Infobox Single
Name = Faster/P.C.P.

Artist = Manic Street Preachers
from Album = The Holy BIble
Released = June 6, 1994
Format = CD, Vinyl record (10"), cassette
Recorded = Early 1994
Genre = Rock
Length = 3:55 ("Faster")
3:55 ("P.C.P.")
Label = Epic
Producer = Steve Brown
Chart position =

Reviews =
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Last single = "Life Becoming a Landslide EP"
This single = "Faster/P.C.P."
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"Faster/P.C.P." is the double A-side lead single released by Manic Street Preachers from their third studio album, "The Holy Bible".

The title "Faster" can both be interpreted as one who abstains from eating (a personal issue of lyricist Richey James Edwards) or in regards to quick speed. The spoken word introduction ("I hate purity...") is taken from the film version of George Orwell's "1984". The lyric "if you stand up like a nail then you will be knocked down" is a Chinese proverb, referring to the probable results of differing from common consensus opinion or standards, as happened to "1984" protagonist Winston Smith.

"P.C.P." is thought to be a protest against politically correct censorship.Fact|date=October 2008 The title P.C.P. stands for police constable and Political Correctness (P.C.), in combination with conservative party (c.p.). Other meanings may include Plaid Cymru, the Welsh independence political party, especially regarding "bilingual signs on view". In addition, P.C.P. is also a drug - Phencyclidine, otherwise known as angel dust - which causes its users to be delusional and agitated.The song is a constant barrage of confused orders, statements and bizarre scenarios to reflect this involving health risks, political situations and pseudo religions declarations such as "Be pure, be vigilant, behave" which is a quote from 2000 AD's Nemesis the Warlock.

Track listing


#"Sculpture Of Man"
#"New Art Riot (Live In E Minor At Clapham Grand, London, 2nd March 1994)"


#"Sculpture Of Man"



Top of the Pops

The band performed "Faster" on Top of the Pops with lead singer James Dean Bradfield wearing an IRA-style balaclava with his first name scrawled over his forehead, with the rest of the band wearing military regalia. Many viewers interpreted this as a show of support for the IRA and the BBC told the band that a record number of complaints had been received.

Vic Reeves, presenting the show, said of the song, "I really enjoyed that pop record. Did you Bob?".

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