Lunae was a Spanish pop group composed of Tessa (born November 7, 1982), Elena Gadel (born November 11, 1982) and Marey (born 7 11, 1982), who were contestants in Operacion Triunfo a reality-show-cum-talent-contest popular on Spain's TVE network.


In the summer of 2003, their debut single 'Hipnotizadas' was a major hit across Spain, and it was used in a Pringles advertisement. It was one of the best selling singles of the year, selling 800,000 copies. The song also managed to break into many of the world's pop charts, as well as getting top 10 in Germany, Venezuela, Austria and France. Another 3 piece girl group, Las Ketchup, rode on the back of Lunae's success and in October 2003, had an even bigger single, Asereje, which proved that songs in Spanish could have as much success as those in English.

Olor a Nuevo

In September 2003, Lunae released their debut album, Olor a Nuevo. It included 13 tracks, with 3 in English. It was recorded in London through the months of March to April, and also featured a collaboration with Enrique Anaut, Operacion Triunfo Season 2 fellow finalist. It managed to get top 20 in the Spanish charts, but quickly fell out.

uccess in the UK

In September 2003, Lunae were set to release a single in the United Kingdom (Loveshy). In August, they did a performance on Top of the Pops on the same show as Las Ketchup. However, it was withdrawn without reason (probably due to the advertising schedule for Olor a Nuevo), but it still created them a large UK fan base.

Viva Otra Vez

In January 2004, Lunae released their second single Viva Otra Vez. This single was slated (just like Olor a Nuevo) and only crept to 26 in the Spanish chart.

The end of Lunae

In March 2004, Elena Gadel revealed that she was going to be in the musical Mar i Cel, a long going catalan musical. Lunae's future didn't look bright when in the same week, Tessa revealed that she was going to spend a month playing a character in the musical "Mamma Mia!" in Madrid. However, they still were 'Lunae' at the Spanish Song for Europe in April 2004, and they still performed together up until April 2005, although singing the same songs from their debut album two years before. It took until July 2005 for the end of Lunae to be revealed by Elena Gadel in an interview.

Post Lunae

All their careers have been going strong, especially that of Elena Gadel, who won best actress at the Spanish theatre awards in 2005. Most of her projects are in Catalan, but she has become one of Catalonia most loved new actresses.

As said Tessa has been doing musical work too, being in such productions as "Mamma Mia!", "Grease" and "Oklahoma!" in Madrid. She also has been continuing her pop career. She has done various collaborations, and she is set to release her debut album in 2007.

Marey kept a lower key than the other girls after Lunae. However, in 2006, it was announced that she would be having a comeback, in a new girl trio called MUSSAS. Their debut single, No Me Enteras de Ná, has been received a lot of radio play across Spain, and is set to be released late 2006, with its album, Más Que Palabras, set for early 2007.


* Hipnotizadas (2003) [single] - #1 Spain, #8 Germany, #7 France, #10 UK, #4 Venezuela
* Olor a nuevo (2003) [album] - #19 Spain, #28 Venezuela
* Viva Otra Vez (2004) [single] - #26 Spain


*Marey used to be a yoga teacher before fame
*Marey gained the Christmas number 1 in Spain in 2002.

*Elena Gadel was actually born in the Dominican Republic
*Elena Gadel speaks 5 languages : Spanish, Catalan, French, English and Italian.Fact|date=February 2007
*Elena Gadel lives with another pop singer Vega

*Tessa was an airhostess before fame
*Tessa knew that she wanted to become a popstar after seeing Madonna live

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