Stefan Radoslav of Serbia

Stefan Radoslav of Serbia

Stefan Radoslav (Serbian: Стефан Радослав) (around 1192ndash ca. 1235) was king of Serbia from 1228 to 1233.

He was the eldest son of Stefan Prvovenčani and Eudokia Angelina. His maternal grandparents were Alexios III Angelos and Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamaterina.

He was crowned king by his uncle, Serbia's Archbishop Sava Nemanjić, succeeding his father in 1228. As ruler he was blind and relied on his father-in-law Theodore Komenos Doukas of Epirus (1215–1230). When his father-in-law was defeated by the Bulgarians, Radoslav could no longer remain in power: the nobility dethroned him and placed his younger brother Stefan Vladislav I on the throne. Rejecting his family, Radoslav ended his life as a monk, being last mentioned in 1235.

His marriage with Anna, daughter of Theodore Komnenos Doukas, was childless.


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