ("Blues for the Red Sun")
* Apothecaries' Weight ("Blues for the Red Sun")
* Asteroid ("Welcome to Sky Valley")
* Capsized ("Blues for the Red Sun")
* Caterpillar March ("Blues for the Red Sun")
* Jumbo Blimp Jumbo ("...And the Circus Leaves Town")
* Molten Universe ("Blues for the Red Sun")
* Mudfly ("")
* Stage III ("Wretch")
* Thee Ol' Boozeroony ("...And the Circus Leaves Town")


Lacuna Coil

* Un Fantasma Na Troi (A Ghost Between Us) (Lacuna Coil)

David Lanz and Paul Speer

* Behind The Waterfall

Lamb of God

*Ashes of the Wake ("Ashes of the Wake")

Led Zeppelin

*Autumn Lake ("The Song Remains the Same")
*Black Mountain Side ("Led Zeppelin")
*Bonzo's Montreux ("Coda")
*Bron-Yr-Aur ("Physical Graffiti")
*Jennings Farm Blues
*Moby Dick ("Led Zeppelin II" and "The Song Remains the Same" and "How the West Was Won")
*Pat's Delight
*Swan Song
*White Summer ("Coda")

John Lennon

* Beef Jerky ("Walls and Bridges")

Linkin Park

* A.06 ("LP Underground 2.0 EP")
* Sold My Soul to Yo Mama ("LP Underground 4.0 EP")
* Announcement Service Public ("LP Underground 6.0 EP")
* Cure for the Itch ("Hybrid Theory")
* Session ("Meteora")
* Wake ("Minutes to Midnight")
* Technique ("Hybrid Theory EP")
* Untitled Instrumental ("Hybrid Theory EP")
* Opening ("Reanimation")
* Kyur4 TH Ich ("Reanimation")
* Ntr/Mssion ("Reanimation")

Liquid Tension Experiment

* 914 ( "Liquid Tension Experiment 2" )
* Acid Rain ( "Liquid Tension Experiment 2" )
* Another Dimension ( "Liquid Tension Experiment 2" )
* Biaxident ( "Liquid Tension Experiment 2" )
* Chewbacca ( "Liquid Tension Experiment 2" )
* Chris And Kevin's Excellent Adventure ( "Liquid Tension Experiment" )
* Freedom Of Speech ( "Liquid Tension Experiment" )
* Hourglass ( "Liquid Tension Experiment 2" )
* Kindred Spirits ( "Liquid Tension Experiment" )
* Liquid Dreams ( "Liquid Tension Experiment 2" )
* Osmosis ( "Liquid Tension Experiment" )
* Paradigm Shift ( "Liquid Tension Experiment" )
* State of Grace ( "Liquid Tension Experiment" )
* The Stretch ( "Liquid Tension Experiment" )
* Three Minute Warning ( "Liquid Tension Experiment" )
* Universal Mind ( "Liquid Tension Experiment" )
* When the Water Breaks ( "Liquid Tension Experiment 2" )

The Living End

* Closing In ( "The Living End")
* E-Boogie (live only song)
* Hellbound ( "Hellbound" )
* Ape Face ( "Long Live the Weekend" )

Bill Lonero


*Mr Grinch
*Heart of the soul
*Half Moon Nights
*11th Hour
*Song For Young


*Lahaina Nights
*In My Pocket
*Swamp Juice
*No Regrets
*Amazing Grace

Love and Rockets

* Saudade ("Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven")


Majestic Vanguard

* Our Journey ("Beyond the Moon")
* The Angels Dance ("Beyond the Moon")

"Yngwie Malmsteen"

* Air ("Attack!!")
* Air on a Theme ("Facing the Animal")
* Amadeus Quattro Valvole (Anthology 1994-1999)
* Amber Dawn ("Magnum Opus")
* Asylum I ("Alchemy")
* Asylum II - Sky Euphoria ("Alchemy")
* Asylum III - Quantum Leap ("Alchemy")
* Baroque & Roll ("Attack!!")
* Bite the Bullet ("Odyssey")
* Black Star ("Rising Force")
* Blitzkrieg ("Alchemy")
* Blue ("Alchemy")
* Brothers ("The Seventh Sign")
* Cavallino Rampante ("Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra")
* Cantabile ("Magnum Opus")
* Crying ("Trilogy")
* Eclipse ("Eclipse")
* Evil Eye ("Rising Force")
* Far Beyond the Sun ("Rising Force")
* Farewell ("Rising Force")
* Flamenco Diablo (Anthology 1994-1999)
* Fugue ("Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra")
* Fuguetta ("Unleash the Fury")
* Golden Dawn ("Fire and Ice")
* Guardian Angel ("Unleash the Fury")
* Icarus Dream Fanfare ("Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra")
* Icarus' Dream Suite Op. 4 ("Rising Force")
* Instru-mental Institution ("War To End All Wars")
* Krakatau ("Odyssey")
* Leviathan ("Fire and Ice")
* Little Savage ("Rising Force")
* Magic and Mayhem ("Unleash the Fury")
* Majestic Blue ("Attack!!")
* Marching Out ("Marching Out")
* Memories ("Odyssey")
* Molto Arpeggiosa ("War To End All Wars")
* Overture 1383 ("Marching Out")
* Overture 1622 ("Magnum Opus")
* Paraphrase ("Unleash the Fury")
* Perpetual ("Fire and Ice")
* Power and Glory (Takada's Theme)
* Prelude ("Marching Out")
* Prelude to April ("Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra")
* Preludium ("War To End All Wars")
* Requiem ("War To End All Wars")
* Sorrow ("The Seventh Sign")
* Treasure from the East ("War To End All Wars")
* Trilogy Suite Op. 5 ("Trilogy")

Manfred Mann's Earth Band

* Waiter, There's a Yawn in My Ear ("The Roaring Silence")
* Fritz the Blank (Chance)

Manic Street Preachers

* Horses Under Starlight ("Kevin Carter")
* The Vorticists ("Autumnsong")


*20,000 Streets Under the Sky ("20,000 Streets Under the Sky")


*Blackcrowned ("World Funeral")

Nick Mason and Rick Fenn

* And the Address ("Profiles")
* At the End of the Day ("Profiles")
* Black Ice ("Profiles")
* Malta ("Profiles")
* Mumbo Jumbo ("Profiles")
* Profiles Parts 1 and 2 ("Profiles")
* Profiles Part 3 ("Profiles")
* Rhoda ("Profiles")
* Zip Code ("Profiles")


* Joseph Merrick ("Leviathan")
* Elephant Man ("Remission")
* Pendulous Skin ("Blood Mountain")

Marilyn Manson

* Baboon Rape Party ("This is the New Shit" single)
* Cleansing ("Resident Evil soundtrack")
* Resident Evil Main Theme ("Resident Evil soundtrack")
* Reunion ("Resident Evil soundtrack")
* Seizure of Power ("Resident Evil soundtrack")
* Thaeter ("The Golden Age of Grotesque")
* Shitty Chicken Gang Bang ("Smells Like Children")
* Obsequey (The Death of Art) ("The Golden Age of Grotesque")
* Inauguration of the Mechanical Christ ("Mechanical Animals")

The Mars Volta

* Tira me a Las Arañas ("De-Loused in the Comatorium")
* Abortion: The Other White Meat (live only)

Brian May

* Blues Breaker ("Star Fleet")
* Last Horizon ("Back to the Light")
* The Dark ("Back to the Light")

Paul McCartney & Wings

* Rockestra Theme ("Back to the Egg")
* Crossroads Theme
* Rudolph the Red Nosed Reggae
* Lunchbox/Odd Sox (single B-side)

Meat Puppets

* Aurora Borealis ("Meat Puppets II")
* I'm a Mindless Idiot ("Meat Puppets II")
* Maiden's Milk ("Up on the Sun")
* Milo, Sorghum, and Maize ("Meat Puppets")
* Seal Whales ("Up on the Sun")


* Absolution ("Youthanasia")
* Duke Nukem Theme ("Risk", Japanese version)
* Into the Lungs of Hell ("So Far, So Good... So What?")
* Last Rites ("Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!")
* Silent Scorn ("The World Needs A Hero")


* The Arrival Ritual
* Caravans To Ur
* Whispers From The Tower
* The Scribes Of Kur ("Emissaries")
* Extemporized Ophtalmic Release ("bonus track on Emissaries")

"Metal Death"

* Dime's Fire (Tribute To Pantera's Dimebag Darrell) ("...Everyone Deserves To Die")


* (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth ("Kill 'Em All")
* The Call of Ktulu ("Ride the Lightning")
* Melbourne (song) ("performed live by Kirk Hammett")
* Orion ("Master of Puppets")
* Suicide & Redemption ("Death Magnetic")
* To Live Is to Die ("...And Justice For All")
* The Ecstasy of Gold ("S&M")
* The Ecstasy of Gold ("We All Love Ennio Morricone")


* Acrid Placidity ("Destroy Erase Improve")
* Unanything ("Chaosphere")


* F.T.W.D.A. ("Bir")

Michael Angelo Batio

* 2X Again ("No Boundaries")
* Avalanche ("Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity")
* Diary of an Empty Life ("Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity")
* Enough Is Enough ("Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity")
* Full Force ("Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity")
* I Do for You ("No Boundaries")
* Intro: This CD Is Dedicated to You ("No Boundaries")
* Instant Glamour ("Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity")
* No Boundaries ("No Boundaries")
* Outsideinside ("No Boundaries")
* Peace ("No Boundaries")
* Rain Forest ("No Boundaries")
* Science Fiction ("No Boundaries")
* She Doesn't Live Here Anymore ("Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity")
* Stop Complaining ("Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity")
* Take a Look Around ("Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity")
* Tribute to Randy ("Hands without Shadows")
* The Finish Line ("No Boundaries")
* The Jam Game ("No Boundaries")
* Who Can You Trust? ("Lucid Intervals And Moments Of Clarity")

Midnight Oil

* A Crocodile Cries ("Capricornia")
* Bakerman ("Red Sails in the Sunset")
* Gravelrash ("Breathe")
* Wedding Cake Island ("Bird Noises")

teve Miller Band

* Babes in the Wood (Book of Dreams)
* Blue Odyssey (Fly Like an Eagle)
* Electro Lux Imbroglio (Book of Dreams)
* Space Intro (Fly Like an Eagle)
* Threshold (Book of Dreams)


* 10/10 ("Dark Side of the Spoon")
* Abortive ("The Land of Rape and Honey")
* Corrosion ("Psalm 69")
* Crash And Burn ("Twitch")
* Fucked (Non Album Track)
* Golden Dawn ("The Land of Rape and Honey")
* Grace ("Psalm 69")
* Happy Dust ("Bad Blood Single")
* Hizbollah ("The Land of Rape and Honey")
* Leper ("Animositisomina")
* Twitch (Version II) ("Twitch")
* Walrus (Bonus Track) ("Houses of the Molé")

Modest Mouse

* Milo (Interlude) ("Good News for People Who Love Bad News")
* Custom Concern (Instrumental) ("The Moon and Antarctica")


* The Battle of Benny Hill ("Fatboy")
* Wormwood ("Wormwood")
* Rumble Strip ("Wormwood")
* Organs ("Wormwood")
* Bend Sinister ("Wormwood")


;"Ten Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996–1997)" (1997)
* "Summer"
* "New Paths to Helicon, Pt. 2"
* "Angels vs. Aliens"
* "I Am Not Batman"
* "Ithica 27ø9"
* "New Paths to Helicon, Pt. 1"
* "End";"Mogwai Young Team" (1997)
* "Like Herod"
* "Radar Maker"
* "Summer [Priority Version] "
* "With Portfolio"
* "Mogwai Fear Satan";Come On Die Young (1999)
* "Kappa"
* "Waltz for Aidan"
* "May Nothing but Happiness Come Through Your Door"
* "Oh! How the Dogs Stack Up"
* "Ex-Cowboy"
* "Chocky"
* "Christmas Steps";EP+6 (2001)
* "Stereodee"
* "Rollerball"
* "Small Children in the Background"
* "Stanley Kubrick"
* "Christmas Song"
* "Burn Girl Prom-Queen"
* "Rage:Man";Rock Action (2001)
* "Sine Wave"
* "O I Sleep"
* "You Don't Know Jesus"
* "Robot Chant";Happy Songs for Happy People (2003)
* "Moses? I Amn't"
* "Kids Will Be Skeletons"
* "Ratts of the Capital"
* "Golden Porsche"
* "I Know You Are But What Am I?"
* "Stop Coming to My House";Mr Beast (2006)
* "Auto Rock"
* "Glasgow Mega-Snake"
* "Team Handed"
* "Friend of the Night"
* "Emergency Trap"
* "Folk Death 95"
* "We're No Here"

The Monks

* Skylab (theme from The Monks) ("Bad Habits")


* 16.12 ("Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined")
* 2 Candles, 1 Wish ("Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined")
* A Speeding Car ("One Step More and You Die")
* A Thousand Paper Cranes ("Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined")
* Com(?) ("One Step More and You Die")
* Giant Me On the Other Side ("One Step More and You Die")
* Halcyon (Beautiful Days) ("Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined")
* Halo ("One Step More and You Die")
* Loco Tracks ("One Step More and You Die")
* Lost Snow ("Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined")
* Mere Your Pathetique Light ("Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined")
* Mopish Morning, Halation Wiper ("One Step More and You Die")
* Ode ("Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined")
* Sabbath ("One Step More and You Die")
* The Sky Remains the Same As Ever ("Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined")
* Where Am I ("One Step More and You Die")
* The Flames Beyond The Cold Mountain ("You Are There")
* A Heart Has Asked For The Pleasure ("You Are There")
* Yearning ("You Are There")
* Are You There? ("You Are There")
* Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain (with ("World's End Girlfriend"))
* The Remains Of The Day ("You Are There")
* Moonlight ("You Are There")

Ronnie Montrose

* Black Box ("The Speed of Sound")
* Hyper-Thrust ("The Speed of Sound")
* Mach 1 ("The Speed of Sound")
* Monolith ("The Speed of Sound")
* Outer Marker Inbound ("The Speed of Sound")
* Sidewinder ("The Speed of Sound")
* Telstar ("The Speed of Sound")
* Vtol ("The Speed of Sound")
* Windshear ("The Speed of Sound")
* Zero G ("The Speed of Sound")

The Moody Blues

* Beyond ("To Our Children's Children's Children")
* Hole in the World ("The Present")
* The Voyage ("On the Threshold of a Dream")
* Water ("Journey into Amazing Caves")

The Mooney Suzuki

* It's Showtime Pt. II ("Electric Sweat")

Morbid Angel

* Desolate Ways ("Blessed are the Sick")
* Doomsday Celebration ("Blessed are the Sick")
* In Remembrance ("Blessed are the Sick")

The Mothers of Invention

* Aybe Sea ("Burnt Weeny Sandwich")
* Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula ("Weasels Ripped My Flesh")
* Eric Dolophy Memorial Barbecue ("Weasels Ripped My Flesh")
* Holiday in Berlin, Full-Blown ("Burnt Weeny Sandwich")
* Igor's Boogie, Phase One and Two ("Burnt Weeny Sandwich")
* Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin ("Absolutely Free")
* King Kong ("Uncle Meat")
* Legend of the Golden Arches ("Uncle Meat")
* Little House I Used to Live In ("Fillmore East - June 1971")
* Lonesome Electric Turkey ("Fillmore East - June 1971")
* Nasal Retentive Calliope Music ("We're Only in It for the Money")
* Nine Types of Industrial Pollution ("Uncle Meat")
* Overture to a Holiday in Berlin ("Burnt Weeny Sandwich")
* Peaches en Regalia ("Fillmore East - June 1971")
* Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask ("Weasels Ripped My Flesh")
* Sofa No. 1 ("One Size Fits All")
* The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny ("We're Only in It for the Money")
* The Orange County Lumber Truck ("Weasels Ripped My Flesh")
* Theme from Burnt Weeny Sandwich ("Burnt Weeny Sandwich")
* Toads of the Short Forest ("Weasels Ripped My Flesh")
* Uncle Meat Theme ("Uncle Meat")
* Weasels Ripped My Flesh ("Weasels Ripped My Flesh")
* Zolar Czakl ("Uncle Meat"):SEE ALSO: Frank Zappa Instrumentals.

Mötley Crüe

* Bittersuite ("Quarternary")
* God Bless the Children of the Beast ("Shout at the Devil")
* TNT (Terror N' Tinsletown) ("Dr. Feelgood")


* Instro ("Motörhead")


*Bedroom Acoustics ("Plug In Baby")
*Execution Commentary ("Plug In Baby") There are vocals, but they are very fast and are completely unintelligible. In addition, live performances do not include the "vocal" part.
*Forced In ("Hullabaloo Soundtrack") Like "Execution Commentary", this may not be classified as an instrumental since there are faint but clear vocals sung during most of the song.
*The Gallery ("Hullabaloo Soundtrack")
*Interlude ("Absolution")
*Intro ("Absolution")
*Piano Thing ("New Born")
*Mimimum ("Muscle Museum vinyl")
*Nishe - Played live before "Overdue",("Unintended")
*Riff Rucas- Played live as an outro to "Stockholm Syndrome" ("HAARP", "Absolution Tour" [Name taken from track list for the Absolution Tour DVD included in Australian Edition of Black Holes and Revelations.] )


* Epiphany ("XX (album)")
* Episode 29 ("XX (album)")
* Thirteen ("XIII (album)")

My Chemical Romance

* Romance ("I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love)



* Desert Land ("The Great Fall")
* Ground Zero ("The Great Fall")
* Misty Morning ("Desert Land")
* The Light at the End of the Tunnel ("Desert Land")
* Gates of Cair Paravel ("Long Live the King")
* Shadowlands (outro) ("Long Live the King")
* The Return of Aslan ("Awakening")


* Aslan's Country ("Nason")
* Boston John ("Nason")
* Cair Paravel ("Nason")
* Day In The Sun ("Nason")
* Oxplow Romp ("Nason")
* Ramallah ("Nason")
* Seldom Blue ("Nason")
* The One ("Nason")


* Rose in the Heather ("Hair of the Dog")

Neutral Milk Hotel

* The Fool ("In the Aeroplane Over the Sea")
* [untitled] ("In the Aeroplane Over the Sea")


* The Holocaust of Thought ("This Godless Endeavor")
* Precognition ("The Politics of Ecstasy")

New Order

* Avalanche ("Republic")
* Elegia ("Low Life")
* Homage
* Murder (single)
* Skullcrusher ("Salvation" soundtrack)
* Sputnik ("Salvation" soundtrack)
* Theme
* The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack (single)


* Instrumental (Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea) ("From Wishes to Eternity")
* Lappi (Lapland) II Witchdrums ("Angels Fall First")
* Lappi (Lapland) IV Etiäinen ("Angels Fall First")
* Last of The Wilds ("Dark Passion Play")
* Moondance ("Oceanborn")

Nine Inch Nails

* 999,999 ("The Slip")
* A Violet Fluid ("March of the Pigs")
* A Warm Place ("The Downward Spiral")
* Adrift and at Peace ("Still")
* Another Version Of The Truth ("Year Zero")
* At the Heart of It All ("Further Down the Spiral")
* Complication ("The Fragile")
* Corona Radiata ("The Slip")
* The Four of Us Are Dying ("The Slip")
* The Frail ("The Fragile")
* Gone, Still ("Still")
* Help Me I Am in Hell ("Broken")
* Hyperpower! ("Year Zero")
* Just Like You Imagined ("The Fragile)"
* Leaving Hope ("Still")
* March of the Fuckheads ("Closer to God")
* The Mark Has Been Made ("The Fragile") (the vocals near the end on the CD version are from "10 Miles High", a track not included on "The Fragile" CD)
* The Persistence of Loss ("Still")
* Pilgrimage ("The Fragile")
* Pinion ("Broken")
* Ripe ("The Fragile") (On CD versions, "Decay", a piece added to the track, is also instrumental.)
* You Know Who You Are ("Head Like a Hole") (This is an instrumental version of "Head Like a Hole")Nine Inch Nails also released "Ghosts I-IV", an instrumental album. The track "La Mer" (from "The Fragile") contains occasional vocal samples in French [ [ La Mer - NinWiki - Your source for information on Nine Inch Nails, Nine Inch Nails Ghosts, and NIN ] ] , and "Demon Seed" (from "The Slip") and "The Greater Good" (from "Year Zero") contain whispered vocals throughout [] . However, there is a completely instrumental version of the latter on the Survivalism single.


* Grey Goose (Demo, 1989) ("With the Lights Out")

No Use for a Name

* Failing Is Easier (Pt. 3) ("Keep Them Confused")


* Nocturne in Bm ("Thresholds")
* Outland ("Ethereal Tomb")


* Flossing A Dead Horse ("So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes")
* Instrumental ("Maximum Rocknroll")


* Hard wie Kruppstahl ("Hollands Goud")
* Hooka hey ("As 't mot")
* Twee mott'n ("Oerend Hard")
* Varkens pesten ("Hier is normaal")
* Zittende bolle ("Top of the bult")
* Brommers kiek'n ("ff zitten")

Ted Nugent

* Homebound ("Cat Scratch Fever")
* Free Flight ("Tooth Fang & Claw")
* Hibernation ("Tooth Fang & Claw")



* A Quick Peep ("Heathen Chemistry")
* Fuckin' in the Bushes ("Standing on the Shoulder of Giants", contains vocal samples)
* The Swamp Song ("The Masterplan")
* The Cage (hidden track on Heathen Chemistry)
* All Around the World (Reprise) ("Be Here Now")


* Redneck Stomp ("Frozen in Time")


* I Am The Morning ("Effloresce")
* Rinsed ("Effloresce")
* Unravel ("Effloresce")
* An Old Friend Of The Christy's ("Frames")
* Walking In The Air (no album)

Mike Oldfield

* Amarok
* Arrival ("QE2")
* Blue Peter ("Music Wonderland")
* Coflict ("QE2")
* Hergest Ridge
* In Dulci Jubilo (1975 single. Also appears on "Boxed" and on Ommadawn)
* Incantations (Parts 1 & 3) ("Incantations")
* Mount Teidi ("Five Miles Out")
* Ommadawn NOTE: At the very end of part 2, there is a short song called "On Horseback"
* Portsmouth ("Boxed")
* Platinum ("Platinum")
* Sailor's Hornpipe ("Music Wonderland")
* Taurus I ("QE2")
* The Wind Chimes ("Islands")
* Tubular Bells ("1, 2 & 3")
* Wonderful Land ("QE2")

Olivia Tremor Control

* California Demise, parts 1 and 2 ("Singles and Beyond")
* Christmas with William S. ("Singles and Beyond")
* Collage #1 ("Singles and Beyond")
* Cycle 1 ("")
* Cycle 2 ("")
* Cycle 3 ("")
* Cycle 4 ("")
* Cycle 5 ("")
* Cycle 6 ("")
* Cycle 7 ("")
* Cycle 8 ("")
* Cycle 9 ("")
* Frosted Ambassador ("Music from the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle")
* Green Typewriters, parts 2, 5, 6 and 8 ("Music from the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle")
* Late Music 2 ("Singles and Beyond")
* Tropical Bells ("Music from the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle")


* Ending Credits ("Damnation")
* Epilogue ("My Arms Your Hearse")
* For Absent Friends ("Deliverance")
* Madrigal ("My Arms Your Hearse")
* Patterns in the Ivy ("Blackwater Park")
* Prologue ("My Arms Your Hearse")
* Requiem ("Orchid")
* Silhouette ("Orchid")


* Frankenstein ("Horrorscope")
* Ghostdance ("I Hear Black")
* R.I.P. (Undone) ("W.F.O.")
* Anxiety ("Wrecking Your Neck Live")
* Feeding Frenzy ("The Killing Kind")

Ozzy Osbourne

* Dee ("Blizzard of Ozz")

Ozric Tentacles

*Entire song catalogue.


Pablo Cruise

* El Verano ("A Place in the Sun")

Jimmy Page

*"Emerald Eyes" ("Outrider")
*"Liquid Mercury" ("Outrider")
*"Writes of Winter" ("Outrider")

Pagan's Mind

* Back To The Magic Of Childhood: Conception, Pt. 1 ("Celestial Entrance")
* Back To The Magic Of Childhood: Exploring Life, Pt. 2 ("Celestial Entrance")
* Coming Home ("")
* Appearance ("")

Pain Of Salvation

* Dryad Of The Woods (Remedy Lane)
* Epilogue (The Perfect Element japanese edition)
* Falling (The Perfect Element)
* Pluvius Aestivus (BE)
* Remedy Lane (Remedy Lane)
* Spirit Of The Land (One Hour By The Concrete Lake)


* Pre-Hibernation ("")
* Blue Light Turnin' Red ("Projects In The Jungle")


*5 - 4 = Unity ("Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain")
*Drunks With Guns ("")

Pax Romana

*Pax Romana ("Tapir Quasar and the Bloody")
*The Ivory Towers of North Dakota (Live)

Alan Parsons

* Jigue ("Try Anything Once")
* Mammagamma '04 ("A Valid Path")
* Re-Jigue ("Try Anything Once")


* Visions (Doxology) ("Not of this World")
* John's Solo/Jesus Loves You/The Race ("Captured In Time and Space")
* Bob's Solo ("Captured In Time and Space")
* Louie's Solo ("Captured In Time and Space")
* Keyboard Solo ("Petra Farewell")
* Guitar Solo ("Petra Farewell")

Pearl Jam

* Brother ("Lost Dogs")


* Proliferous Souls ("Consuming Impulse")

John Petrucci

* Jaws of Life ("Suspended Animation")
* Glasgow Kiss ("Suspended Animation")
* Tunnel Vision ("Suspended Animation")
* Wishful Thinking ("Suspended Animation")
* Damage Control ("Suspended Animation")
* Curve ("Suspended Animation")
* Lost Without You ("Suspended Animation")
* Animate-Inanimate ("Suspended Animation")


* Auld Lang Syne ("Live at Madison Square Gardens, New Year's Eve 1995")
* Cars Trucks Buses ("Billy Breathes")
* Eliza ("A Picture of Nectar")
* Faht ("A Picture of Nectar")
* First Tube ("Farmhouse")
* Maggie's Revenge ("Undermind")
* Magilla ("A Picture of Nectar")
* Riker's Mailbox ("Hoist")
* The Inlaw Josie Wales ("Farmhouse")
* The Landlady ("A Picture of Nectar")
* The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony ("Lawn Boy")You Enjoy Myself

the pillows

*"Paper Triangle" from Runners High
*"Thunder Whales Picnic" from Smile
*"Super Trampoline School Kid" from Penalty Life
*"Bad Dreams" from Good Dreams
*"March of the God" from MY FOOT

Piltdown Men

*Brontosaurus Stomp

Pink Floyd

* Any Colour You Like ("The Dark Side of the Moon")
* Atom Heart Mother ("Atom Heart Mother")
* Cluster One ("The Division Bell")
* Dramatic Theme ("Soundtrack from the Film More")
* Heart Beat, Pig Meat ("Zabriskie Point")
* Interstellar Overdrive ("The Piper at the Gates of Dawn")
* Love Scene Versions IV and VI ("Zabriskie Point")
* Main Theme ("Soundtrack from the Film More")
* Marooned ("The Division Bell")
* More Blues ("Soundtrack from the Film More")
* Mudmen ("Obscured by Clouds")
* Nick's Boogie ("Tonite Let's All Make Love in London")
* Obscured by Clouds ("Obscured by Clouds")
* On the Run ("Dark Side of the Moon")
* One of These Days - ("Meddle")
* Party Sequence ("Soundtrack from the Film More")
* Quicksilver ("Soundtrack from the Film More")
* Round and Around ("A Momentary Lapse of Reason")
* Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict ("Ummagumma")
* Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts I-III, V-VI, VIII-IX ("Wish You Were Here")
* Signs of Life ("A Momentary Lapse of Reason")
* Sysyphus Parts I-IV ("Ummagumma")
* Terminal Frost ("A Momentary Lapse of Reason")
* The Grand Vizier's Garden Party Parts I-III ("Ummagumma")
* The Last Few Bricks ("Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81")
* The Narrow Way Parts I and II ("Ummagumma")
* Unknown Song (aka Rain in the Country) ("Zabriskie Point")
* Up the Khyber ("Soundtrack from the Film More")
* When You're In ("Obscured by Clouds")


* Cecilia Ann ("Bossanova")
* Letter to Memphis ("Complete B-Sides")
* Theme from Narc ("Complete B-Sides")
* Velvety Instrumental Version ("Complete B-Sides")


* Celestial ("Satellite")
* Eternal ("Payable On Death")
* Guitarras de Amor ("Satellite")
* Lo Siento ("The Fundamental Elements of Southtown")
* Rosa Linda ("The Warriors EP")
* Sabbath ("The Warriors EP") "Instrumental track of 'Follow Me' ("The Fundamental Elements of Southtown")"

The Police

* Behind My Camel ("Zenyatta Mondatta")
* Reggatta De Blanc ("Reggatta De Blanc")
* The Other Way of Stopping ("Zenyatta Mondatta")
* Shambelle ("")
* A Kind Of Loving ("")
* How Stupid Mr. Bates ("")
* Light Changes ("The Police Around The World")
* Flexible Strategies ("")


* Aardvark ("Burger Queen Français Single")
* Bulletproof Cupid ("Sleeping with Ghosts")
* Detox Five ("Twenty Years Single")
* Dub Psychosis ("Special K Single")
* Evalia ("The Bitter End Single")
* H.K. Farewell ("Placebo")
* Hare Krishna ("36 Degrees Single")
* Hug Bubble ("Teenage Angst Single")
* Innocence Of Sleep ("Pure Morning Single")
* Ion ("You Don't Care About Us Single")
* Leeloo ("Pure Morning Single")
* Needledick ("Pure Morning Single")
* Oxygen Thief ("Come Home Single")
* Theme From Funky Reverend ("Taste in Men Single")

Porcupine Tree

* Ambulance Chasing ("Recordings EP")
* Bornlivedie ("Signify")
* Burning Sky ("Up the Downstair")
* Cloud Zero ("Staircase Infinities EP")
* Dark Origins ("Insignificance EP")
* Door To The River ("Metanoia")
* Hallogallo ("Insignificance EP")
* Idiot Prayer ("Signify")
* Insignificance ("Metanoia"))
* Intermediate Jesus ("Signify")
* Light Mass Prayer ("Signify")
* Mesmer (Part One) ("Metanoia")
* Mesmer (Part Two) ("Metanoia")
* Metanoia ("Metanoia")
* Milan ("Metanoia")
* Moonloop ("Moonloop EP")
* Mother & Child Divided
* Navigator ("Staircase Infinities EP")
* Neural Rust ("Insignificance EP")
* Nil Recurring ("Nil Recurring")
* Oceans Have No Memory ("Recordings EP")
* On The Sunday Of Life ("On The Sunday Of Life")
* Orchidia ("Futile EP")
* Pagan ("Signify")
* Prepare Yourself ("The Sky Moves Sideways")
* Rainy taxi ("Staircase Infinities EP")
* Signify ("Signify")
* Stupid Dream ("Stupid Dream")
* The Sky Moves Sideways (Part Two) ("The Sky Moves Sideways")
* Tinto Brass ("Stupid Dream")
* Transmission IV ("Transmission IV")
* Untitled ("Recordings")
* Waiting (Phase Two) ("Signify")
* Wedding Nails ("In Absentia")
* Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape ("Staircase Infinities EP")

The Pretenders

* Space Invader ("Pretenders")

Primal Scream

* Inner Flight ("Screamadelica")


* Behind My Camel ("Rhinoplasty")
* Captain Shiner ("Tales from the Punchbowl")
* Hail Santa ("Pork Soda")
* Hamburger Train ("Pork Soda")
* Intro ("Antipop")
* Porkchop's Little Ditty (Parts 1 & 2) ("Pork Soda")
* Sathington Waltz ("Sailing the Seas of Cheese")
* Silly Putty ("Rhinoplasty")
* Space Farm ("Tales from the Punchbowl")
* Tippi Toes ("Miscellaneous Debris")
* To Defy ("Frizzle Fry")
* Wounded Knee ("Pork Soda")
* You Can't Kill Michael Malloy ("Frizzle Fry")

Public Image Ltd.

* Graveyard ("Metal Box")
* Socialist ("Metal Box")
* Radio 4 ("Metal Box")



* Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men) ("Flash Gordon")
* Battle Theme ("Flash Gordon")
* Brighton Rock Solo ("Live at Wembley '86")
* Chinese Torture ("The Miracle")
* Crash Dive on Mingo City ("Flash Gordon")
* Escape From the Swamp ("Flash Gordon")
* Execution of Flash ("Flash Gordon")
* Flash to the Rescue ("Flash Gordon")
* Football Fight ("Flash Gordon")
* Forever ("A Kind of Magic")
* God Save the Queen ("A Night at the Opera")
* Guitar Solo ("Queen on Fire - Live at the Bowl" and "Return of the Champions")
* Impromptu ("Live at Wembley '86")
* In the Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise) ("Flash Gordon")
* In the Space Capsule (Love Theme) ("Flash Gordon")
* The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash) ("Flash Gordon")
* Let There Be Drums ("Return of the Champions")
* Last Horizon ("Return of the Champions", originally appearing on Brian May's "Back To The Light")
* Marriage of Dale and Ming (And Flash Approaching) ("Flash Gordon")
* Ming's Theme (In the Court of Ming the Merciless) ("Flash Gordon")
* Procession ("Queen II")
* The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction of Dale) ("Flash Gordon")
* Seven Seas of Rhye (1973 version) ("Queen")
* Untitled (last track on CD release of "Made in Heaven")
* Vultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men) ("Flash Gordon")
* The Wedding March ("Flash Gordon")

Queens of the Stone Age

* Hispanic Impressions ("Queens of the Stone Age")
* Lightning Song ("Rated R")
* Spiders and Vinegaroons ("Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age")
* These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For ("Queens of the Stone Age/Beaver Split CD")


* Anarchy-X ()
* Freiheit Overture ()
* Waiting for 22 ()

Quicksilver Messenger Service

* Calvary ("Happy Trails")
* Maiden of the Cancer Moon ("Happy Trails")


=Racer X=

* B.R.O. ("Technical Difficulties (album)")
* Frenzy ("Street Lethal")
* Phallic Tractor ("Technical Difficulties (album)")
* Scarified ("2nd Heat")
* Scit Scat Wah ("Extreme Volume - Live")
* Technical Difficulties ("Technical Difficulties (album)")
* Viking Kong ("Superheroes")
* Y.R.O. ("Street Lethal")
* Catapult To Extinction ("Getting Heavier (album)")


* Fast Track ("Pyramid Song")
* Hunting Bears ("Amnesiac")
* I Am Citizen Insane ("Go to Sleep")
* Meeting in the Aisle ("Airbag/How Am I Driving?")
* Treefingers ("Kid A")
* Where Bluebirds Fly ("There there")


* Alive But Dead (Instrumental Orchestra Version) ("Lingua Mortis")
* Grapes of Wrath ("Execution Guaranteed")
* Lunatic ("Welcome to the Other Side")
* Marching Heroes (The Wooden Cross) ("Trapped")
* Overture ("XIII")
* Requiem ("Welcome to the Other Side")
* Trauma ("Welcome to the Other Side")
* Unity ("From the Cradle to the Stage")
* Unity ("Unity")
* What's Up ("Reflections of A Shadow")


* Still I'm Sad ("Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow")
* Weiss Heim ("Finyl Vinyl", originally a B-side from the 1980 single All Night Long)
* Vielleicht Das Nachste Mal (Maybe Next Time) ("Difficult to Cure")
* Difficult To Cure (Beethoven's Ninth) ("Difficult to Cure")
* Anyone There ("Bent Out Of Shape")


* 5/4 ("Mutter single")

Reb Beach

* Black Magic (Guitars that Rule the World)
* Get Out and Walk (Masquerade)
* Spaghetti Western (The Mob)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

* Behind the Sun (Instrumental Demo) ("The Uplift Mofo Party Plan 2003 reissue")
* Christchurch Fireworks Music (Can't Stop Single)
* Drum Homage Medley ("Live in Hyde Park")
* Fela's Cock ("Under the Bridge single")
* Flea's Trumpet Treated By John ("Live in Hyde Park")
* Freaky Styley (Original Long Version) ("Freaky Styley 2003 reissue")
* Grand Pappy Du Plenty ("The Red Hot Chili Peppers")
* Instrumental #1 ("Scar Tissue")
* Instrumental #2 ("Californication (Australian Release)")
* Intro ("Live in Hyde Park")
* Me and My Friends (Instrumental Demo) ("The Uplift Mofo Party Plan 2003 reissue")
* Permutation ("Snow ((Hey Oh)) single")
* Pretty Little Ditty ("Mother's Milk")
* Salute To Kareem ("Mother's Milk 2003 reissue")
* Song That Made Us What We Are Today (Demo) ("Mother's Milk 2003 reissue")
* Slowly, Deeply ("Universally Speaking single")
* Teatro Jam ("Around the World single")

Red Sparowes

* A Brief Moment of Clarity Broke through The Deafening Hum, but It Was Too Late ("At The Soundless Dawn")
* Alone and Unaware, the Landscape Was Transformed in Front of Our Eyes ("At The Soundless Dawn")
* Buildings Began to Stretch Wide Across the Sky, and the Air Filled with a Reddish Glow ("At The Soundless Dawn")
* Mechanical Sounds Cascaded through the City Walls and Everyone Reveled in Their Ignorance ("At The Soundless Dawn")
* Our Happiest Days Slowly Began to Turn into Dust ("At The Soundless Dawn")
* The Sixth Extinction Crept Up Slowly, Like Sunlight Through the Shutters, as We Looked Back in Regret ("At The Soundless Dawn")
* The Soundless Dawn Came Alive as Cities Began to Mark the Horizon ("At The Soundless Dawn")

Lou Reed

* Dorita ("Magic and Loss")
* Metal Machine Music, Parts I-IV ("Metal Machine Music")

Reel Big Fish

* Victory Over Peter Bones ("Why Do They Rock So Hard?")
* Sayonara Senorita ("Cheer Up!")
* 241 ("Turn The Radio Off")
* Jig ("Everything Sucks")
* Hidden Track ("We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy")


* 165 Hillcrest ("All the Way to Reno" B-Side)
* 2JN ("Imitation of Life" B-Side)
* Andy Gets Fired ("Man on the Moon - Music From the Motion Picture")
* Emphysema ("Daysleeper" B-side)
* Endgame ("Out of Time")
* Forty Second Song ("Shiny Happy People" B-side)
* Fruity Organ ("Automatic Box")
* Last Date ("") - cover of Floyd Cramer song
* Lynne & Andy ("Man on the Moon - Music From the Motion Picture")
* Mandolin Strum ("Automatic Box")
* Memphis Train Blues ("Stand" B-side)
* Milk & Cookies ("Man on the Moon - Music From the Motion Picture")
* Miracle ("Man on the Moon - Music From the Motion Picture")
* New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 ("Automatic for the People")
* New Orleans Instrumental No. 2 ("Automatic Box")
* Organ Song ("Automatic Box")
* Rotary Ten ("Dead Letter Office")
* Rotary Eleven ("Losing My Religion" B-side)
* Surfing the Ganges ("Lotus" B-side)
* Tighten Up ("Reckoning" extended re-issue)
* Tony Thrown Out ("Man on the Moon - Music From the Motion Picture")
* Tricycle ("E-Bow The Letter" B-Side)
* Walter's Theme ("Dead Letter Office")
* White Tornado ("Dead Letter Office")
* Winged Mammal Theme ("Automatic Box", "Drive" B-Side)
* Zither ("New Adventures in Hi-Fi")

The Residents

* Japanese Watercolor ("The Commercial Album")
* Mr Bee's Bumble ("Animal Lover")
* Booker Tease (" Duck Stab!")

The Reverend Horton Heat

* Big Sky ("Liquor in the Front")
* Bullet ("Smoke 'em if You Got 'em")
* 'D' for Dangerous ("Smoke 'em if You Got 'em")
* Duel at the Two O'Clock Bell ("Lucky 7")
* Marijuana ("Holy Roller")
* Pride of San Jacinto ("Space Heater")
* The Prophet Stomp ("Space Heater")
* Show Pony ("Lucky 7")


*Trolls in the Dark ("Dawn of Victory")
*Virgin skies ("Legendary Tales")


* Grasshopper ("Going Blank Again")

Rob Rock

* In the Beginning ("Rage of Creation")

Rob Zombie

* Sawdust In The Blood ("Educated Horses")
* 100 Ways ("Educated Horses")

The Rolling Stones

* "Now I've Got a Witness (Like Uncle Phil and Uncle Gene)" ("The Rolling Stones")
* "2120 South Michigan Avenue" ("12x5")

Roxy Music

* India ("Avalon")
* Tara ("Avalon")


* Broon's Bane ("Exit...Stage Left")
* Cygnus X-1 (Rio Version) ("Rush in Rio")
* Der Trommler ("R30 Live In Frankfurt")
* Hope ("Snakes & Arrows")
* La Villa Strangiato ("Hemispheres")
* Leave That Thing Alone ("Counterparts")
* Limbo ("Test for Echo")
* The Main Monkey Business ("Snakes & Arrows")
* O Baterista ("Rush in Rio")
* R30 Overture ("R30 Live In Frankfurt")
* Rhythm Method ("A Show of Hands")
* Where's My Thing ("Roll the Bones")
* Working Man: Live Drum Solo ("All the World's a Stage")
* YYZ ("Moving Pictures")


* Mermaid ("Love Deluxe") 1992
* Punch Drunk ("Promise") 1985


* Aqua Marine ("Marathon")
* Batuka ("3")
* Bella ("Blues for Salvador"}
* Blues for Salvador ("Blues for Salvador")
* Coconut Grove
* Cry of the Wilderness ("Caravanserai")
* El Farol ("Supernatural")
* Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) ("Amigos")
* Every Step of the Way (Caravanserai")
* Flor D'Luna (Moonflower) ("Moonflower (album)")
* Free Angela ("Lotus")
* Freeway
* Hannibal ("Blues for Salvador")
* I Love You Much Too Much
* Incident at Neshabur ("Abraxas")
* Jungle Strut ("3")
* La Fuente del Ritmo ("Caravanserai")
* La Puesta del Sol
* Mudbone
* Nueva York
* Primera Invasion
* Revelations
* Samba de Sausalito ("Welcome")
* Samba Pa Ti ("Abraxas")
* Singing Winds, Crying Beasts ("Abraxas")
* Song For Devadip
* Song Of The Wind ("Caravanserai")
* Soul Sacrifice ("Santana")
* Tales of Kilimanjaro
* Touchdown Raiders
* Treat ("Santana")
* Trinity ("All That I Am")
* Victory Is Won ("Shaman")

Santo & Johnny

* Sleep Walk

Joe Satriani

* A Cool New Way ("Super Colossal")
* A Love Eternal ("Super Colossal")
* Always with Me, Always with You ("Surfing With The Alien")
* A Piece of Liquid ("Crystal Planet")
* A Train of Angels ("Crystal Planet")
* Back to Shalla-Bal ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* Borg Sex ("Engines of Creation")
* Brother John ("Not of This Earth")
* Ceremony ("Crystal Planet")
* Circles ("Surfing With The Alien")
* Crushing Day ("Surfing With The Alien")
* Cryin' ("The Extremist")
* Crystal Planet ("Crystal Planet")
* Day at the Beach ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* Devil's Slide ("Engines of Creation ")
* Driving at Night ("Not of This Earth")
* Echo ("Surfing With The Alien")
* Flying in a Blue Dream ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* Friends ("The Extremist")
* GNAAHH! ("Is There Love in Space?")
* Hands in the Air ("Is There Love in Space?")
* Headless ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* Headless Horseman ("Not of This Earth")
* Hill of the Skull ("Surfing With The Alien")
* House Full of Bullets ("Crystal Planet")
* Hordes of Locusts ("Not of This Earth")
* Ice 9 ("Surfing With The Alien")
* Into the Light ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* It's So Good ("Super Colossal")
* Just Like Lightnin' ("Super Colossal")
* Lights of Heaven ("Crystal Planet")
* Lords of Karma ("Surfing With The Alien")
* Love Thing ("Crystal Planet")
* Luminous Flesh Giants ("Joe Satriani")
* Made Of Tears ("Super Colossal")
* Memories ("Not of This Earth")
* Midnight ("Surfing With The Alien")
* Motorcycle Driver ("The Extremist")
* Movin' On ("Super Colossal")
* New Blues ("The Extremist")
* New Day ("Not of This Earth")
* Not of This Earth ("Not of This Earth")
* One Big Rush ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* One Robot's Dream ("Super Colossal")
* Psycho Monkey ("Crystal Planet")
* Raspberry Jam Delta-V ("Crystal Planet")
* Redshift Riders ("Super Colossal")
* Rubina ("Not of This Earth")
* Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness ("The Extremist")
* Satch Boogie ("Surfing With The Alien")
* Secret Prayer ("Crystal Planet")
* Summer Song ("The Extremist")
* Super Colossal ("Super Colossal")
* Surfing with the Alien ("Surfing With The Alien")
* Tears in the Rain ("The Extremist")
* Ten Words ("Super Colossal")
* The Bells of Lal (Part 1) ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* The Bells of Lal (Part 2) ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* The Crush of Love ("Dreaming #11")
* The Extremist ("The Extremist")
* The Enigmatic ("Not of This Earth")
* The Feeling ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* The Forgotten (Part 1) ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* The Forgotten (Part 2) ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* The Meaning of Love ("Super Colossal")
* The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing ("Flying in a Blue Dream")
* The Snake ("Not of This Earth")
* Theme For A Strange World ("Super Colossal")
* Time ("Crystal Planet")
* Trundrumbalind ("Crystal Planet")
* Up in Flames ("Is There Love in Space?")
* Up in the Sky ("Crystal Planet")
* War ("The Extremist")
* Why ("The Extremist")
* With Jupiter in Mind ("Crystal Planet")
* ZZ's Song ("Crystal Planet")


* Caution Should Be Used While Driving A Motor Vehicle Or Operating Machinery ("Riddles Are Abound Tonight")


"See also Trans-Siberian Orchestra"
* Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) ("Dead Winter Dead")
* Exit Music ("Edge of Thorns")
* Labyrinths ("Edge of Thorns")
* Last Dawn ("Hall of the Mountain King")
* Memory (Dead Winter Dead Intro) ("Dead Winter Dead")
* Mozart and Madness ("Dead Winter Dead")
* Overture ("Dead Winter Dead")
* Prelude to Madness("Hall of the Mountain King")
* Silk and Steel ("Gutter Ballet")
* Underture ("The Wake of Magellan")
* Temptation Revelation ("Gutter Ballet")
* The Ocean ("The Wake of Magellan")
* The Storm ("The Wake of Magellan")
* Visions ("Handful of Rain")


* Coast to Coast ("Lovedrive")
* Concerto in V ("Live Bites")
* Deadly Sting Suite ("Moment of Glory")
* Crossfire ("Moment of Glory")
* Night Lights ("In Trance")


* Karu (The Funeral Album)
* Where Waters Fall Frozen (The Funeral Album)
* Mourn (Frozen)
* Burn (Semi-instrumental) (Frozen)
* Konevitsan Kirkonkellot (The Cold White Light)
* Intro - The Gate (Down)
* 0132 (Down)
* The Golden Stream of Lapland (Amok)


* Inquisition Symphony (Schizophrenia)
* Kaiowas (Chaos A.D.)
* The Abyss (Schizophrenia)
* Kamaitachi (Against)
* F.O.E. (Against)
* Valtio (Nation)


* Kogaion ("Zalmoxe")
* Lume albă ("Lume albă")
* Orchestra de studenţi
* Răsărit ("Lume albă")
* Sinteze ("Lume albă")


* Ancient Winds ("Ritual")

The Shadows

* Apache (The Shadows' Greatest Hits) 1963
* Atlantis (More Hits!) 1965
* Equinoxe Part V (Change of Address) 1980
* FBI (The Shadows' Greatest Hits) 1963
* Guitar Tango (The Shadows' Greatest Hits) 1963
* Riders In The Sky (String of Hits) 1980
* Theme From 'The Deer Hunter' (String of Hits) 1980
* The Third Man (Live at Abbey Road/Live at the Liverpool Empire) 2001 (recorded 1989)
* Wonderful Land (The Shadows' Greatest Hits) 1963

Billy Sheehan

* A Million Tears Ago ("Cosmic Troubadour" [US Bonus Track] )
* A Tower in the Sky ("Cosmic Troubadour")
* Don't Look Down ("Cosmic Troubadour")
* Dreams of Discontent ("Cosmic Troubadour")
* Entrance Point ("Cosmic Troubadour" [Japanese Bonus Track] )
* Hope ("Cosmic Troubadour")
* Indisputable Truth #1 ("Cosmic Troubadour")
* Long Walk Home ("Cosmic Troubadour")
* NV43345 ("The Talas Years")
* Taj ("Cosmic Troubadour")
* The Suspense is Killing Me ("Cosmic Troubadour")


* Madman ("Frogstomp")

=A Silver Mt. Zion=

* 13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round the Side of Your Bed ("He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…")
* Blown-Out Joy from Heaven's Mercied Hole ("He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…")
* Broken Chords Can Sing a Little ("He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…")
* C'mon Come On (Loose an Endless Longing) ("Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward.")
* For Wanda ("He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…")
* Long March Rocket or Doomed Airliner ("He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…")
* More Action! Less Tears! ("The "Pretty Little Lightning Paw" E.P.")
* Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats of Fire Are Falling From the Sky! ("Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward.")
* Sit in the Middle of Three Galloping Dogs ("He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…")
* Sow Some Lonesome Corners So Many Flowers Bloom (""This Is Our Punk-Rock," Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing,")
* Stumble Then Rise on Some Awkward Morning ("He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…")
* This Gentle Hearts like Shots Birds Fallen ("Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward.")
* Tho You Are Gone I Still Often Walk With You ("Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward.")
* Triumph of Our Tired Eyes ("Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward.")

NOTES: Tracks "More Action! Less Tears!" and "Sow Some Lonesome Corners So Many Flowers Bloom" features yelling at the beginning


* Genesis ("Beginnings")
* M'Hat, M'Coat ("Til Deaf Do Us Part")


* 74261700027 ("Slipknot")
* (515) ("Iowa")
* Drum Solo ("")

The Small Faces

* Ogden's Nut Gone Flake ("Ogden's Nut Gone Flake")
* Collibosher ("The Autumn Stone")
* Wide Eyed Girl on the Wall ("The Autumn Stone")
* The Pigs Trotters
* The War of the Worlds

The Smashing Pumpkins

* Bullet Train to Osaka (I Am One)
* Sinfony ("Earphoria")
* Why am I so Tired ("Earphoria")
* Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness ("Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness")
* Infinite Sadness ("Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" vinyl release)
* Tribute to Johnny (Zero/"The Aeroplane Flies High")
* Pastichio Medley (Zero/"The Aeroplane Flies High")
* The Ethers Tragic (The End is the Beginning is the End)
* The Guns of Love Disastrous (The End is the Beginning is the End")
* 17 ("Adore")
* Hope ("Still Becoming Apart")
* Le Deux Machina (" [MACHINA II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music] "] )

The Smiths

* Money Changes Everything (b-side to Bigmouth Strikes Again, compiled on "The World Won't Listen")
* Oscillate Wildly (b-side to How Soon Is Now?, compiled on "The World Won't Listen" and "Louder Than Bombs")
* The Draize Train (b-side to Panic, live version appears on "Rank")

The Soft Boys

* You'll Have To Go Sideways ("Underwater Moonlight")

Sonata Arctica

* Revontulet ("Silence")
* Reckoning Day, Reckoning Night... ("Reckoning Night")

Sounds Incorporated

* In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Spastic Ink

* Mad Data Race ("Ink Complete")
* A Morning with Squeakie ("Ink Complete")
* Just a Little Dirty ("Ink Complete")
* See, And It's Sharp! ("Ink Complete")
* Suspended On All Fours ("Ink Complete")
* A Wild Hare ("Ink Complete")
* Harm And Half-Time Baking Shuffle ("Ink Complete")
* To Counter & Groove In E Minor ("Ink Complete")
* That 178 Thing ("Ink Complete")
* Eighths Is Enough ("Ink Complete")
* Mosquito Brain Surgery ("Ink Complete")
* Read Me ("Ink Compatible"}
* The Cereal Mouse ("Ink Compatible"}

Split Enz

* Double Happy ("True Colours")
* The Choral Sea ("True Colours")
* Wail ("Corroboree")
* Albert of India ("Corroboree")
* The Lost Cat ("See Ya Round")

Spock's Beard

* Chatauqua ("Beware of Darkness")
* The Healing Colors of Sound (Part 1) ("Day for Night")
* Ladies and Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto on the Keyboards ("Snow")
* Letting Go ("Octane")
* NWC ("Octane")
* Second Overture ("Snow")
* Snow's Night Out ("Snow")
* Skeletons at the Feast ("Spock's Beard")

Bruce Springsteen

* Paradise by the "C" ("Live/1975-85")
* Once Upon a Time in the West ("We All Love Ennio Morricone")


* 10.22 ("Often Lie")
* Chairman of the Bored ("Leave Your Name")
* Circular Memories ("Leave Your Name")
* Mr. Nathan ("Leave Your Name")

Steely Dan

* East St. Louis Toodle-oo ("Pretzel Logic")

Streetlight Manifesto

* Riding the Fourth Wave ("Keasbey Nights")

Jim Steinman

* The Storm ("Bad for Good")

Al Stewart

* Burbling ("Zero She Flies")
* Room of Roots ("Zero She Flies")
* The Black Danube ("Life Between the Wars")

David A. Stewart & Candy Dulfer

* Lily Was Here ("Lily Was Here")


* The Dream Of The Blue Turtles ("The Dream of the Blue Turtles")
* Prelude to the End of the Game ("Brand New Day")
* Saint Agnes And The Burning Train ("The Soul Cages")


* Adrift ("Emotional Playground")

Stone Temple Pilots

* Daisy ("Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop")
* No Memory ("Core")
* Press Play ("Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop")

Stormtroopers of Death

* March of the S.O.D ("Speak English or Die")


* trustkilltrust ("Strata")
* The Brothers ("Strata Presents The End of the World")
* Natoma Alley ("Strata Presents The End of the World")


* Atlantis (Dreamspace)
* Call of the Wilderness (Fourth Dimension)
* Episode (Episode)
* Firedance (Fright Night)
* Goodbye (Fright Night)
* Holy Light (Visions)
* Holy Solos -medley- (Visions of Europe)
* Metal Frenzy (Twilight Time)
* Requiem (Intermission)
* Stratofortress (Elements, Pt. 1)
* Stratosphere (Episode)
* Stratovarius (Fourth Dimension)


* Aku Aku ("Pieces of Eight")
* Clair de Lune ("Crystal Ball")
* Little Fugue in "G" ("Styx II")
* The Message ("Pieces of Eight")
* Prelude 12 ("Equinox")
* State Street Sadie ("Paradise Theatre")


* Falling Idols ("Robbin' the Hood")
* Thanx Dub ("Second Hand Smoke")
* Waiting for Bud ("Robbin' the Hood")

Suicidal Tendencies

* Surf & Slam ("How Will I Laugh Tomorrow...")
* Suicyco Mania (on "FNG" only)

Sum 41

* 32 Ways To Die ("Half Hour Of Power")
* Grab The Devil By The Horns And Fuck Him Up The Ass ("Half Hour Of Power")
* Ride The Chariot To The Devil ("Half Hour Of Power")

Gene Summers

* Gene Summers and The Tom Toms ("Peanut Butter", "Loco Cat", "Thunderwater")
* Gene Summers and His Rebels ("Floppin"')

The Surfaris

* Wipeout

The Sword

* Celestial Crown ("Age of Winters")
* March of the Lor [Instrumental in 8 Movements] ("Age of Winters")

Symphony X

* Into the Dementia ("Symphony X")
* Sonata ("Twilight in Olympus")
* The Eyes Of Medusa: The Isle Of Deadly Shores ("The Divine Wings Of Tragedy")
* The Divine Wings Of Tragedy - Part II: In The Room Of Thrones ("The Divine Wings Of Tragedy")
* The Divine Wings Of Tragedy - Part VI: Bringer Of The Apocalypse ("The Divine Wings Of Tragedy")
* Prelude {"")
* Death of Balance / Lacrymosa ("")
* On the Breath of Poseidon ("V: The New Mythology Suite")
* Rediscovery ("V: The New Mythology Suite")
* Trancendence ("V: The New Mythology Suite")
* The Odyssey - Part I: Odysseus' Theme / Overture ("The Odyssey")
* The Odyssey - Part VI: Scylla and Charybdis ("The Odyssey")
* The Odyssey (Overture Demo) ("Rarities And Demos")
* Star Wars Suite ("Rarities And Demos")
* Oculus ex Inferni ("Paradise Lost")


Tears For Fears

* Saxophones as opiates ("Suffer the childeren" single)
* Empire Building ("Songs from the big chair" bonus track)
* Pharaos ("Songs from the big chair" bonus track)
* The marauders ("Songs from the big chair" bonus track)
* Music for tables ("The seeds of love" bonus track)

Teenage Fanclub

* Is This Music? ("Bandwagonesque")


* A Musical Death ("The New Order")
* Confusion Fusion ("Practice What You Preach")
* Hammer of the Gods ("The Gathering")
* Hypnosis ("The New Order")
* Signs of Chaos ("The Ritual")


* Prelude ("Theocracy")


* Big Cave In ("Suicide Pact - You First")
* D.L.C. ("Pleasure Death")

They Might Be Giants

* Drinkin' (AKA Drinking) ("Long Tall Weekend")
* Lady is a Tramp ("Miscellaneous T")
* Severe Tire Damage Theme ("Severe Tire Damage")
* Space Suit ("Apollo 18")
* God's Sister Jessica

Thin Lizzy

* Banshee (Nightlife)


* Mexican Hairless ("Rubberneck")
*ATF ("Live from Paradise")

Tommy & The Tom Toms aka Bill Smith Combo

*Heartbreak Hotel
*Thunder Water
*The Waltz You Saved For Me
*Are You Lonesome Tonight
*Tippin' In
*Saints (When The Saints Go Marching In)


* Cesaro Summability ("Ænima")
* Eon Blue Apocalypse ("Lateralus")
* Intermission ("Ænima")
* (-) Ions ("Ænima")
* Lipan Conjuring ("10,000 Days")
* Mantra ("Lateralus")
* Merkaba ("Salival")
* Triad ("Lateralus")
* Useful Idiot ("Ænima")
* Viginti Tres ("10,000 Days")

=Tony Banks=

* From The Undertow ("A Curious Feeling")
* Forever Morning ("A Curious Feeling")
* The Waters Of Lethe ("A Curious Feeling")
* Thirty Threes ("The Fugitive")
* Charm ("The Fugitive")
* Thursday The Twelfth ("Bankstatement")

The Tornados

* Telstar


* Child's Anthem ("Toto")
* Dave's Gone Skiing ("Tambu")
* Don't Stop Me Now ("Fahrenheit")
* Jake To The Bone ("Kingdom of Desire")
* Maiden Voyage / Butterfly ("Through the Looking Glass")
* The Reeferman ("Falling In Between")


* America ("Crawl to China")
* Descent into the Maelstrom ("Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance")
* Immunity Vector ("Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm")
* K517 ("Vanishing Lessons")
* Viento Borrasco ("Psycho Surgery")
* Whitewashed Tomb ("Stop the Bleeding")


* Glad ("John Barleycorn Must Die")
* Tragic Magic ("Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory")

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

* Christmas Eve in Sarajevo ("Christmas Eve and Other Stories")
* First Snow ("Christmas Eve and Other Stories")
* A Mad Russian's Christmas ("Christmas Eve and Other Stories")
* The Silent Nutcracker ("Christmas Eve and Other Stories")
* Wizards in Winter ("The Lost Christmas Eve")

Trent Reznor

* Driver Down ("Lost Highway")


*"The City" "Part 1 : War March and Part 2 : El Duende Agonizante" ("Rock & Roll Machine")
*"Fantasy Serenade" ("Just a Game")
*"Finger Takin'" ("Progressions of Power")
*"Air Raid" ("Allied Forces")
*"Petite Etude" ("Allied Forces")
*"A Minor Prelude" ("Never Surrender")
*"Overture (Processional)" ("Never Surrender")
*"Epilogue (Resolution)" ("Never Surrender")
*"Midsummer's Daydream" ("Thunder Seven" and "Stages")
*"Embrujo" ("The Sport of Kings")
*"Prologue : Into the Forever" ("Surveillance")
*"Prelude : The Waking Dream" ("Surveillance")


* A View of Burning Empires ("Ember to Inferno")
* Ashes ("Ember to Inferno")
* Inception, The Burning Skies ("Ember to Inferno")
* The End of Everything ("Ascendancy")
* The Crusade ("The Crusade")


* The Blizzard of Flames ("Scandinavian Leather")



* Things to Make and Do (B-side to A Day Without Me
* Endless Deep (B-side to Sunday Bloody Sunday)
* Boomerang I (B-side to Pride (In the Name of Love))
* 4th of July (from The Unforgettable Fire)
* Bass Trap (B-side to The Unforgettable Fire)
* Outake 2: Sixty Seconds In Kingdom Come (B-side to The Unforgettable Fire)
* Race Against Time (B-Side to Where the Streets Have No Name)

Ugly Kid Joe

* Rage Against The Answering Machine ("Motel California")

Umphrey's McGee

* Miss Tinkle's Overture ("Anchor Drops")
* Nothing Too Fancy ("Local Band Does OK")
* Prowler ("Local Band Does OK")
* Robot World ("Anchor Drops")


* The Blue Note ("They're Only Chasing Safety")
* Salmarnir ("Define the Great Line")


Steve Vai

* Alien Water Kiss ("Passion and Warfare")
* An Earth Dweller's Return ("Sex and Religion")
* Answers ("Passion and Warfare")
* Babushka ("Alive in an Ultra World")
* Bad Horsie ("Alien Love Secrets")
* Ballerina 12/24 ("Passion and Warfare")
* Bangkok ("Fire Garden")
* Bill's Private Parts ("Flex-Able")
* Bledsoe Bluvd ("Flex-Able Leftovers")
* Blood And Glory ("Alive in an Ultra World")
* Blowfish ("Fire Garden")
* Blue Powder ("Passion and Warfare")
* Boston Rain Melody ("The Seventh Song")
* Brandos Costumes (Gentle Ways) ("Alive in an Ultra World")
* Building the Church ("")
* Burnin' Down The Mountain ("Flex-Able Leftovers")
* Burning Rain ("Alive in an Ultra World")
* Call It Sleep ("Flex-Able")
* Chronic Insomnia ("Flex-Able Leftovers")
* Crying Machine ("Fire Garden")
* Die to Live ("Alien Love Secrets")
* Dyin' Day ("Fire Garden")
* Erotic Nightmares ("Passion and Warfare")
* Fever Dream ("The Ultra Zone")
* Fire Garden Suite ("Fire Garden")
* For the Love of God ("Passion and Warfare")
* Frank ("The Ultra Zone")
* Freak Show Excess ("")
* Giant Balls of Gold ("Alive in an Ultra World")
* Glorious ("")
* Greasy Kid's Stuff ("Passion and Warfare")
* Hand on Heart ("Fire Garden")
* I Would Love To ("Passion and Warfare")
* Iberian Jewel ("Alive in an Ultra World")
* Incantation ("Alive in an Ultra World")
* Jibboom ("The Ultra Zone")
* Juice ("Alien Love Secrets")
* Kill the Guy with the Ball/The God Eaters ("Alien Love Secrets")
* K'm-Pee-Du-Wee ("")
* Liberty ("Passion and Warfare")
* Lotus Feet ("")
* Love Secrets ("Passion and Warfare")
* Lucky Charms ("The Ultra Zone")
* Massacre ("Flex-Able Leftovers")
* Melissa's Garden ("The Seventh Song")
* Midway Creatures ("")
* Mysterious Murder of Christian Tiera's Lover ("Fire Garden")
* Natural Born Boy ("Flex-Able Leftovers")
* Next Stop Earth ("Flex-Able")
* Oooo ("The Ultra Zone")
* Principessa ("Alive in an Ultra World")
* Salamanders in the Sun ("Flex-Able")
* San Sebastian ("Flex-Able Leftovers")
* State of Grace ("Sex and Religion")
* Sisters ("Passion and Warfare")
* Tender Surrender ("Alien Love Secrets")
* The Animal ("Passion and Warfare")
* The Attitude Song ("Flex-Able")
* The Audience Is Listening ("Passion and Warfare")
* The Black Forest ("Alive in an Ultra World")
* The Blood & Tears ("The Ultra Zone")
* The Boy from Seattle ("Alien Love Secrets")
* The Riddle ("Passion and Warfare")
* The Road to Mt. Calvary ("Sex and Religion")
* The Ultra Zone ("The Ultra Zone")
* The Wall of Light ("The Seventh Song")
* The X-Equalibrium Dance ("Flex-Able Leftovers")
* There's a Fire in the House ("Fire Garden")
* There's Something Dead In Here ("Flex-Able")
* Touching Tongues ("Sex and Religion")
* Viv Woman ("Flex-Able")
* Warm Regards ("Fire Garden")
* Whispering A Prayer ("Alive in an Ultra World")
* Windows to the Soul ("The Ultra Zone")
* Yai Yai ("")

Van Halen

* Eruption ("Van Halen")
* Spanish Fly ("Van Halen II")
* Tora! Tora! ("Women and Children First")
* Sunday Afternoon in the Park ("Fair Warning")
* Cathedral ("Diver Down")
* Intruder ("Diver Down")
* Little Guitars (Intro) ("Diver Down")
* 1984 ("1984")
* 316 ("For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge")
* Strung Out ("Balance")
* Doin' Time ("Balance")
* Baluchitherium ("Balance")
* Respect the Wind ("Twister O.S.T.")

=Vanden Plas=

* Fire Blossom ("The God Thing")
* Journey To Paris ("Spirit Of Live")
* Spirit Of Life ("Spirit Of Live")
* Theme From 'Pseudo Silk Kimono' ("AcCult")

Vanilla Fudge

* Sketch ("The Beat Goes On")
* The Beat Goes On (Phase One) ("The Beat Goes On")
* Beethoven Fur Elise & Moonlight Sonata ("The Beat Goes On")

Billy Vaughn

* A Swingin' Safari

Stevie Ray Vaughan

* Chitlins Con Carne ("The Sky Is Crying")
* Collins Shuffle (w/Double Trouble, Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985)
* Don't Lose Your Cool (w/Double Trouble)
* Gone Home ("Soul to Soul")
* Hide Away (Demo) ("Couldn't Stand the Weather" re-release bonus track)
* In The Open ("In the Beginning")
* Lenny ("Texas Flood")
* Little Wing ("The Sky is Crying")
* Riviera Paradise ("In Step")
* Rude Mood ("Texas Flood")
* Say What! ("Soul to Soul")
* Scuttle Buttin' ("Couldn't Stand the Weather")
* Slide Thing ("In the Beginning")
* So Excited ("The Sky is Crying")
* Stang's Swang ("Couldn't Stand the Weather")
* Testify ("Texas Flood")
* Travis Walk ("In Step")
* Wham! ("The Sky is Crying")

Vaughan Brothers

* "Brothers" ("Family Style")
* "D/FW" ("Family Style")
* "Hillbillies from Outerspace" ("Family Style")


* "A wing and a prayer" (Possessed LP)


Rick Wakeman

* Anne Boleyn 'The Day Thou Gavest Lord Hath Ended' ("The Six Wives of Henry VIII")
* Anne of Cleves ("The Six Wives of Henry VIII")
* Catherine Howard ("The Six Wives of Henry VIII")
* Catherine of Aragon ("The Six Wives of Henry VIII")
* Catherine Parr ("The Six Wives of Henry VIII")
* The Dance of a Thousand Lights ("Return to the Center of the Earth")
* Floodflames ("Return to the Center of the Earth")
* Jane Seymour ("The Six Wives of Henry VIII")
* The Kill ("Return to the Center of the Earth")


* Nagasake (Whitecross)
* The Hammer and The Nail (Hammer and Nail)
* Flashpoint (Triumphant Return)
* The Eternal Fire (In The Kingdom)
* Overdrive (High Gear)
* Reanimate (Nineteen Eighty Seven)

White Heart

* Let The Children Play (Don't Wait For The Movie)

Joe Walsh

* Inner Tube ("But Seriously Folks")
* Theme from "Boat Weirdos" ("But Seriously Folks")
* Theme from "Island Weirdos" ("You Bought It, You Name It")

Roger Waters

* The Ballad of Bill Hubbard ("Amused to Death")


* A Tear for Eddie ("Chocolate And Cheese")


*Polynesia ("The Lion and the Witch")

The Who

* Cobwebs and Strange ("A Quick One (UK) / Happy Jack (USA)")
* The Hall of the Mountain King ("The Who Sell Out (re-issue)")
* Dogs (Part 2) ("B-side Pinball Wizard, Tommy (Deluxe Edition, Two's Missing")
* My Generation (Instrumental) ("My Generation (Deluxe Edition)")
* Overture ("Tommy")
**Not technicly an instrumental because Pete Townshend sings the "Captain Walker didn't come home..." part at the end of the song.
* Quadrophenia ("Quadrophenia")
* Sparks ("Tommy")
* The Ox ("The Who Sings My Generation")
* The Rock ("Quadrophenia")
* Underture ("Tommy")
* Sodding About (Rare Japanese edition of Then and Now)
* Waltz for a Pig (Substitute b-side)

Widespread Panic

* A of D
* B of D
* Breathing Slow
* Disco
* E on a G
* Entering a Blackhole Backwards
* Galleon
* Happy ("Bombs & Butterflies")
* Happy Child
* L.A. (Liza's Apartment) ("Ain't Life Grand")
* Machine
* Party at Your Mama's House ("'Til The Medicine Takes")
* Sun Keep
* The Earth Will Swallow You
* The Take Out ("Space Wrangler")
* Tears of A Woman ("Don't Tell The Band")
* Waiting for the Wind to Blow Down the Tree in My Backyard ("Ain't Life Grand")
* West Virginia

Wig Wam

* Erection ("667.. The Neighbour of the Beast")
* The Riddle ("Wig Wamania")

Mason Williams

* Classical Gas ("The Mason Williams Phonograph Record")


* At Least That's What You Said "(3m33s section)" ("A Ghost Is Born")

Brian Wilson

* Mrs. O'Leary's Cow ("SMiLE')

Edgar Winter

* Frankenstein ("They Only Come Out at Night")

Johnny Winter

* Tell the Truth ("Second Winter")


* Song 1 ("154")
* The Commercial ("Pink Flag")

Wishbone Ash

* F.U.B.B ("There's the Rub")
* Lifeline ("Just Testing")


*The Earth's Rotation Around The Sun ("Dimensions EP")

=Richard Wright=

* Black Cloud ("Broken China")
* Breaking Water ("Broken China")
* Cat Cruise ("Wet Dream")
* Drop In From the Top ("Wet Dream")
* Drowning ("Broken China")
* Funky Deux ("Wet Dream")
* Interlude ("Broken China")
* Mad Yannis Dance ("Wet Dream")
* Runaway ("Broken China")
* Satellite ("Broken China")
* Sweet July ("Broken China")
* Unfair Ground ("Broken China")
* Waves ("Wet Dream")


X Japan

* Dear Loser ("Vanishing Vision")
* Es Dur ("Jealousy")
* White Wind From Mr. Martin ~ Pata's Nap ~ ("Jealousy")
* Wriggle ("Dahlia")
* Xclamation ("Blue Blood")



* Amazing Grace (Chris Squire solo, "Going For The One" expanded version)
* Australia (acoustic version on "The Ultimate Yes")
* Cans and Brahms ("Fragile")
* Cinema ("90125")
* Clap ("The Yes Album")
* Evensong ("Union")
* Excerpts from "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" ("Yessongs")
* Five Percent for Nothing ("Fragile")
* Give Love Each Day (abbreviated version as orchestral overture to "Close to the Edge", "Symphonic Live" DVD)
* Listen to Your Heart (orchestral overture to "Long Distance Runaround", "Symphonic Live" DVD)
* Masquerade ("Union")
* Montreux's Theme ("Going For The One" expanded version)
* New World Symphony ("The Ultimate Yes")
* Mood for a Day ("Fragile")
* Sign Language ("Keys to Ascension 2")
* The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) ("Fragile")
* Vevey ("Going For The One" expanded version)
* Würm (third part of "Starship Trooper", from The Yes Album)


* Three Flights Up

Yo La Tengo

* Daphnia ("I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass")
* Green Arrow ("I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One")
* I Heard You Looking ("Painful")
* Return to Hot Chicken ("I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One")
* Spec Bebop ("I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One")
* Sunsquashed


Frank Zappa

* Apostrophe' ("Apostrophe")
* Big Swifty ("Waka/Jawaka")
* Black Napkins ("Zoot Allures")
* Blessed Relief ("The Grand Wazoo")
* Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus ("The Grand Wazoo")
* Down in de Dew ("Läther")
* Duck Duck Goose ("Läther")
* Eat That Question ("The Grand Wazoo")
* Filthy Habits ("Sleep Dirt")
* It Must Be a Camel ("Hot Rats")
* Läther ("Läther") a.k.a I Promise Not to Come in Your Mouth ("Zappa in New York")
* Leather Goods ("Läther")
* Little Umbrellas ("Hot Rats")
* Marque-son's Chicken ("Them Or Us")
* Moggio ("The Man from Utopia")
* Naval Aviation In Art(?) ("Läther")
* Peaches en Regalia ("Hot Rats")
* Pedro’s Dowry ("Läther")
* RDNZL ("Läther")
* Regyptian Strut ("Läther")
* Revenge of the Knick Knack People ("Läther")
* (Revised Music for Guitar and) Low Budget Orchestra ("Läther")
* Sexual Harassment in the Workplace ("Strictly Commercial")
* Sinister Footwear ("You Are What You Is")
* Sinister Footwear II ("Them Or Us")
* Son of Mr. Green Genes ("Hot Rats")
* The Black Page ("Läther")
* The Grand Wazoo ("The Grand Wazoo")
* The Gumbo Variations ("Hot Rats")
* The Ocean Is the Ultimate Solution ("Läther")
* The Purple Lagoon ("Zappa in New York")
* Them Or Us ("Them Or Us")
* Tink Walks Amok ("The Man from Utopia")
* Waka/Jawaka ("Waka/Jawaka")
* Watermelon In Easter Hay ("Joe's Garage")
* We Are Not Alone ("The Man from Utopia")
* Willie The Pimp Pts. 1 & 2 ("Fillmore East - June 1971")
* Zoot Allures ("Zoot Allures"):NOTE: The CD "Strictly Genteel" is a compilation of orchestral Zappa instrumentals.:SEE ALSO: The Mothers of Invention's Instrumentals.

= Zao =

* Alive is Dead (Self Titled)
* I Lay Sleepless In My Grave The Funeral of God
* Man In Cage Jack Wilson Liberate Te Ex Inferis

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