Gepard class fast attack craft

Gepard class fast attack craft

The Type 143A "Gepard" class is Germany's last class of missile bearing Fast Attack Craft (FAC, "Schnellboot" in German) and the only one still in service with the Deutsche Marine (German Navy since 1990).

It is an evolution of the Type 143 Albatros class. It is planned that Gepard class vessels will gradually be supplemented by Braunschweig class corvettes from 2008 on and later be replaced by a new class of corvettes around 2015.

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The boats are named after big cats and other mammal predators. The "S" and the number are part of the ship's full name i.e the "S 71 Gepard". When the ships were first commissioned, they were originally numbered (eg just "S 71"); however the crews petitioned for full names, and the decision was made to combine the original names with the additional animal name.

Since 1 July 2006, all FPBs are part of the "7. Schnellbootgeschwader" (7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron), whereas for the 8 years prior the flotilla was split into (hulls S 76—S 80) "2. Schnellbootgeschwader" (2nd Fast Patrol Boat Squadron), and a smaller (hulls S 71—S 75) "7. Schnellbootgeschwader". The squadron is stationed in Warnemünde, where both predecessor squadrons were also based.



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