Battle of Beth Zur

Battle of Beth Zur

Infobox Military Conflict

caption=Ruins of Beth Zur, early 20th century
conflict=Battle of Beth Zur
partof=the Maccabean Revolt
date=164 BC
place=near Beth Zur, just north of Hebron
result= Jewish victory
combatant1=Maccabean rebels
combatant2=Seleucid army
commander1=Judas Maccabeus
strength2=100,000 Infantry, 5,000 Cavalry, 300 Chariots and 22 War elephants
casualties2=At least 5000

The Battle of Beth Zur was fought between the Maccabees led by Judas Maccabeus and a Seleucid Greek army led by Viceroy Lysias in 164 B.C.E. Maccabeus won the battle, and was able to recapture Jerusalem soon after. The Jews did not fight in open terrain; they used guerrilla and hit and run tactics to slowly beat back the Seleucid army and eventually routing it.

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