Leicester Grammar School

Leicester Grammar School

Infobox UK school
name = Leicester Grammar School

latitude = 52.6344
longitude = -1.1380
dms = yes
established = 1981
type = Independent
religion = Anglican Christian
head_label = Headmaster
head = Christopher King, MA
street = 8 Peacock Lane
city = Leicester
country = England flagicon|England
postcode = LE1 5PX
phone = (0116) 2220400
fax = (0116) 2910505
staff = 75 teachers, 25 support
enrollment = c.700 pupils and students
LEA = Leicester City Council
lower_age = 10
upper_age = 18
houses = Masters, Dukes, Judges and Vice-Chancellors
colours = Gold and navy color box|Gold color box|Navy
publication = The Leicestrian
website = http://www.leicestergrammar.org.uk/

Leicester Grammar School (often abbreviated to LGS), is an independent secondary school situated in the centre of Leicester, England, close to Leicester Cathedral, with which it has close links. It was founded in 1981, after the loss of the city's state-funded grammar schools. The school's location is unusual for a secondary school in the United Kingdom for its proximity to the city centre, as well as being included in the [http://www.leicester.gov.uk/index.asp?pgid=4246 Guildhall Conservation Area] , one of three designated conservation areas within Leicester.

Leicester Grammar School is closely affiliated with Leicester Grammar Junior School, and in general over 95% of Junior School leavers are accepted by the senior school.cite web |url=http://www.leicestergrammar.org.uk/lgjs.asp?s=about&pg=schProfile |title=School Profile |work=Leicester Grammar Junior School website |accessdate=2007-05-27]

The school has just over 70 teaching staff and 700 pupilscite web |url=http://www.leicestergrammar.org.uk/staff.asp?pg=academic |title=Academic Staff |work=Leicester Grammar School website |accessdate=2007-05-25] , all of whom are day-students. It has its own preparatory form for children in Year 6, and its own sixth form for Years 12 and 13. Each student at the school is a member of a house, allowing a system of inter-school competition in sports and other pastimes such as chess, general knowledge and karaoke.



The school was founded in 1981 as an independent, selective, co-educational day school in an attempt to recapture the standards and traditions of the city’s former grammar schoolscite web |url=http://www.gtis.librios.net/default.aspx?id=2077&fromsearch=true |title=Leicester Grammar School |date=2006-12-14 |work=The Guide to Independent Schools |accessdate=2007-05-25] . Located in four late-Victorian buildings in Leicester City Centre, the school was established within close proximity to Leicester Cathedral and was founded with an Anglican Christian ethos. The first headmaster was John Higginbotham and under his stewardship the school grew from just 96 to 560 pupils within 10 years.cite web |url=http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/obituaries/article1550244.ece |title=Obituary of John Higginbotham |date=2007-04-21 |work=Times Online |accessdate=2007-05-25]


Over its short history, the school began to achieve a national reputation as one of the country’s leading academic institutions. In 1993, its headmaster was elected to the Headmasters’ Conference cite web |url=http://www.hmc.org.uk/schools/h-l.htm |title=HMC Schools H-L |work=The Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference website |accessdate=2007-05-27] and the school has remained in its first division since then. In the same year, the School was ranked 15th nationally on A-Level resultsFact|date=May 2007 and acknowledged as the country’s top co-educational school.cite web |url=http://www.eteach.com/JobSeekers/RecruiterProfile.aspx?EmpNo=17932 |title=Leicester Grammar School |work=Eteach: Education jobs online |accessdate=2007-05-27]


In February 2007 construction began on a new school campus, located on a green field site near Great Glen. The new development is to allow for school growth, restricted by its current location within the city centre. Leicester Grammar Senior School will share the new site with its sister school Leicester Grammar Junior School, but each will have its own facilities. Previously, the school had no playing fields of its own and had transport pupils to various sporting facilities by bus; the new school will have 75 acres of playing fields, hard tennis and netball courts with a pavilion, and a sports hall with 6 badminton courts, a gym and a fitness suite, and a 6-lane 25m indoor pool.cite web |url=http://www.leicestergrammar.org.uk/lgs.asp?s=about&ss=relocation&pg=latest |title=Relocation Latest |work=Leicester Grammar School website |accessdate=2007-05-25] However, by moving the school will lose its proximity to the Cathedral, and its distinctive city-centre atmosphere.

Entrance assessment

In common with many other independent schools, it requires prospective pupils to undertake a series of entrance examinations before they are accepted into the school. The majority of these pupils take the entrance examination when 10 or 11 years old, and these pupils present a large proportion of new students.Fact|date=May 2007 An entrance examination for pupils wishing to join the school after studying for GCSEs is also required before entry into the school's sixth form.


The school is spread over several buildings within the city centre.

The St Nicholas Building, referred to as "St Nicholas'", was the original building the founders of Leicester Grammar School acquired Fact|date=February 2007. It houses classrooms used for sciences, including biology and chemistry, form rooms for pupils in junior years, modern foreign language, geography, Latin, ICT, mathematics classrooms and The Great Hall, a space used for house meetings and band practice as well as table tennis.

The St Martin Building ("St Martin's"), on Peacock Lane, provides form rooms for the preparatory year as well as art rooms and a design and technology department.

The St Katharine Building ("St Katharine's"), on Guildhall Lane, is dedicated to the English, history, politics and economics departments, in addition to a drama studio for pupils studying drama and theatre studies. The St Katharine Building also contains form rooms for more senior pupils, a sixth form common room and a canteen, which replaced the previous school kitchens situated in what is now the main design and technology workshop in the St Martin building. It also contains the maths office and senior and junior library

The school also has access to other buildings in the area, some of which are used by sixth formers for private study, notably a small building situated on Friar Lane.

As of 2008 Leicester Grammer School has moved to London Road Great Glen, a much bigger site.


Leicester Grammar provides education for approximately 700 (2005/6) pupils aged between 10 and 18, including GCSEs and A-Levels. Some of the rarer subjects offered by the school include Ancient Greek and Latin (Latin is compulsory for years 7 and 8).


On entrance into the school, pupils and teachers alike are designated a "house", to which they belong for the entirety of their stay at the school. New entrants to the school are always allocated to the same house as their older siblings. The four houses are named after the four original patrons of the school. Each house has a colour, which is incorporated into both the "house jumpers" and "t-shirts" used during sports.

:"See also: Leicester Grammar School uniform


Masters House is named after the Master of Christ's College, Cambridge. Its house colours are navy blue and gold.


Dukes House is named after the Duke of Rutland. Its house colour is red. Dukes are the most recent winners of the annual Midland Bank Cup (2008). After strong performances in every single house event in the 2007-08 academic year, (having never come less than second in any house event) and a strong first-place performance in Sports Day, Dukes were able to victoriously claim the Midland Bank Cup with a record-number of points ever achieved by a house in one year. The Midland Bank Cup was happily collected by the Dukes House Captains - Annie Allum and Matt Lyons - at Speech Day at the end of the academic year.


Judges House is named after Mr Justice Skinner (now deceased). Its house colour is light blue. Until the 2005/6 school term, Judges remained the only house never to have won the Midland Bank Cup. This earned them the nickname "The House of Sorrow". However, in that term the house underwent a significant re-branding and changed their nickname to "The House of Tomorrow". Many students in the other houses give them the nickname "The House of Sadness". That year after success in House Drama and some of the sporting events (and a lack of a sports day, traditionally the house's weakness), they won the Midland Bank Cup for the first and only time. They are credited for their performance in the arts, winning house drama and music for the last 4 years.


Vice Chancellors House (very commonly abbreviated to VCs) is named after the former Vice-Chancellor of Leicester University. Its house colour is green. VCs is the most successful house in the school's short history, having won the Midland Bank Cup the most times.

2006-2007 house cup results

1st VCs2nd Dukes3rd Masters4th Judges

2007-2008 House Cup Results

1st Dukes (with a record number of points scored by any single house in one academic year)2nd VCs3rd Judges4th Masters


As Leicester Grammar School was situated in the centre of Leicester, pupils were transported by bus to various sporting activities in and around Leicester, but since the 2008 relocation many sports are now played on site.


Leicester Grammar School pupils are obliged to wear a basic school uniform. Leicester Grammar School also issues an obligatory uniform for sports and physical education lessons, with PE shirt collars being the colour of the pupil's respective house.


* Male sixth form pupils are able to wear suits and ties as long as they are deemed presentable to the public,
* Pupils in lower years must wear navy blue blazers, white shirts and charcoal trousers, with a tie embossed with the school emblem.


* Female pupils in the sixth form are able to wear smart clothes, including suits, as long as they are deemed presentable to the public,
* Pupils in lower years must wear a skirt in the school tartan, a white blouse and a navy blue blazer similar to those worn by the boys.

House jumpers

Pupils in years below the sixth form also have the option of wearing a house jumper- a V-necked jumper with a line of colour (of their respective house) running around the neckline, apart from Masters which has yellow instead of dark blue on the jumper (because dark blue wouldn't show up).


Leicester Grammar School has come within the top 200 schools in Great Britain Fact|date=February 2007 several times in the past few years. The school out-performs local state schools in both results and attendance.cite web |url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/education/05/school_tables/secondary_schools/html/856_6006.stm |title=League Tables: Leicester Grammar School |date=2006-01-19 |work=BBC News |accessdate=2007-05-25]

Local ties

The school is closely linked with Leicester Grammar Junior School, which the Leicester Grammar School Trust was given responsibility to in 1992 by the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, based in Selly Park, Birmingham [http://www.leicestergrammar.org.uk/LGJS%20Internet%20Site/schoolprofile.htm] .

Leicester Grammar School remains close with Leicester Cathedral despite a significant presence of pupils from other faiths in the school. Choir rehearsals, School Foundation Day and Christmas services are held in the cathedral, as well as most daily school assemblies.

Notable alumni

Alumni of Leicester Grammar School are known as "Old Leicestrians".

* Harry Ellis, a rugby player for the Leicester Tigers and England.
* Luke Abraham, a rugby player for the Leicester Tigers and has represented England U18 and England U21.
* Sarah Teather, a British politician who is the Member of Parliament for Brent East.


ee also

* Leicester
* Leicester Cathedral
* Loughborough Endowed Schools
* Leicester Guildhall

External links

* [http://www.leicestergrammar.org.uk/home.asp Leicester Grammar School homepage] ,
* [http://www.leicester.gov.uk/index.asp?pgid=4556 A map of the Guildhall Conservation area, including Leicester Grammar School] ,
* [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/education/05/school_tables/secondary_schools/html/856_6006.stm BBC News page, with data on performance and attendance] ,
* [http://www.schoolsguidebook.co.uk/schools/Leicester_Grammar_School.html Leicester Grammar School's entry in the Schools Guidebook]


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