Flying Rhino Junior High

Flying Rhino Junior High

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show_name = Flying Rhino Junior High

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format = Animated
runtime = 22 minutes
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country = Canada
production house = Nelvana Limited
network = CBS
first_aired = October 3, 1998
last_aired = January 22, 2000
status = Cancelled
num_episodes = 26
imdb_id =0218766|

"Flying Rhino Junior High" is a Canadian animated television series produced by Nelvana Limited. It originally aired from October 3, 1998 to January 22, 2000 on the CBS Kids Show. Reruns used to be shown on YTV.

The series revolved around four children: Billy O' Toole, Marcus Snarkus, Ruby Snarkus, and Lydia Lopez. The series' main antagonists are Earl P. Sidebottom, AKA The Phantom and his rat sidekick Ratticus. Earl is a boy genius who some time before the series' beginning got a "D" grade in shop class and retreated to the school's sub-basement boiler room in shame. In there, he built a supercomputer capable of altering reality, which uses to cause chaos in the school as revenge, leaving the protagonists to stop him.

Voice cast

*The Phantom/Earl P. Sidebottom – Richard Binsley
*Billy O'Toole – Ashley Brown
*Ruby Snarkis – Tracy Ryan
*Marcus Snarkis – Tracey Moore
*Lydia Lopez – Cindy Henderson
*Raticus/Rod – Ron Rubin
*Fred/Johnny – Edward Glen
*Mrs. Snodgrass/Edna – Lindsay Leese
*Principal Mulligan – Len Carlson
*Flo/Nurse Cutlip – Catherine Gallant
*Buford/Mr. Needlenose – Paul Haddad

Episode list

eason One

#Phantu's Curse
#Solar Flexus
#Comicbook Chaos
#A Star is Boring
#Inverted and Unglued
#The Game
#Quit Buggin' Me
#Phantom Christmas
#Weather Waterloo
#Pal 9000

eason Two

#Live and Let Spy
#Wag the Rat
#It's Greek to Me
#Yo Ho Ho and the Phantom's a Bum
#Junior High Noon
#Out of Time
#Career Day
#Daredevil O'Toole
#Raging Rubbish
#Better Safe than Sorry
#Phantomatic Voyage
#All Green Thumbs
#Seeing Double

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